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[ROM][UNOFFICIAL][Discontinued][onyx] LineageOS 14.1 for OnePlus X

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Feb 6, 2016
Camera not taking pictures, anyone else experiencing this? 17/01/10 rom

Edit: well it takes pictures but won't allow me to take a picture of a specimen check. Anyone???
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Jan 13, 2017

First, thanks a lot for the ROM.:good::good::good:

Second, if i try to enabled the bluetooth from the navigation bar, it not runs. But, i have tried to enable from settings. And it runs.

Nothing more for now.

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    Discontinued in favor of https://forum.xda-developers.com/on...t/rom-lineageos-android-distribution-t3537112
    Is it at all possible to get a build with the January security patch please?

    Last nighly is already up to date with this security patch. (20170108)
    Kernel is still not fixed yet so you have to use your own. I do this build by my self. That means I only build it every day and post it online for you. So don't expect much more then clean LineageOS.
    Thank you for understanding
    Clear some stuff up here. First no it's not official it's specifically says unofficial in the thread title and if you've kept up with lineage website and status then you world now that there aren't official nightlies yet cause they're still trying to get build slaves and everything else up. These builds are stable though I have been using them since they started on the unofficial builds page for lineage in the lineage forum. Everything is working that was working in last cm nightly. And yes you have flash arsenic or black reactor kernel after you flash the ROM and gapps. Dev settings works as well. Main difference is all code has been changed from cm to lineage branch. It's very stable and good for daily driver use. So just flash they latest nightly of this rom and then gapps and then either arsenic or black reactor kernel and you will have it booting just fine. Thanks pssgcsim for the major contribution to the oneplus x community we hope to see your continued support.
    If anyone is interested in blacking out Lineage try Substratum with Domination theme. Apps are never issue with Subs but to start set Android to all black with your choice of color, system ui and settings with no cards as first selection. Never select all options with substartum . Reboot and enjoy black mode.