[ROM] unsigned HTC Sock Rom 1.32.405.6

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Senior Member
Jan 1, 2009
Thx for sharing my guess is that ROOT will be gone, S-OFF will stay because you removed HBOOT.

What about OTAs ? Will they work ?

Walker Street

Senior Member
Nov 23, 2007
Wifi doesn't work for me

I installed this by renaming it rom.zip and running the HTC ARUWizard.exe. Everything seemed to install properly and the rom worked. However Wifi does not work. I get a 'Wifi Error' when I try to turn it on. If I install the signed rom, wifi works.


Senior Member
Jan 26, 2009
what is the difference between signed and unsigned. atm i usw lates htc rom signed with s-off, root and supercid. when i do ota updates i loose s-off?

thx ngt1337

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    this is a unsigned HTC Stock Rom 1.32.405.6 for flash from SD Card (read more).

    following was removed:
    1. boot.img
    2. hboot_7230_0.85.0007_101011.nb0
    3. radio.img
    4. recovery.img

    This rom not overwrite S-OFF or ClockWorkMod.

    Download: RapidShare

    with friendly greet

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