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Jan 17, 2019
there is a LOS 16 build for the shield tablet k1, its running on my device. But this was some private repository and the thread with the links got deleted. so it is possible and something exists (and works like a charm tbh). its the thread with the "." as title ;)

thanks for maintaining 15.1 !
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Nov 3, 2008
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there is a LOS 16 build for the shield tablet k1, its running on my device. But this was some private repository and the thread with the links got deleted. so it is possible and something exists (and works like a charm tbh). its the thread with the "." as title ;)

thanks for maintaining 15.1 !

Is there really somewhere an updated ROM ?
It's so sad, I have devices like N4 and N5 and Galaxy S6 running A11 while the Shield tablet stuck at A7.


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Sep 4, 2006
Is there really somewhere an updated ROM ?
It's so sad, I have devices like N4 and N5 and Galaxy S6 running A11 while the Shield tablet stuck at A7.

I'm using this one which seams ok at first. Snappy but quite unstable after you start using it daily. I don't game or do anything heavy, just YouTube, Spotify, podcasts and web browsing.
I like to keep devices as long as I can, so I'm trying to have a simple, stable ROM (no need for fancy customizations) to avoid buying a new tablet :)

Can anyone point a better alternative?


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Nov 25, 2015
Hello. Of course, I understand that the topic is already dead, but still, the last few posts have been discussing that there was a solution to Nvidia applications on lineageos 15 and 16. But there was still no way to install Nvidia applications? At least it’s just an application for me, with console mode, so that the tablet can work with HDMI normally, and not just in mirror mode with frames

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    Not responsible for any injuries you do to yourself or your device being damaged caused by this ROM.
    Big thanks goes to @Steel01 for all the hard work and the Sources.

    LineageOS is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android, which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device.

    LineageOS is based on the Android Open Source Project with extra contributions from many people within the Android community. It can be used without any need to have any Google application installed. Linked below is a package that has come from another Android project that restore the Google parts. LineageOS does still include various hardware-specific code, which is also slowly being open-sourced anyway.

    All the source code for LineageOS is available in the LineageOS Github repo. And if you would like to contribute to LineageOS, please visit out Gerrit Code Review. You can also view the Changelog for a full list of changes & features.

    Hi Everyone

    After some months of learning how to build my own Roms and how to edit the proprietary files of this Device i was able to build my first edited version of LineageOS 15.1 with HW Acceleration and the Camera working.
    Its a slim an snappy Rom for everyone that´s looking for a monthly updated Android 8.1 Rom to keep this unique Device alive.
    This first release is really basic because i deleted everything that doesn't work right.
    My plans for this Rom are to keep it updated in case of Security Patches and add some Features here and there as i still learn how this Device and Android is working in general.
    Also the official release of LineageOS 16 will end the development of this Rom for the reason i don't want to rival the official contributors of this Device.

    Little FAQ to this Rom:

    Do i need to Wipe my existing Rom even its LineageOS 15.1 based ?
    Yes because i use my own Release Keys for this Rom you need to Wipe your existing one.

    Is this Rom compatible with every Shield Tablet ?
    Yes this Rom is working with every Shield Tablet

    I have a Shield LTE Version and after flashing this Rom i cant connect my device for Data Transfer with my computer anymore.
    For some Reason i still didnt found out on LineageOS 15.1 there is no Drop Down Menu for this Device to change the type of connection.
    To change it go to Settings > Connected Devices > USB

    I found a Bug with this Rom i didnt had on any Rom before what should i do before i post it here ?
    Before you post any Bugs and Errors here make sure you installed this Rom correct as i told with a full wipe in your recovery first and if there are modifications installed like Magisk
    Moduls or Xposed or you changed this Rom in any way, you should reinstall it fresh first to take a look if the issue still occurs.
    If yes post a detailed report of the Error with a Logcat.txt File

    Can i install and use Apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime,.. and watch content in HD again with this ROM ?
    As this is a Problem with the Widevine Services and this Device itself this Rom doesn´t change anything on that. If you want to use the Netflix App for example you still have to use the liboemdecrypt modul on Magisk and its SD only

    Thanks goes to:
    @Steel01 and the whole LOS Team for doing all the hard work to keep this Device alive
    @Artemka2008 for figuring out the OMX fix
    @Triodexe for uploading his work on his Github so i could figure out how to edit the vendor files
    @john_matrix for teaching me how to set up my build enviroment and being really helpful when i´m stuck with errors :)

    • Bootloader Unlock
    • Bootloader Version 4.00.2016.04
    • Custom Recovery installed (use Version 9.5.0_9-0 of TWRP or Lineage Recovery)


    • Download the latest build and gapps if needed (8.1 / arm / pico)
    • Reboot to recovery and wipe your existing Rom
    • Flash the latest build and gapps
    • Reboot


    Whats working now:

    • HW Acceleration
    • Snap Camera

    Whats still not working:

    • Nvidia Games App (Deleted)
    • Console Mode UI (Deleted but HDMI still working fine)
    • Encryption (will lead to a Bootloop if tried)
    • Screen Mirroring ( In App Cast like on the Youtube App still working fine)

    Source Code: https://github.com/LineageOS
    Device: https://github.com/Scavenger-87/android_nvidia_device_shield-common
    Vendor: https://github.com/Scavenger-87/android_vendor_nvidia_shield

    ROM OS Version: 8.1 Oreo
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.96+

    Version Information:
    SELinux: Enforcing
    Security Patch: 5.10.2021
    Build Signature: Own Release Key

    Created 14.05.2021
    Last Updated 18.10.2021
    Any updates on this?
    Next update will be released when the July Security Bulletin is merged. I also still working on the code to make it more stable with every release.

    Stay tuned ;)
    I installed following files after formatting data, and wipe cache and system,

    But the Browser crashes, Google Meet crashes,
    Google chrome crashes And reboots.

    Usually crashes happen when switching to other windows and come back to the app (Google Meet, chrome, Browser).

    Is there a solution for these crashes?

    Sounds to me its running out of memory as chrome, google meet and a another browser app will take a lot of memory and the device isn't able to handle all of this with just 2GB of Ram even i set the Low Memory Killer to very low settings before it starts to kill apps.
    Maybe its helping when you root your device and adjust the LMK Settings with a App like Smart Pack-Kernel Manager or similar

    I also think its time to keep you updated on the work i do to this Rom at the moment since the new Security Bulletin is around the corner.

    Right now i still looking for a solution to fix this artifacts issues that this device facing on ROMs above Android 7.0 .
    After i tried to optimize the Memory Management and deleted stuff like hwc2on1 (which leads still to performance cuts even they fixed a memory leak there) i still get those artifacts on website based video-streaming mostly in chrome.

    So i was going a other route with this problem and started working on the .so files that located at the vendor folder. I did this for the reason because i saw some difference in size on those files we found at the vendor files from @Steel01 and the last OEM release of Nvidia which was the version 5.4.

    A short explanation what those files are: ( I hope my explanation is correct otherwise don't hesitate to correct me :) )

    .SO Files are Shared Libraries that located in the "lib" folders of the vendor files. those Files are containing the code how the device handles the HW acceleration and video playback,sound,... and many things more. Those files are compiled that means its not possible to edit them with reasonable effort ( would need reverse-engineering and recompiling after editing).

    But what i can do is to change them out from newer versions of this files from the above mentioned OEM 5.4 ROM or even from the Shield TV Roms which i tried with 7.2.3 because its the last Android 8.1 ROM before the Upgrade to Android 9.

    First i tried to update every file with the same name to a newer version which leads to the device not even starting up after install. When i just changed the files from the folders nvmm and media the device started up but the overall performance was much worse and the video-playback was only smooth at max 720p which is strange as it even happens with the Files from 5.4.

    But it seems i´m on the right track there and maybe i need to delete and add more files because those files might correlated to each other.
    This need a lot of work and testing so that means that this changes are not included in my next update when the security bulletin is merged maybe not even in the next after this.

    But i'm eager if i can fix the artifact issues with this and maybe even more.

    Like i mentioned above i might interpret some things wrong and if someone of you knows more about those files and its function i´m glad to learn more about :)

    Have a nice Sunday everyone ;)
    Hi Everyone

    First i wish all of you a happy new year !

    Sadly i have to start this year with a sad message for you guys.

    I will discontinuing this build because of two reasons:

    First reason is that LOS itself has abandoned 15.1 that means there are no more security bulletins in the future as you can see here in the comment section of this unofficial attempt to add the December bulletin :

    Bump Security String to 2021-12-05

    My second reason is that there is virtually no information and source files available anymore to build good working roms for this K1 chipset which means its very hard (at least for me) to add new features or fix problems like the ones with the hw acceleration that give us those green artifacts.
    I also tried to re-add the nvidia games app to my rom which worked first after i tinkered around with the framework of 15.1 by retrofitting the nvidia specific patches you found here for lineage-16.0 :


    But after a week and a another update by nvidia to the app it started crashing again while starting up the game sessions. I dont know exactly whats the reason for this as i tried it the last few weeks with different changes on my build but i cant get it working again for some reason.

    Thats the reason i will discontinuing my build for this device at least for now and i hope you guys could understand this.

    I just want to thank again for all the support that let me build this rom the last year and if someone needs assistance to start his own build can still message me here on this forum and can find my sourcefiles on my github account :)

    Hi Everyone

    The new Build is ready and up.

    You find it here : August Build Update

    I did go again over that LMK Settings as i saw on the earlier Builds the issue with those artifacts are way less common and is kinda direct related to those Parameters is set maybe a bit too less aggressive and the video-streams especially on chrome was running out of memory and did start with those issues instead of just crashing. This way it was really hard to find out for me until i had the tablet of my sister in house for updating where i found out about that.
    The Issues should now appear less common and i had not even one framework reboot so far with my type of usage which is mostly Browsing and Youtube.
    Also Clash of Clans is still running and still needs to be started twice after a first crash sometimes.

    I would say its a good example again that its a bit of a ride on the razorblade with this lmk parameters as 2GB is really not much for today's standart and you might have to adjust your LMK Settings yourself from now on to fit your needs and user profile.

    And i did not forget about the .so Files i still looking for the best working ones and plan to clean up the vendor files a bit to get the max out of this tablet for you guys ;)