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Apr 19, 2013
T813: lineage-14.1-20211228-NIGHTLY-gts210vewifi.zip
T713: lineage-14.1-20211228-NIGHTLY-gts28vewifi.zip

Notes: Mitigate DDOS attacks by dropping specially crafted remote IPv6 packets. Use updated siphash algo from upstream kernel source to mitigate remote identication attacks. Stop a remote attacker from using brute force to learn some secrets from a victims host over ipv4.

Switch over to Mega until AFH fixes their hosting issues.


    e9af28c (23 minutes ago) Update to golang 1.17.5, blocked names and resolvers (syphyr)
    fa42592 (4 days ago) Update miekg/dns, blocked names and resolvers (syphyr)


    fbdde9ea985ab (2 days ago) net: ipv4: don't let PMTU updates increase route MTU (Sabrina Dubroca)
    172d09e910eb7 (2 days ago) net: ipv4: avoid unused variable warning for sysctl (Arnd Bergmann)
    71ff30129711b (2 days ago) net: ipv4: don't allow setting net.ipv4.route.min_pmtu below 68 (Sabrina Dubroca)
    886d08aab5a30 (2 days ago) siphash: use _unaligned version by default (Arnd Bergmann)
    ea99a132e1007 (2 days ago) net: ipv6: fix return value of ip6_skb_dst_mtu (Vadim Fedorenko)
    560eadb991b64 (2 days ago) ipv6: Fix IPsec pre-encap fragmentation check (Herbert Xu)
    1f44e5b0fd43d (2 days ago) ipv6: tcp: drop silly ICMPv6 packet too big messages (Eric Dumazet)
    ac6ae43c1c000 (2 days ago) tcp: annotate data races around tp->mtu_info (Eric Dumazet)
    328554be3c6b2 (2 days ago) xfrm: Always set XFRM_TRANSFORMED in xfrm{4,6}_output_finish (David Ahern)
    5ae4e12c568ce (2 days ago) xfrm6: call kfree_skb when skb is toobig (Thadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo)
    93ed8f8864f61 (2 days ago) ipv6: xfrm: dereference inner ipv6 header if encapsulated (Hannes Frederic Sowa)
    c6c1bcfb59d4e (2 days ago) xfrm: Fix crash with ipv6 IPsec tunnel and NAT. (Steffen Klassert)
    0e8503bb9e033 (3 days ago) Bluetooth: Fix locking issue during fast SCO reconnection. (Kuba Pawlak)
    a26368dc533fa (3 days ago) tcp: seq_file: Avoid skipping sk during tcp_seek_last_pos (Martin KaFai Lau)
    b64bf19a9913a (3 days ago) Bluetooth: fix repeated calls to sco_sock_kill (Desmond Cheong Zhi Xi)
    8c304b80746fe (3 days ago) Bluetooth: Fix crash on SCO disconnect (Kuba Pawlak)
    06eb4015747fd (3 days ago) Bluetooth: increase BTNAMSIZ to 21 chars to fix potential buffer overflow (Colin Ian King)
    d8df74758c923 (3 days ago) Bluetooth: add timeout sanity check to hci_inquiry (Pavel Skripkin)
    fb449654476c7 (3 days ago) ipv4: make exception cache less predictible (Eric Dumazet)
    f805afc51525f (3 days ago) ipv4: use siphash instead of Jenkins in fnhe_hashfun() (Eric Dumazet)
    744eb9b751e0d (3 days ago) ipv4: harden fnhe_hashfun() (Eric Dumazet)
    2a19510b88223 (3 days ago) Bluetooth: skip invalid hci_sync_conn_complete_evt (Desmond Cheong Zhi Xi)
    bf302f2e890d6 (3 days ago) sched/core: Mitigate race cpus_share_cache()/update_top_cache_domain() (Vincent Donnefort)
    de6753c00dae8 (3 days ago) staging: ion: Prevent incorrect reference counting behavour (Lee Jones)
    0eb46c79dd5e1 (3 days ago) net: return correct error code (liuguoqiang)
    931c3bf648f8a (6 days ago) net: netlink: af_netlink: Prevent empty skb by adding a check on len. (Harshit Mogalapalli)


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Nov 7, 2010
It's a long time ago since I flashed my last android device. :D Everything worked well. The image is running fast and smooth. Battery life is good. Thanks a lot!


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Apr 19, 2013
T813: lineage-14.1-20220111-NIGHTLY-gts210vewifi.zip
T713: lineage-14.1-20220111-NIGHTLY-gts28vewifi.zip

Security Patch Level: January 2022

Notes: Fixed old Binder memory leak


    c44ec4b0ee (6 days ago) Bump Security String to 2022-01-05 (syphyr)


    dacc523 (4 minutes ago) Update to golang 1.17.6, blocked names and resolvers (syphyr)
    5747f60 (5 days ago) Update blocked names and resolvers (syphyr)


    3c69b48a91 (6 days ago) SimpleDecodingSource:Prevent OOB write in heap mem (Gopalakrishnan Nallasamy)


    2de8e882ef8ba (2 hours ago) wireguard: Update submodule (syphyr)
    779ee5ff73a1b (2 hours ago) net: udp: fix alignment problem in udp4_seq_show() (yangxingwu)
    a52e1159290e4 (21 hours ago) qcacld-2.0: fix wrong return value of QCMBR command (Yi Chen)
    1834cc652b39b (2 days ago) qcacld-2.0: Reset is_target_suspended in time (Li Feng)
    3a6a488521cb7 (2 days ago) qcacld-2.0: Zero sRegulatoryChannel before create new reg entry (bings)
    c67059bfb9fd5 (2 days ago) qcacld-2.0: Add BSS hidden check in CSA (gaolez)
    d21ac16256ed8 (2 days ago) qcacld-2.0: Don't allow FW Hang Command when Target Suspended (Komal Seelam)
    553ce23b99451 (2 days ago) qcacld-2.0: Tag STA PowerSave Params (Komal Seelam)
    616b7fd5f7e02 (2 days ago) qcacld-2.0: Remove unnecessary locking during WMI detach (Govind Singh)
    2c57e3854375a (4 days ago) selinux: initialize proto variable in selinux_ip_postroute_compat() (Tom Rix)
    f586773b6677b (4 days ago) selinux: cleanup selinux_xfrm_sock_rcv_skb() and selinux_xfrm_postroute_last() (Paul Moore)
    58b0a930c24b7 (6 days ago) binder: fix async_free_space accounting for empty parcels (Todd Kjos)
    4ea9a6615bd72 (6 days ago) net: fix use-after-free in tw_timer_handler (Muchun Song)
    c65b2e4c29319 (12 days ago) net: proc_fs: trivial: print UIDs as unsigned int (Francesco Fusco)
    345b84bfe807c (13 days ago) sched: Rework check_for_tasks() (Kirill Tkhai)
    55b8e1c07fcc3 (13 days ago) kernel/cpu.c: convert printk to pr_foo() (Fabian Frederick)
    f3ab026adfb61 (13 days ago) cpu/mem hotplug: add try_online_node() for cpu_up() (Toshi Kani)
    2443b76b3c914 (13 days ago) ALSA: jack: Check the return value of kstrdup() (Xiaoke Wang)


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Apr 15, 2020
MEGA works perfect for me !! Very fast DL. I think, it is a very good solution !

Many thanks for your effort in mainting this rom for this outdated tablet !!!


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With Firefox or LOS Browser you have to choose Desktop view to initiate the download. Otherwise you cannot continue.
Then the file gets downloaded and decrypted.
Firefox mostly crashes here and the result is a truncated file in Downloads, LOS browser displays "succeeded" without the file anywhere.
So my tablet isn't really able to download large files from Mega. My Pixel does the job, so not a big problem.


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Apr 19, 2013
With Firefox or LOS Browser you have to choose Desktop view to initiate the download. Otherwise you cannot continue.
Then the file gets downloaded and decrypted.
Firefox mostly crashes here and the result is a truncated file in Downloads, LOS browser displays "succeeded" without the file anywhere.
So my tablet isn't really able to download large files from Mega. My Pixel does the job, so not a big problem.
Did you try bromite?


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Apr 19, 2013
i dont have the money to pay for mega
Not sure what you are referring to. Downloading from Mega is free and does not require any Mega account.

Edit: the only restriction i see for a free mega download is 5GB of mega downloads per user per day.
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Jan 22, 2006
is it possible to install gts28vewifi version on gts28velte (Galaxy Tab S2 LTE)? No problem loosing LTE and phone function. Suffering hard battery draining with higher LOS version


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Jan 22, 2022
@Deltadroid thanx for the ROM, works great on my T813!

Is it normal, that I only get Widevine Level 3 in Netflix and thus no HD? The Tab S2 should have L1 with stock FW if I am right.


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Jan 22, 2022
Hey guys, I am plaged by "google play services stopped working..." every 3 minutes.
I flashed my T813 with the latest version from here and in the same run (before reboot) Gapps also from the first post. in TWRP after full wipe and clean setup.
Any ideas why this happens?

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    T813: lineage-14.1-20220509-NIGHTLY-gts210vewifi.zip
    T713: lineage-14.1-20220509-NIGHTLY-gts28vewifi.zip

    Security Patch Level: May 2022

    Notes: Update timezone database to 2022a

        43871dcbb (6 days ago) Update Android TZDB from 2021e to 2022a. [N-MR2] (Vasyl Gello)
        b57d2ddb26 (6 days ago) Bump Security String to 2022-05-05 (syphyr)
        6e9f211 (6 days ago) Bromite System Webview 101.0.4951.53 (syphyr)
        905a676 (2 hours ago) Update blocked names and resolvers (syphyr)
        72776bd (6 days ago) Update binary, blocked names and resolvers (syphyr)
        e832860 (3 weeks ago) Update to go 1.18.1, blocked names and resolvers (syphyr)
        da9b31441 (6 days ago) Update Android TZDB from 2021e to 2022a. [N-MR2] (Vasyl Gello)
        750d3b83d (6 days ago) ICU-21949 tzdata2022a update in ICU (Yoshito Umaoka)
        a32c916b8 (6 days ago) ICU-21811 Adding local region mapping for Coral Harbour and integrating revised tz 2021a3 (2021e) data. (Yoshito Umaoka)
        a23d823a4598 (27 minutes ago) Always restart apps if base.apk gets updated. (Alex Buynytskyy)
        98273177ea4f3 (12 days ago) net/packet: fix packet_sock xmit return value checking (Hangbin Liu)
        2b6c12765ccbf (2 weeks ago) af_key: add __GFP_ZERO flag for compose_sadb_supported in function pfkey_register (Haimin Zhang)
        443805c68737e (2 weeks ago) netdevice: add the case if dev is NULL (Yajun Deng)
        e2d1ffb37981c (3 weeks ago) xfrm: policy: match with both mark and mask on user interfaces (Xin Long)
        d9451392e2860 (3 weeks ago) mmmremap.c: avoid pointless invalidate_range_start/end on mremap(old_size=0) (Paolo Bonzini)
        97ce4d9683e55 (3 weeks ago) mm/mempolicy: fix mpol_new leak in shared_policy_replace (Miaohe Lin)
        4e72c5ac45993 (3 weeks ago) netfilter: nf_conntrack_tcp: preserve liberal flag in tcp options (Pablo Neira Ayuso)
        1e3514f23752f (3 weeks ago) mempolicy: mbind_range() set_policy() after vma_merge() (Hugh Dickins)
        e026677d54d6b (3 weeks ago) mm/pages_alloc.c: don't create ZONE_MOVABLE beyond the end of a node (Alistair Popple)
        b532d1dce800b (4 weeks ago) ipv4: Invalidate neighbour for broadcast address upon address addition (Ido Schimmel)
        ba45dd6f (4 days ago) qemu: give up on RHEL8 in CI (Jason A. Donenfeld)
        c7560fd0 (4 days ago) qemu: set panic_on_warn=1 from cmdline (Jason A. Donenfeld)
        33c87a11 (4 days ago) qemu: use vports on arm (Jason A. Donenfeld)
        894152a5 (4 days ago) netns: limit parallelism to $(nproc) tests at once (Jason A. Donenfeld)
        f8886735 (4 days ago) netns: make routing loop test non-fatal (Jason A. Donenfeld)
        f9d9b4db (4 weeks ago) device: check for metadata_dst with skb_valid_dst() (Nikolay Aleksandrov)
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    This is an unofficial version of LineageOS 14.1 for Samsung Galaxy S2 (T813 and T713) with extra security features.

    - Vendor has been updated using latest release from Samsung (T813XXS2BSJ3 and T713XXS2BSG1)
    - Kernel has been updated using latest CAF, Google, and kernel.org sources
    - SDcardfs has been backported from Oreo
    - Wifi driver (qcacld-2.0) has been updated from latest CAF repos
    - Fixed random wifi disconnects
    - Proc has been hardened with updated selinux policy
    - Use correct ANT+ wireless driver (qualcomm-uart)
    - Added blur effect
    - Enabled burnIn protection support
    - Only light up capacitive hardware keys when pressed
    - Lowmemory killer has been optimized using latest upstream Google sources
    - Stability and power usage improvements
    - MicroG support has been added to framework (signature spoofing)
    - Add menu option to switch off captive portal (to stop pinging google servers)
    - Latest Wireguard kernel support added
    - Integrated superuser support added
    - Added per-app VPN data restrictions
    - Add Privacy-Friendly Network Monitor
    - Restrict untrusted apps from /proc/net
    - Added per-app sensor block in privacy guard
    - DNSCrypt Proxy support for encrypted DNS and integrated ad blocker
    - Support for DNSCrypt Proxy requests through Tor for total DNS privacy (requires Tor to be installed separately)
    - Bromite system webview that can be updated from official Bromite website and FDroid.

    T813: lineage-14.1-20220509-NIGHTLY-gts210vewifi.zip
    Supported Bootloader versions:

    T713: lineage-14.1-20220509-NIGHTLY-gts28vewifi.zip
    Supported Bootloader versions:

    Security Patch Level: May 2022

    T813 Recovery: twrp-3.2.3-1-gts210vewifi-20190418-1-recovery.img
    md5sum: ce7f264cf2fdef9da0d812eec293396e

    T713 Recovery: twrp-3.2.3-0-gts28vewifi.img
    md5sum: twrp-3.2.3-0-gts28vewifi.img.md5

    Note: TWRP 3.2.3 is only version that works properly with encryption on Nougat because newer versions of TWRP do not format the data partition correctly. The data partition must be formatted with TWRP 3.2.3 in order to create proper encryption footers.

    Recommended Gapps: gapps-base-arm64-7.1.2-20180730-1-signed.zip

    TWRP Device Repo: https://github.com/syphyr/android_device_samsung_gts210vewifi-teamwin/commits/android-7.1

    Local Manifest: local_manifests_laos_S2-14.1.xml
    Android security level: June 2019

    Additional features:
    Added enhanced privacy guard feature that controls access to motion sensors (can be used to prevent sensor calibration attack in web browsers).
    Use Cloudflare DNS instead of Google DNS because of privacy policy
    Apps having the PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS permission now appear by default as "not allowed" in privacy guard
    Don't send IMSI or phone number to Gnss Location Provider
    Stop automatically granting the standard browsing app runtime permission for location
    T813: lineage-14.1-20210408-NIGHTLY-gts210vewifi.zip

    T713: lineage-14.1-20210408-NIGHTLY-gts28vewifi.zip

    Security Patch Level: April 2021

        391433f33 (2 days ago) Bump Security String to 2021-04-05 (Vasyl Gello)
        a28caf5 (29 minutes ago) Bromite System Webview 90.0.4430.59 (syphyr)
        a6d846c (3 days ago) Bromite System Webview 89.0.4389.117 (syphyr)
        dcdf525 (13 days ago) Update Chromium Webview to 89.0.4389.105 (Kevin F. Haggerty)
        150f476 (11 minutes ago) Update blocked names and resolvers (syphyr)
        4638491 (3 days ago) Update binary, block list, and resolvers (syphyr)
        4d358ab (9 days ago) Update binary, blocked names, and resolvers (syphyr)
        080a224 (2 weeks ago) Update blocked names and resolvers (syphyr)
        95523aa (2 weeks ago) Update binary deps and blocked names (syphyr)
        c9a12b4 (2 weeks ago) Update blocked names and resolvers (syphyr)
        266af17 (4 weeks ago) Update config example (syphyr)
        851f5cd (4 weeks ago) Update blocked names and resolver list (syphyr)
        21cffd4 (4 weeks ago) Update binary, blocked names, and resolvers (syphyr)
        be00da591fdd (20 minutes ago) Close screenshot process on user switched (Miranda Kephart)
        8971ebf465ba (20 minutes ago) DO NOT MERGE: WM: Only allow system to use NO_INPUT_CHANNEL. (Robert Carr)
        837e72e7b7733 (52 minutes ago) crypto: shash - Fix a sleep-in-atomic bug in shash_setkey_unaligned (Jia-Ju Bai)
        421e6ede64f51 (20 hours ago) staging: ion: msm: Apply d82ad70e8aff to msm_ion_custom_ioctl (Nathan Chancellor)
        e86aa7be95afa (20 hours ago) staging: android: ion: fix ION_IOC_{MAP,SHARE} use-after-free (Greg Hackmann)
        c670579e617ca (20 hours ago) BACKPORT: staging: android: ion: Pull out ion ioctls to a separate file (Laura Abbott)
        d0854fad0d338 (4 days ago) genirq: Disable interrupts for force threaded handlers (Thomas Gleixner)
        b9bee85a476b8 (4 days ago) genirq: Fix race on spurious interrupt detection (Lukas Wunner)
        c973919b0bdc7 (5 days ago) ext4: don't allow overlapping system zones (Jan Kara)
        3f332f78f0218 (5 days ago) ext4: handle error of ext4_setup_system_zone() on remount (Jan Kara)
        c3e408ce08b50 (5 days ago) ext4: fix potential error in ext4_do_update_inode (Shijie Luo)
        2af26f73868db (6 days ago) net: drop write-only stack variable (David Herrmann)
        dc6865481c7bd (9 days ago) Revert "mm, slub: consider rest of partial list if acquire_slab() fails" (Linus Torvalds)
        d9ccdde9f33d1 (9 days ago) netfilter: x_tables: gpf inside xt_find_revision() (Vasily Averin)
        d698e97be22f8 (9 days ago) netfilter: don't use mutex_lock_interruptible() (Pablo Neira Ayuso)
        897309aa0aa39 (11 days ago) uapi: nfnetlink_cthelper.h: fix userspace compilation error (Dmitry V. Levin)
        987e474b84a63 (13 days ago) ipv4: fix use-after-free in ip_cmsg_recv_dstaddr() (Eric Dumazet)
        71e678407a6ed (13 days ago) arm64: jump_label.h: use asm_volatile_goto macro instead of "asm goto" (Miguel Ojeda)
        6ec096c9f7b89 (3 weeks ago) clk: Don't show the incorrect clock phase (Shawn Lin)
        89ecf571302bf (3 weeks ago) selinux: use GFP_NOWAIT in the AVC kmem_caches (Michal Hocko)
        2a5db6d593fd3 (3 weeks ago) locking/rwsem-xadd: Fix missed wakeup due to reordering of load (Prateek Sood)
        5b9c607a2649a (3 weeks ago) genirq: Delay incrementing interrupt count if it's disabled/pending (Sudeep Holla)
        7111d5e0836f8 (3 weeks ago) tcp: do not restart timewait timer on rst reception (Florian Westphal)
        a8916fc36d2c7 (3 weeks ago) media: v4l: ioctl: Fix memory leak in video_usercopy (Sakari Ailus)
        313f35fa25ebd (3 weeks ago) [media] v4l2-ioctl.c: fix sparse __user-related warnings (Hans Verkuil)
        f2f2347f587a7 (3 weeks ago) media: uvcvideo: Allow entities with no pads (Ricardo Ribalda)
        f2c89dc347dc0 (3 weeks ago) Bluetooth: Fix null pointer dereference in amp_read_loc_assoc_final_data (Gopal Tiwari)
        918bf8e3dfe0b (3 weeks ago) net: fix up truesize of cloned skb in skb_prepare_for_shift() (Marco Elver)
        53ede3c67777f (3 weeks ago) qcacld-2.0: Adjust vos mem for roam_info (syphyr)
        21966b40912c7 (3 weeks ago) qcacld-2.0: fix Tx failed after candidate channel switch (Miaoqing Pan)
        990a9ae36a1d9 (3 weeks ago) qcacld-2.0: Clean up local variable of csr_roam_info (bings)
        2b58836ea2908 (4 weeks ago) HID: core: detect and skip invalid inputs to snto32() (Randy Dunlap)
        7000b98dd9ecd (4 weeks ago) media: uvcvideo: Accept invalid bFormatIndex and bFrameIndex values (Laurent Pinchart)
        d1bf4b42eb88a (4 weeks ago) Bluetooth: Put HCI device if inquiry procedure interrupts (Pan Bian)
        23cc03ccdc95f (4 weeks ago) Bluetooth: drop HCI device reference before return (Pan Bian)
        3235f68f1ca1e (4 weeks ago) Bluetooth: Fix initializing response id after clearing struct (Christopher William Snowhill)
        92a1835e30006 (4 weeks ago) HID: make arrays usage and value to be the same (Will McVicker)
        f3acb3d472de7 (4 weeks ago) net: watchdog: hold device global xmit lock during tx disable (Edwin Peer)
        9cdbb423bb708 (4 weeks ago) netfilter: xt_recent: Fix attempt to update deleted entry (Jozsef Kadlecsik)
        2a92da7a3975f (4 weeks ago) af_key: relax availability checks for skb size calculation (Cong Wang)
        8f53f717bc25d (4 weeks ago) tcp: Fix missing range_truesize enlargement in the backport (Takashi Iwai)
        122f06b (4 weeks ago) compat: icmp_ndo_send functions were backported extensively (Jason A. Donenfeld)
        f410ff105b (18 minutes ago) RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Update String (Hugh Chen)
        7f5742461b (19 minutes ago) RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Fix phishing attacks over Bluetooth due to unclear warning message (Hugh Chen)
        73bacf640 (17 minutes ago) avrc_copy_packet: Zero initialize packet (Hansong Zhang)
        c9bb73372 (17 minutes ago) AVRCP: Use calloc to zero reserved fields (Myles Watson)
        dc9c77873 (17 minutes ago) Legacy pairing: Reject device with same BD_ADDR (Hansong Zhang)
    Security Update:

    - Fixes for CVE-2019-5489, CVE-2019-11884, CVE-2019-11833, CVE-2019-11477 (latest high severity "Ping of Death" issue), CVE-2019-11478, and CVE-2019-11479
    - OpenSSH has been updated and backported from Android Pie.

    Additionally, the latest official version of TWRP (3.3.1-1) does not work with encryption on this device. Therefore, here is a custom version of TWRP (3.2.3-1) for T813 with a few additional changes.

    - Updated encryption blobs from latest factory release
    - Disable haptic settings (backported from TWRP 3.3.1) because T813 does not have haptics.
    - Updated kernel and sdfat driver for recovery

    Recovery: twrp-3.2.3-1-gts210vewifi-20190418-1-recovery.img
    md5sum: ce7f264cf2fdef9da0d812eec293396e

    TWRP Device Repo: https://github.com/syphyr/android_device_samsung_gts210vewifi-teamwin/commits/android-7.1
    T813: lineage-14.1-20200822-NIGHTLY-gts210vewifi.zip

    T713: lineage-14.1-20200822-NIGHTLY-gts28vewifi.zip

    Notes: Fixes for CVE-2020-0108 and CVE-2020-0238

        a0e62a6 (22 hours ago) Update Chromium Webview to 84.0.4147.125 (Kevin F. Haggerty)
        113ee61 (17 minutes ago) Update blocked names list (syphyr)
        047ac5d (13 days ago) Update binary, resolver, and blocked names (syphyr)
        d8389d36e51 (3 weeks ago) More fixes towards the race conditions in AMS (Jing Ji)
        eee0afbaeb7 (3 weeks ago) DO NOT MERGE - Kill apps outright for API contract violations (Christopher Tate)
        628c1ee3728c0 (23 hours ago) ANDROID: fix a bug in quota2 (Maciej Żenczykowski)
        b10f0763e402e (23 hours ago) netfilter: Remove Samsung debug from xt_quota2 (syphyr)
        56dc5aee93e60 (3 days ago) regmap: dev_get_regmap_match(): fix string comparison (Marc Kleine-Budde)
        073120377e62e (3 days ago) ALSA: info: Drop WARN_ON() from buffer NULL sanity check (Takashi Iwai)
        2abcc7856a95c (3 days ago) crypto: arm64/aes-blk - honour iv_out requirement in CBC and CTR modes (Ard Biesheuvel)
        4726edf051cb3 (11 days ago) nl80211: fix sched scan netlink socket owner destruction (Johannes Berg)
        6048a5c67e (15 hours ago) Allows to launch only authenticator owned activities (Sunny Shao)