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    I used to own an S4, and untouched ROM's were perfect for me who wanted an experience as close to stock as possible. Other GPE ROM's just didn't fully cater for what I wanted - a ROM as if my phone was a true Google Play Edition device.

    @dandroid13 had the perfect ROM, but when he gave up his S4 he couldn't release a new version once 5.1 came out (if it ever came out!), so passed on the details to me. I also no longer have an S4, but thought that there might be a place for an untouched ROM, so here it is.

    Important Info:
    I no longer own an S4 so cannot test this ROM myself. Please flash only if you know exactly what you are doing. I accept no responsibility for bricked devices, loss of data, or anything else that may go wrong during the process. I will try my best to support you, but you have to appreciate I no longer own the device so I might not know. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED


    Special Thanks to:
    @dandroid13 for his help, guidance, support and base updater scripts (I believe to be from @Danvdh).
    @LastStandingDroid for re-porting, fixing, and re-releasing the ROM.
    @SamuriHL for the base 5.1 Odin .tar.
    @yener90 for finding out the Security FC fix.
    @nintendolinky for fixing the SD Card Read-Only issue.



    Updated to latest OTA update by @LastStandingDroid

    Updated to latest OTA update by @LastStandingDroid

    Updated to latest OTA update (stagefright patch)

    Super Fixed Release by @LastStandingDroid

    Fixed symlinks stopping camera from working. ROM now works perfectly.

    Fixed Release (1.1)

    - Re-extracted system dump - now working fine

    Initial Release (1.0)

    - Samsung provided Android 5.1 GPE
    - removed keystore.msm8960.so
    - updated external_sd permissions


    Install instructions:
    - Boot to Recovery.
    - Wipe Data if you are not coming from a 5.0 Google Play edition ROM.
    - Flash the zip.
    - Flash the patch.
    - Reboot.


    What's not working:


    Download 5.1:
    ROM - Mega

    Pre-Rooted PC1: ROM - Mega
    (for this one only - Reboot recovery, Select mount system, Flash.)

    Patch - Google Drive
    Patch - Mega

    Download 5.0:
    ROM - Mega

    Patch - Google Drive
    Patch - Mega

    This patch fixes a force close in the Settings app when launching the Security area, a crash when uninstalling apps, and enables the gallery app to delete files from the external SD card. If you do not have these issues the patch may not be required but I recommend it is installed.


    It doesn't boot!
    It will - give it time.

    Where is the Google Now Launcher?
    Not included - this ROM is as Google and Samsung released - Google Now Launcher is available on the Play Store.

    Does anyone get random reboots with this ROM?
    Some of you will, some of you won't. It's luck of the draw. If you do get random reboots this is an internal compatibility issue between your handset and the stock kernel. Flash a different kernel.
    Here you go (june security patch flashable rom):

    I always flash the patch of the first post to fix sd permissions and security FC:


    And also i have to flash the kernel of Danvdh's thread to avoid random reboots:

    https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=24052804347816655 credit: @Tkkg1994
    Like this post if you agree with me!

    With what @LastStandingDroid has just done for us here on XDA community, he deserves to be rewarded with the title :"Recognized Contributor" !
    The s4 has got a real + today!
    Quite weird cause when i extracted the ota update zip that a user posted online last night it had the folder... maybe the odin image is messed up :eek:

    Removed the ZIP - there's evidently something wrong. I'll take a look, rebuild and reupload. Sorry to build peoples hopes up!
    I know how to resolve the issues with the ZIP. A new build will be up tonight. Thanks for your patience!
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