[ROM][UNOFFICIAL][S20] lineageos 17.1 with microG (plus instructions to build your own image)

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May 14, 2015
HTC 10
Looking into this myself, I found this note from the author:

That's not a good sign :-(
Nope. I found lineage for Exynos but nothing for snapdragon. I set out to degoogle oneui. I can delete everything except for Google Play Services. I get microG and signature spoof installed, everything goes pretty good until I delete Google Play Services....things break. I've kind of given up at this point. Can't find a dev interested in getting rid of Google and I don't have the skills. @Krog18 helped me out getting sig spoof and microG running, that was awesome.

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    Your warranty is now void. We are not responsible for bricked devices, lost data, broken sd cards, or failure for your device to preform some important function. You are choosing to make modifications to your own device, and accept all of the risks involved.

    LineageOS is a long standing android custom rom, derrived from AOSP with contributions from the community. By default, no google apps or frameworks are built into the rom.

    microG is an open source, lightweight replacement for the proprietary google apps and frameworks. Maybe most importantly, it includes UnifiedNlp which provides wifi and cellular based geolocation which are necessary for location services apps to function properly.

    This rom includes:
    - fdroid & fdroid priviledge extension
    - microG and sig spoofing patches to support it
    - magisk (optional, there are magisk and non-magisk versions available)
    - lawnchair, a great AOSP launcher

    Whats working:
    - calling
    - bluetooth
    - camera
    - audio
    - cellular
    - fingerprint
    - full 1440 x 3200 resolution
    - gps
    - encryption
    - gcam, stock cam
    - other smart phone things

    Whats not working:
    - only the "default" camera sensor is function. Have yet to see anyone that has gotten the telephoto and macro(?) lens working in a custom rom
    - relies on stock vendor partition, which is why flashing a specific version of OneUI is important
    - fingerprint enrollment is touchy. If it fails, go back and try again. If it is stubborn, restart and try again.

    Tested on SM-G981U1, should work on most snapdragon s20 devices (if not all). If you test this on another model and it works properly please post a comment if you have the time.

    Install Instructions
    Long instructions, including loading a customer recovery with keys for these images. Intended to help those newer to custom roms:

    Short instructions, for those that know what they are doing:

    Telephoto and wide angle are swapped in the config and in the UI. Telephoto crashes the app, you will have to clear storage/cache to be able to use Gcam again.
    I suggest disabling the telephoto lens. To do this go into
    Gcam -> Settings -> Advanced -> Auxiliary Camera
    and disable *Wide* not telephoto (remember, they lenses are swapped here)

    Sources and Instructions to build your own images and custom recovery:


    - To the member of the XDA fourms that are unlocking the snapdragon s20
    - To @jesec who really did all of the work on getting lineage working on the s20
    - To jimbo77 on xda who had some nice lineage builds for the s20, looking at their source got me pointed in the right direction for this device
    - To @NisseGurra for suggesting Gcam apk and config
    when can we get 18.1?thx
    I am actually currently working on getting 18.1 stable, ETA: soon/when I have more time
    Hi, thanks for your ROM! A few questions:
    • On which models of the S20 will this work?
    • Does 5G and VOLTE work?
    • Does encryption work?
    • Does 120Hz work?
    • Which camera apps work?
    • I haven't used MicroG before... Can the Google Play Store be installed on this ROM?

    Sorry, I'll put the model in the main post when I'm back on my computer.
    -I have only tested this on SM-G981U1 but it should work on any snapdragon s20/s20 5g
    - I don't have any 5g towers nearby, will try to hunt some down this week and update.
    - encryption is fully functional, this was one of the main reasons I forked the multidisabler
    - This is forced 60hz, but at full 3200x1400. There is another lineage rom on here that forces 120hz but then the resolution has to be 2400 x 1080. According to samsung, the 60hz mode is better for battery life, so I went with that. May find a way to toggle on the fly in the future.
    -I have only tested the stock lineage camera, can try to test specific ones if folks want.
    - right now only builds with microg are available, which means stock gapps cannot be flashed. It is easy enough to build a rom without microg though, open "build_x1q.sh" and remove the following lines:
    -e "CUSTOM_PACKAGES=GmsCore GsfProxy FakeStore FDroid FDroidPrivilegedExtension lawnchair" \ -e "SIGNATURE_SPOOFING=yes" \

    If there is enough interest, I may post images without microg.
    我实际上目前正在努力使 18.1 稳定,ETA:很快/当我有更多时间时
    I'm happy to help you test this system