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Aug 3, 2013
Any particular reason other than it being closer to aosp? I doubt the screen difference is noticable, how are the battery and camera? I've heard mixed things about both.

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    Unofficial CM11 Kitkat 4.4 for the VS980 ONLY!

    This is BASED off of Official CM11 for the VS980 with cherry picks, apps baked in, and GAPPS baked in some GAPPS ARE BLACKED OUT! CHECK CHANGE LOG. If you don't like what I do with this ROM DON'T USE IT.

    Updated every night. Your warranty is now void!

    How To Flash - New Build

    1. Download Rom / SuperSU / Google Dialer / DarkCandy v1.0
    2. Reboot into recovery
    3. Factor Reset in RECOVERY should wipe data-cahce & then format /system for BEST RESULTS
    4. Flash Rom / Flash SuperSU
    5. Wipe Cache / Dalvik
    6. Reboot phone & setup as normal.
    7. Reboot phone into recovery & flash Google Dialer(MUST FLASH so it removes STOCK DIALER)\
    8. Reboot phone & let signal grab
    9. Reboot phone into recovery & flash DarkCandy v1.0 (CM or Minimal, I use CM myself, and leave everything else stock)
    10. Enjoy!

    How To Flash - DIRTY
    1. Download Rom / SuperSU / Google Dialer / DarkCandy
    2. Reboot phone into recovery
    3. Dirty FLASH new ROM & SuperSU
    4. Reboot Phone
    5.) Reboot into recovery & Flash Google Dialer & DarkCandy & ENJOY!
    5. REBOOT & Enjoy!

    DownloadsMisc Addons / Files
    Blacked Out Apps

    Recommended CPU Settings for Kernel
    Settings > Performance
    CPU GOV - OnDemand / Interactive (User prefrence I prefer interactive with animations down to .25/.50)
    Set On Boot Checked

    I/O Scheduler - Noop
    Set on Boot Checked

    Those are the only settings I use. Enjoy!

    Change Log

    *Latest Commits
    *Latest Google Dialer Link Updated (May Break CM11 per Paranoid Android, if it does just dirty flash the ROM, and clear cache & dalvik)
    *Latest Viper4Android
    *Latest LG Quick Remote V8
    *Latest Themed Google Keyboard (top row numbers blacked out)
    *Tweaked for her pleasure!

    *Latest commits
    *Updated Gapps to 3-1-14 Release
    *Cleaned up file, so its down to 414mbs now =)













    Built Off
    Stock CM Kernel:https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_kernel_lge_msm8974
    Source: CyanogenMod/android_device_lge_vs980
    Branch: Android 4.4.2
    Kernel Version: 4.4.2

    Special Thanks / Credit

    Team Pac-Man
    CM Team
    Team Black Out
    Best dev because he replies to all of these questions!thanks gr33nd3vil

    Sent from my LG-VS980 using XDA Premium 4 mobile app

    been there before, I HATED Dev's not replying, it pissed me off so bad, I understand they don't have to, and can ignore users, but honestly why? it looks bad in my opinion, and that's why I build my own CM, and MOD it the way I want, and if others like it GREAT, if not move on to the next rom =)
    Anytime, you might not be familiar with me, I was big into the US Cellular Galaxy S4, doing tutorials, building Gummy & CM11, along with trouble shooting & fixing issues. Had a falling out with US Cellular, so here I am on a LG G2 from VZW =) I will never EVER BUY another Samsung after owning this phone =)
    i put this rom on yesterday and haven't had a single reboot or sod, im @ 26hrs up time. i tapped the screen on and used "screen off" at least 30 times today.
    there has to be some external issue causing this problem for you.

    @gr33nd3vil tyvm for all your hard work. this is the first 4.4. rom i could keep on for more than a few hours without issue.
    ill send some holiday cheer your way shortly :)

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    @gr33nd3vil no donation link?

    Thank you an no I don't want donations. I do this because I like giving back.
    For anyone of the LG G2 Owners G+ community, there are always people who are asking for recommendation on the best ROM for the G2 I always recommend @gr33nd3vil's variant of CM11! Stability and performance :good:

    I think what people fail to see is and maybe it's because some of the devs around that are vetrens in this get pounded so much they lose track of how they treat people. I personally have no issues helping people, adding features that make sense or otherwise =0) Thanks again for the kind words nievesaj.