[ROM][UNOFFICIAL][pioneer][10] Resurrection Remix Q (enhanced) updated to 8.6.7


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Nov 26, 2019
This is the Resurrection Remix Q 8.6.5 (latest) enhanced with the following changes:
ROM side:
1. Viper4Droid integrated
2. You MUST the have a second partition on the SDCARD formatted as ext4. This second partition will automatically be mounted in the /data/sdext2 directory to be used as an extender for internal storage with the help of Apps2SD.
3. This is an user build (works with banking apps as ING banking).
Kernel side (custom kernel):
1. Compiled with latest clang.
2. Brightness adjuster (accessible through /sys/android_tweaks/dimadjust - set on default on 64 (0-110 max)).
3. Lazy brightness - the brightness does not jump as in the original kernel suddenly, but in small steps allowing a smoother transition.
4. ZRAM enabled and automatic swappiness adjustment to not fill the entire ZRAM.
5. simple_lmk integrated and adjusted for pioneer.
6. fingerprint2wake (you need a fingerprint registered). If enabled (default) the phone will be wake up by any fingerprint, but it will present the lockscreen in any situation to be unlocked (I don't like one fingerprint to enter in the unlocked state).
7. Modified alucard hotplug to support big/little cpu arhitecture (core sleeping).
8. Adjustable vibrator strength.
9. Sound control.
10. Usb fastcharge.
11. Adreno idler.
12. Cpu and gpu undervolted.
13. All (except the LTO - probably will follow) the enhancements from sultan kernel ported to this custom kernel (flying speed). Credits to @sultan (wahoo kernel). Thanks!
You can access kernel features by installing Magisk and then a kernel modifying flags like EXKernel...)

Status: Testing (Probably stable).
Issues: Hardware camera button does not work (If anyone knows how to make it work under RR, please let me know).
Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Mr8TCuyPYMYMFqkTZzRcNd83SgUOsu3J/view?usp=drivesdk

Enjoy and Happy New Year!
Issue with fingerprint unlock

Fingerprint wake works but not fingerprint unlock


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May 29, 2008
Sir mobile data only works when I turn on on hotspot and then mobile data then if I disable also it works any fix ?
Ah, I know about this problem, yes, you need to turn hotspot only after booting the rom, or connect to an wifi network first, afterwards the data connection will work ... I don't have time right now to investigate, but this is the workaround (turn on temporarily the hotspot after you booted the rom - only one time, or connect to an wifi first then the data connection will work, no need to do it every time you enable the data connection, only a first time ...) ...