[ROM][UNOFFICIAL][MARSHMALLOW][ALPHA] CyanogenMod 13.0 for Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

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Oct 5, 2012
Does anyones lock screen freeze after some time(randomly)? I have to force shutdown my phone everytime that happens. I also noticed that the speaker sucks in Music app, but in Soundcloud iz is fine and in videos.


Apr 23, 2016
Does anyones lock screen freeze after some time(randomly)? I have to force shutdown my phone everytime that happens. I also noticed that the speaker sucks in Music app, but in Soundcloud iz is fine and in videos.

I also had this problem. But my main problem is that SIM is not detected for me. I tried both slots, reinstall, clear cache after install, but nothing worked :(


Jan 8, 2013
Breef of the day:

Smosia is on vacation now - don't expect any help for the next 2 weeks
Those who have exotic bands and broken RIL - use ukropatch
There's nothing you can do with this nasty after call beeping
D2tw is messed up, disable it in both Settings and Kernel Adiutor from PS
Camera is not THAT bad in perfect lighting
Sound can be solved with https://github.com/TryHardDood/herm...3-dinolek-TEST-hermes/BetterSoundFix-Test.zip
Accelerometer is screwed for some
Expect fp and overall stable build this fall
Compass has the crappiest driver ever, that would be the last thing to fix
Your phone may start to charge very slowly. Shut it down and keep charging for 10 minutes, then boot again while on charge


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Oct 5, 2012
I think I fixed my problem by disabling double tap to wake in settings and in Kernel Adiutor. I also downclocked my cpu to 1850MHz.
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    CyanogenMod is a customized, aftermarket firmware distribution for several Android devices. Based on the Android Open Source Project, CyanogenMod is designed to increase performance and reliability over Android-based ROMs released by vendors and carriers such as Google, T-Mobile, HTC, etc. CyanogenMod also offers a variety of features & enhancements that are not currently found in these versions of Android.

     * Your warranty is now void.
     * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
     * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
     * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
     * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
     * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.


    build #20161213


    • added support for screens BOE_s and SHARP (thanks LazyC0DEr)
    • fixed bug with BOE screen (thanks LazyC0DEr)
    • fixed brightness control on all screens (thanks LazyC0DEr)
    • fixed charge controller driver, now the phone is charging
    • the battery driver is completely updated, reverse table 4000 mA, phone correctly displays the battery's charge and its temperature
    • fixed light sensor, the phone is now correctly adjusts the brightness
    • added support for external flash drives (OTG)
    • fixed sound in the headphones

    For kernel changes thanks to @Smosia


    • updated sources of cm13.0
    • fixed led when charging indication (now red, orange and green)
    • fixed battery capacity in the framework
    • autobrightness levels are fixed
    • added vibration of the soft keys
    • in the extended restart menu item added restart to fastboot
    • cut external sd card
    • fixed some audio the codecs
    • small changes in the configs of the ramdisk and build.prop
    • the browser is replaced by stock


    First time installing CyanogenMod 13.0 to your Redmi Note 3 or coming from another ROM:

    • Make sure you have unlocked your bootloader
    • Flash a custom recovery via SP Flashtool (any other installing methods will do, just make sure you have TWRP recovery installed)
    • Use TWRP 3.x.x only
    • Push GApps (arm64) and the CM 13.0 zip to your device
    • Boot into Recovery
    • Do all wipes (dalvik cache, cache, system, data)
    • Flash the CM 13.0 zip from SD card
    • Flash GApps for Marmallow from SD card
    • Reboot (be patient, "optimizing apps" takes a while)
    • Don't restore system data using Titanium Backup!
    • Restoring Apps + Data might cause problems and is not recommended, avoid it if possible!

    • Cameras
    • Sound
    • USB / MTP / PTP
    • Bluetooth
    • Wi-Fi
    • Vibra
    • Proximity sensor
    • Accelerometer
    • Gyroscope
    • Doubletap (only for touch FocalTech, for Atmel later)
    • Led indicator
    • The charge controller
    • Light sensor
    • OTG
    • Charge Controller


    • The flash on the camera
    • RIL (SIM)
    • Fingerprint sensor
    • Irda
    • Compas
    • Maybe something else


    • You tell me...


    If you like my work, you could always buy me a beer



    Kernel - here
    Device tree - here
    Vendor - here


    • @nofearnohappy & @LazyC0DEr for the 3.10.72 kernel source for the RN2 and tips
    • @Smosia for the 3.10.72 kernel and kernel fixes for RN3
    • @Sicmosh for the CM13.0 builds and fixes for RN3

    XDA:DevDB Information
    CyanogenMod 13.0, ROM for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

    ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
    ROM Firmware Required: unlocked bootloader
    Based On: CyanogenMod

    Version Information
    Status: Alpha

    Created 2016-11-28
    Last Updated 2016-11-28

    I finally fix flashlight :) Now trying to fix Ril. no ETA, because ril is a very big and difficult problem
    hello everyone.
    Bad news:
    RIL is not working yet, because there are problems in xiaomi vendor libs. I am trying to fix that.
    Good news:
    I fix ril in kernel :)
    P.S. Sicmosh told that he can build any rom, if i will fix modem.
    Good news, comrades!
    I've done it!
    Welcome to 6 android :)
    new build.
    - ril fix (for those, who have problems with power of cell signal)
    - up modem to 55 verison
    - sound fix