[ROM][UNOFFICIAL][OREO 8.1]crDroid v4.2[Redmi 5A][RIVA][VOLTE]


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crDroid is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device also attempting to bringing many of the best features existent today. We're mainly based on LineageOS so use custom kernels compatible with them!

Click for feature list (helps shorten the OP.)

Always Have a full functional Backup. Just in case!



Gapps Are to be Downloaded From OpenGapps [ARM64,8.1,pico]
First time installing crDroid to your ENTER-PHONE-NAME, or coming from another ROM.

** Make sure you're running a proper working Recovery (CWM or TWRP)
1) Copy crDroid zip, gapps zip to your device
2) Boot into Recovery which supports Vendor
3) Wipe cache, system, & data (or just cache & system for a dirty flash).
4) Flash ROM
8) Flash gapps
9) Boot up

For root, AFTER you boot into the ROM, you can go back to recovery and install Magisk XX.x (whatever is most recent).

Upgrading from earlier version of crDroid:
The only difference between clean flash as above and upgrading is you just wipe system & cache, leaving data. Everything else is the same. ***Remember to always clean flash before reporting problems. Clean flashing is always the best method of ROM install.

GPS Always On in Status Bar[Reboot Device To Solve]

Don't expect any support if you:
- are not running the included kernel
- have installed any mods such as Xposed!
- have modified system files

Thanks to:
- @haran2003
- Raj Kiran
- Google
- LineageOS
- SlimRoms
- AOSPA (Paranoid Android)
- OmniRom
- NamelessROM
- Many others... (if you're feeling upset being out of the thanks list just send a PM )

Kernel Source - https://github.com/ChalapathiRevanth/kernel_xiaomi_msm8917


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* riva:New Blobs to make the device run Faster

* riva: Droped Fabian Stuff and Rebased Sources From Santoni

* riva:New Thermal Configs For Dash Charging[Fast Charging]

* riva:EX-FAT FS support added .

* riva:Fixed Random Reboots

* riva:Lags Fixed

* riva:New Updated Kernel

* riva:Sound Distortion IS Almost Fixed[95%]

Download Here - http://bit.ly/2JlcJZr
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Dec 19, 2013
woohoo finaly oreo for riva, cant wait to try it.
you stated that need "boot into Recovery which supports Vendor" so can use official twrp?


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Sep 22, 2012
Zruč nad Sázavou
So, I think,it is not maybe error on ROM side, but when I flash in last TWRP plus right opengapps, boot and first settings absolutely OK. Then I set root in developer options (ADB and App) and try restore apk from Titanium, after that phone restart and stuck in bootloop (boot logo Google, than lock sreen, but can´t lock screen (pull up from lock) and another auto restart and again... I try another time, with flash SU (2.82) from TWRP, but nothing change (Magisk say some vendor error in TWRP). Maybe its problem in some my step, not in ROM? UI is very fine...