[ROM] [UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 15.1 for Xiaomi Mi 6

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LineageOS is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 8.0 (Oreo), which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device.

LineageOS is based on the Android Open Source Project with extra contributions from many people within the Android community. It can be used without any need to have any Google application installed. You will need to provide your own Google Applications package (gapps). LineageOS does still include various hardware-specific code, which is also slowly being open-sourced anyway.

Base source code is available in the LineageOS Github repo. And if you would like to contribute to the project, please visit our Gerrit Code Review.

  • VoLTE
  • FBE
  • You tell me!

  • Camera (and flashlight)
  • WiFi
  • NFC
  • Bluetooth (Audio and Calls)
  • Telephony (Calls and Data)
  • Audio (Record and Playback)
  • Video Playback
  • Sensors
  • GPS

By the way. There is a petition about Treble for the Mi6. Make sure to sign it ;) http://chn.ge/2B8R2uD

  • Reboot to recovery (TWRP recovery for Mi 6 - Direct link)
  • Format /system, /data and /cache
  • Install LineageOS zip package
  • Install [optional] a Google Apps package of your choice (Open GApps is advisable, but stock and super variants are not recommended!!!)

Credits & collaborations:
  • xiaobai112220 for bringing up Oreo for Mi6
  • Verevka
  • DanWard

XDA:DevDB Information
LineagOS 15.0, ROM for the Xiaomi Mi 6

ROM OS Version: 8.x Oreo
ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x

Version Information
Status: Beta

Created 2017-11-27
Last Updated 2017-12-28
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Dec 11, 2011
wow. is this for real? everything working' fine? camera, finger print?

thanks bro


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Apr 26, 2011
Nice !

What is the difference between this and xiaobai112220 version of lineageos 15 ?
Is camera with hdr (google or other mod) and zoom on finger tip working?
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Dec 16, 2015
Very stable version of LineageOS 15 for Mi 6.

All working in terms of hardware.

Missing just a few options as LineageOS hasn't been fully built for Oreo yet, but can definitely be a daily driver.

Only needs SELinux to be enforcing to be fully secure.


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Dec 16, 2015
An idea of battery life.

"IDEA of" - your millage will vary


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Dec 16, 2015
Just installed - Open Camera

You can install the Google Camera port by BSG.
Works fine without HDR+ enabled and HDR+ can work if toggled off and back on again when you open the app.

To do it just open opencamera and under settings enable camera 2 api. Then install g camera and you're good to go.


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Jul 24, 2010
Using this kernel (happened before when installing on the previous Lineage release) the phone reboots during charge and get stuck on Lineage logo. Only if I unplug and restart it boots. Very bad since I loose the alarm in the morning...


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Aug 25, 2009
Clean install, gapps pico, maybe 2 apps installed, BT and WiFi off, lost 16% battery overnight.

Anyone had similar?
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    I dont know why someone didnt port nougat kamera from xiaomi a1 for our lineageos 14.1?

    Because it takes time and effort. Someone has to actually take the time to do it.

    Its not a magical process where software just suddenly exists.

    I'm currently on IRC with the Omni developers for Z3 and all I'm doing is testing and thats hard enough.
    They're building a fixing and building over and over again all for the benefit of the community.
    The work that goes into all this XDA development is incredible and no one is entitled to it.

    We are just lucky to have Devs that see the benefit of sharing and offering their hard work for free for the benefit of others.
    Honestly its how it should be with software more for free and the benefit of the world, but in a world where its not normal its extraordinary to have the hard work we see on XDA getting done.

    I'm sure the camera port is coming just be patient.
    7.12.7 Firmware Package: 7.12.7 China Dev Firmware (Fixed)
    @UnknownDev420 as always feel free to add to OP

    Would the firmware from the Oreo MIUI Alpha builds be any better? TBH it's probably the same firmware since they don't need to develop it twice...
    Either way I'm gonna make a firmware pack for those who are interested to try it.

    Edit: After checking MD5 sums some of the firmware is different (eg Bluetooth I think), some the same (eg radio files). Might be worth trying.

    For those willing to try it (I'm 99% sure it will be the same or better than the Nougat versions) here is the link to the Oreo Alpha Firmware: 7.12.8 Oreo Alpha Firmware
    I think, flashing this rom is very difficult for us! So that's, i modded new formal of this rom. You can flash it very simply. It isn't my rom. Thank UnknowDev420 very much for his works!
    - miui_MI6_7.12.25_Firmware_Beta_8.0 included.
    - Gapps 8.1 included.
    - Recovery TWRP
    - You don't need to format all data user (doesn't lose data of your).
    - Go into recovery mod.
    - Wipe.
    - Flash rom
    - Reboot system.
    Link down
    @UnknownDev420, after quite intense day of testing, I must write my further concerns.

    1) The device is rooted by default, and there's no any prompt or GUI indication that root is actually used. So you can imagine that anyone with access to your device can do anything with your phone and you wouldn't know anything about it... Please disable root access in the next builds - I know this is dev ROM, but many users use it as a daily driver probably without awareness.

    Surely that's the reason why Magisk SafetyNet will not pass (but as of now I don't know if that's the only reason).

    2) Minor issues:
    - Live display does not work
    - some settings are available through search functionality, but tapping on them causes crash (like 'buttons')
    - adaptive brightness should be better calibrated IMO - in the midmost setting it should dim the display to the minimum possible value when it's totally dark outside. Currently the display is far too bright, so you have to manually set the brightness to the minimum.

    3) Power consumption / deep sleep issues on the 12.12 build - that was already reported by the others.

    For these who want to have BACK - HOME - RECENT buttons functionality like in standard AOSP/Nexus/Pixel ROMs, I've prepared flashable zip that can be launched from recovery (eg. TWRP). It replaces two files:

    1) /System/usr/keylayout/synaptics_dsx.kl and set it to:
    key 139    BACK    VIRTUAL
    key 158    APP_SWITCH          VIRTUAL
    key 143    WAKEUP

    2) /System/usr/keylayout/Generic.kl and set it to:
    key 139   BACK
    key 158   MENU

    Enjoy! ;)
    That is a VERY small price to pay for a nearly STOCK ANDROID Rom for the Mi 6
    I think I will use this phone until it will be possible to get Pixel 2 for a decent price.
    My GF has a Pixel 2 and you're honestly paying for the assistant.

    Apart from a marginally better camera and effortless software installation (for the best android software you can get tbf) it really offers no massive upgrade on the Mi 6.
    I was initially jealous of her having the better phone but switching to LineageOS 15 with root and I have the definite winner now.

    The google camera is available for us and with HDR+ toggled off and on again the photos are comparable to the Pixel 2 in software processing, but perhaps missing some tiny details from the smaller(?) sensor size.

    Honestly if you have a Mi 6, unlock it and flash Lineage.
    Support will only improve and the hardware is very capable.
    You'd be mad to swap out a Mi 6 for a Pixel 2 considering the price difference and the tiny tiny upgrade you get.

    Wait for next year at least maybe longer if you can and better phones will be available.
    The Pixel 2 is incredibly lack luster. It is barely better than the Pixel 1 tbh (which my sister has so yes I have checked).

    I do see how the premium pricing gets you the better software I won't lie it is very well done (I've still seen the pixel 2 random reboot). But you won't enjoy rooting it as much due to the damn A/B partitioning.
    I think google dropped the ball with the Pixel 2 line as they were focussing on the Google Home (we got one for free with the 2 and its pretty awesome. Tiny device makes so much noise and very good sound.)
    But yeah the Pixel 2 could have been a hell of a lot better. I bet they lost sales from people who decided it wasn't worth upgrading. Kind of feels like an iPhone upgrade. Phone looks the same, acts the same, just has a new number on it.

    If you didn't already have a SD 835 device I'd recommend Pixel 2, but personally I would hold off for a year and invest the money in a bigger upgrade.
    5G is coming, better efficiency from the CPU and GPU is coming.
    Be patient if you can, but don't let me entirely put you off if you decide its the better option for you :)

    Rant over.