[ROM] UNOFFICIAL CM11 for p880

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Jan 22, 2012
new blobs

will the new N7 blobs included in the unofficial CM11 ? Or in official CM12 ? Or nowhere ?
Is it possible to flash them separately anyway to test it ?


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Oct 24, 2011
will the new N7 blobs included in the unofficial CM11 ? Or in official CM12 ? Or nowhere ?
Is it possible to flash them separately anyway to test it ?

Why would you test blobs for L on KitKat? I'm not a developer but I guess they will be in cm12 if there won't be any problem with it. Just wait, everything is pre-alpha with L but if you're interested in cm12, you should take a look at http://forum.xda-developers.com/optimus-4x-hd/general/dev-unofficial-cm12-p880-t2934360
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Nov 19, 2012
Sorry guys im late to the party.
Whats the difference btw this unofficial cm11 vs the official one? Are there some features cm wouldnt want in the official version?
I m currently on snapshot-m10 and find it quite laggy compared to stock LG 20A.

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    Now, as many of you already might guess, our x3 might not receive official CM11. And getting CM11 to work on our phone is actually not that easy... So @Demetris, @Adam77Root and I decided to team up and get it working ourselves. But, if anyone else wants to help, any help whatsoever is highly appreciated.

    You have several ways to get in touch with us:
    • You can use this thread (but keep it development related)
    • We have our own IRC channel on freenode, called #p880-dev
    • Use our github site
    • PM us (even though the other ways are preferable)

    As you can see, we have forked CM10.2 kernel, device tree and vendor blobs, created the new CM11 branches and already gathered all our changes and committed it to the repos.

    So, you may ask yourself now, what are the goodies in here:
    • Dolby Digital
    • Dolby Surround
    • SRS WOW
    • Several other audio tweaks
    • Latest WiFi drivers
    • General speed optimizations
    • Something I most likely forgot :p

    • Latest recovery (CWM is working just fine for me, and the latest TWRP does also work AFAIK)

    Now, the most important part from now on:
    You can download all builds from this threads download section.
    However, as devDB is having issues ATM, you can get the file also HERE
    For GAPPS, you can use the ones from HERE (I am using the mini modular ones)

    If you want to use this sources/ROM as your base, you sure are allowed, but please let us know about it before you release it and give credits.
    That's all we ask for.

    When coming from anything <4.4, you better wipe system first
    • As usual, make a backup first ;)
    • Full wipe/Factory reset
    • Flash the ROM
    • Flash GAPPS
    • Reboot and enjoy :)

    It can be that after the first boot, the system seems completely bugged (keys not responding, laggy,....), but keep it running for a few minutes, reboot and everything should be fine.

    I know you want to know the actual Status, so we try to always keep it updated in this OP:

    Not working:
    Video recording
    You tell me ;)

    Everything else ;)

    If you like our work and all the time we spent in order to get it working, feel free to buy us a coke/beer/whatever by donating a litte bit :)

    And last but not least, please keep this thread on topic! All OT posts will be deleted without further warnings!

    XDA:DevDB Information
    UNOFFICIAL CM11, a ROM for the LG Optimus 4X HD

    laufersteppenwolf, Adam77Root, Demetris, Everyone who wants to ;)
    ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.1.x
    Based On: CM11

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 20140302
    Stable Release Date: 2014-03-02

    Created 2013-12-01
    Last Updated 2014-03-02
    Progress: Omni is booting. Newest 4.4 N7 blobs and newest BCM4330 firmware for Wi-Fi.
    You want to build the rom using our sources?
    Sync common CM 11.0 sources with our custom local manifest:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <project path="device/lge/p880" name="P880-dev/android_device_lge_p880" groups="device" />
      <project path="kernel/lge/x3" name="P880-dev/android_kernel_lge_x3" />
      <project path="vendor/lge" name="P880-dev/proprietary_vendor_lge" />
    Ok people since our "dispute" with IcanhasLG has ended well through pm's and work has resume.Am back with new kernel and ramdisk updates :D
    @IcanhasLG as i said in pm you don’t need to avoid me at all! After all if we avoid interacting with people whats the reason we are here? Right? :p
    I just didn’t liked the fact that you went public accusing me and demand to fix (like i owe anything to anyone in here) something i do on my free time for fun.
    So instead of avoid each other lets join forces :D
    What i mean is: Feel free to test new kernel/ramdisk and if anything comes up that needs fixing you can always issue a pull request :victory:
    @all xda community Let the fun flow again and the force be with you :highfive:
    I'm using the latest Nightly, which should include that patch. But the bug persists.

    Edit: i'm using custom kernel. So i suppose that's normal.

    Indeed, it's a kernel change, which means you need to run the patched kernel to fix the issue, until other kernels have merged the commit, too ;)

    I just got home form the hospital, so please give me a couple of days to get up to date and merge it ;)
    I've got almost 50 notifications on xda, and haven't even been looking into github/gerrit/... yet, so there's a lot of work to do for me, now, but I'm still not really that fit, but I'll keep you posted;)