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Why would someone NOT use the 4G? because they are using wifi????

so where can I find a new ROM that has it all???? I like viperROMs.

Any sense 3.6 rom will have everything (working 4G and 3D).

If you dont mind an older ROM that is based off the Virgin Mobile leaked build then this is a great rom but we now have ROMs that are built off the official Sprint build.

I have tried a lot of them and my personal favorite is ZR3D if your looking for something based off the sprint build.
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Dec 13, 2010
Knoxville USA
Why would someone NOT use the 4G? because they are using wifi????

so where can I find a new ROM that has it all???? I like viperROMs.

Cause sprint sucks and dont have 4g nation wide.

Think before you post. Just cause you do doesn't mean everyone does. Thus there has to be no justification for a Rom lacking those features. Simply find something else that better suits your needs.

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Jul 31, 2011
Glendale, CA
This ROM was far too stable, so i moved to d3rp. It's still under construction. Ics sense 3.6

ViperROM was the most stable gb rom all the time always. It was amazing, but i wanted to move to ics

Long live viper!

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Dec 13, 2010
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Dude relax, what are you on your period????

Relax? Hehe. What part of my tone was elevated to you? Please explain. If anything you need to relax with your extended use of question marks, general assumptions about everyone's usage, and belief that roms without X feature have no point.

I just calmly stated why your point was invalid.

Also, please don't be a sexist. That is a crude thing to say. I am a very nice and calm contributor so please don't speak that language. I'm sure your spouse/future spouse will come to appreciate that.

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Oct 19, 2008
Dude relax, what are you on your period????
Dude, let me make things clear for're the one that needs to relax! Without people like Tommy (Developer and a damn good one at that) there is no know that site where you go to leech off their hard work and then bash them for it!

I'm only going off what I've seen BUT you're coming off as an ungrateful idiot that wants everything to work and work right NOW.....Tommy simply put you in your place and brought you back to reality!

What he said was that NOT everyone uses 4G....which is true!

If you want something that works 100 percent, go unroot and flash a stock RUU and leave XDA!

I haven't been on the EVO 3D long but I know that is idiots like you that make it damn near impossible to do anything on here! If you don't like a ROM or you have an issue wit a ROM not up to your standards is really simple to solve that issue..........LEAVE that thread!!!!!

Either leave the thread or turn off your computer BUT don't go disrespecting developers like Tommy just because things aren't going your way!


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Sep 20, 2010
Hermitage, PA
Why would someone NOT use the 4G? because they are using wifi????

so where can I find a new ROM that has it all???? I like viperROMs.

I've had three '4g' phones (2 Wimax and now lte) that have NEVER been connected to '4g'. Consider yourself fortunate.

And take it easy on ol T-bone, he's a great guy


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Apr 4, 2010
Tampa Florida
Any sense 3.6 rom will have everything (working 4G and 3D).

If you dont mind an older ROM that is based off the Virgin Mobile leaked build then this is a great rom but we now have ROMs that are built off the official Sprint build.

I have tried a lot of them and my personal favorite is ZR3D if your looking for something based off the sprint build.

Has this ROM gone as far as it can? I prefer upgraded/updated newer ROMs.


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Sep 23, 2010
We stopped working on this ROM when we released viperROM ic3d...Did it go as far as it could of gone? No. Is it as far as it's going to go? Yes.

Are you guys done with developing for the CDMA Evo 3D? Cuz even the Rom you mentioned hasn't been updated for over 5 months. Nothing new for the 3D coming out of the Viper camp? Is the love gone? lol


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Sep 20, 2010
Hermitage, PA
Are you guys done with developing for the CDMA Evo 3D? Cuz even the Rom you mentioned hasn't been updated for over 5 months. Nothing new for the 3D coming out of the Viper camp? Is the love gone? lol

I tend to only develop for phones that I have and use often (for proper testing) I no longer develop for the 3d. The same can be said for viper as well. Consider it an affair
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    Hello everyone, welcome to viperROM! This is my first ROM and I hope you guys like it! I built it to be stable with great battery life without compromising speed - this ROM is really fast! I love listening to users input and I will always do what I can to incorporate everyone's ideas into my ROM. Please feel free to comment!



    I always recommend that you wipe with any new version! You don't necessarily have to, but I always do!​

    Update 2.6 - Redline v2.5 RC2
    • Leedroid Tweaks
    • viperROM Updater App
    • viperROM Wallpapers (in /sdcard/viperROM) [thanks SHIFT for the awesome new default wallpaper!!]
    • viperROM Weather Lockscreen Mod [thanks il Duce!!]
    • New reboot binary (for updater)

    • ROM info showing "v2.2" --> Now shows "v2.5 RC2"
    • Wrong ring on lockscreen --> Now shows correct viperROM Ring on app pulldown [thanks il Duce!!]

    • Removed all sounds from Camera
    • Updated all apps
    Redline v2.5 RC2 Download or Mirror - md5: 0dc48c17a3e6f283f146f77e94b9240e

    Update 1.25 - Redline v2.5 RC1
    #System Info
    • Updated to latest base (2.17.651.5) with stock kernel
    • All apps mx0 compression (RAM optimized), pngopt, and zipaligned
    • MANY tweaks to memory, system, kernel, and build.prop
    • virtuous_oc daemon for great battery life and performance
    • viperControl for lots of customization
    • Zipalign on boot
    • 48mb dalvik heap
    • Noop as default governor
    • /data apps: AOSP Car Home, Twitter, DSPManager, Facebook, Google+, Google Voice, ICS Keyboard, Terminal Emulator, Root Browser, Metamorph, Titanium Backup, WiFi Tether, Voicemail.

    • 7-in-1 reboot mod
    • Hotspot unlocked
    • Extended Quick Settings
    • 7 tab Browser
    • Panorama and HDR added to Camera
    • Google Talk with video
    • SMS backup and restore option and 5MB MMS in stock Messaging app
    • ads blocked (removeable via viperControl)
    • sysro and sysrw support
    • Remove OTA check-in
    • Dimmed Capacitive LEDs (adjust via viperControl)
    • Added HTC Flashlight

    • Custom viperROM boot animation
    • viperROM wallpaper as default
    • Battery percentages in status bar
    • Roboto Font
    • White overscroll glow
    • No GPS icon when GPS is turned off
    • 1x in status bar
    • No recent apps in status bar
    Redline v2.5 RC1 Download or Mirror - md5: d03b2d9f06ec9edc3fa8e12a13babc01
    Remove Sense .zip Download

    Problems when flashing? Try wiping everything, rebooting recovery, and flashing the .zip again. It seems to work!​

    Old Changelogs
    [B][U][COLOR="Red"][SIZE="4"]Update 12.12 - Redline v2.1.1[/SIZE][/COLOR][/U][/B]
    [*]Everything from v2 (still stock kernel)
    [*]EXT4 /system and /cache (not /data so that you might not have to wipe/ data)
    [*]Tons of tweaks to system, kernel, network, OOM settings, and build.prop.
    [*]Updated viperControl to work with Chad's kernels (v2.1.1 fixed looping when using viperMOD on Tiamat kernel)
    [*]Tweaked conservative governor (only if set for screen off) for even better battery life!
    [*]Ultra Smooth Sense
    [*]viperROM Tweaks in Settings
    [*]Fixed Market complaining about "insufficient space" (reboot is all you need to fix it)
    [*]Updated apps
    [*]Removed more CIQ from ramdisk
    [*]SystemUI changes
    [B][U][COLOR="Red"][SIZE="4"]Update 11/28 - Redline v2[/SIZE][/COLOR][/U][/B]
    [*]Everything from v1 (still stock kernel)
    [*]Fixed custom lock ring (thanks triscuit1983!)
    [*]Added ICS Keyboard
    [*]No bubble lock screen
    [*]Tweaks to entire system (init.d, sysctl, build.prop, and more!)
    [*]Added custom undervolt [B]ONLY IF YOU FLASH A CUSTOM KERNEL[/B] (bumped voltages from 128-432 to 850mv [should solve wake on call issues])
    [*]Added Google Talk w/ video, modded Camera.apk by Rever3nD, Market 3.3.11
    [*]Updated Google Voice, Titanium Backup, Metamorph, Superuser, and Titanium Backup to latest
    [*]Removed CIQ related files and libs
    [*]Modified Settings.apk with screen calibration
    [*]Fixed HTC Hub FC (added MyHTC.apk back)
    [*]Status bar mods: 1x, No GPS in bar when off, and no recent apps
    [B][U][COLOR="Red"][SIZE="4"]Update 11/13 - Redline v1[/SIZE][/COLOR][/U][/B]
    [*]Latest Base (2.08.651.3) w/ stock kernel
    [*]virtuous_oc daemon for great battery life and performance
    [*]viperControl for lots of customization
    [*]Tweaked memory settings and build.prop
    [*]7-in-1 reboot mod
    [*]CRT Animation
    [*]Hotspot unlock
    [*]Extended Quick Settings
    [*]Added 7 tab browser
    [*]Updated to latest Titanium
    [*]Updated to latest Google+
    [*]Updated to latest Market
    [*]Updated to latest Terminal Emulator
    [*]All apps mx0 compression (RAM optimized), pngopt, and zipaligned
    [*]/data apps: AOSP Car Home, HTC Twitter, DSPManager, Facebook, Google+, Google Voice, Terminal Emulator, Root Browser, Metamorph, Titanium Backup, WiFi Tether
    [*]Custom viperROM boot animation
    [*]Battery percentages in status bar
    [*]ads blocked (removeable via viperControl)
    [*]Nano editor
    [*]sysro and sysrw support
    [*]5MB MMS
    [*]Roboto Font
    [*]Zipalign on boot
    [*]48mb dalvik heap
    [*]Remove OTA check-in
    [*]Dimmed Capacitive LEDs (adjust via viperControl)
    [*]Set noop as default governor
    [*]No bubbles lockscreen with custom text (adjust via viperControl)
    [*]White overscroll glow
    [*]Added HTC Flashlight
    [*]Facebook, GMail, Maps, Superuser, and Metamorph updates
    [*]Latest SU binary
    [B][U][COLOR="Red"][SIZE="4"]Update 10/15 - RC2 Test4[/SIZE][/COLOR][/U][/B]
    [*]Updated to Tiamat Sense 1.1.0
    [*]Changed default governor to noop
    [*]Backlights dimmed to 10 (2 min, 20 max)
    [*]All apps optimized and pngopt (less RAM usage)
    [*]Updated viperControl to v1.99 - viperMOD is now included in vC, fixed bug in viperMOD to change perms on restore from /sdcard, fixed perms on LED init.d file, fixed error in bloat script causing removed apps to not restore, and groundwork laid for "Tweaks Editor", other bug fixes
    [*]Metamorph included in ROM for easy theme changes with overscroll glows in /sdcard/viperROM/metamorph
    [*]Fixed intermittent Browser FC when searching via capacitive search button
    [*]New viperROM lock ring
    [*]More mods to HTCMusic.apk
    [*]Sprint HotSpot unlocked
    [*]SIP/VOIP over 3G/4G
    [*]Camera mods - Panorama, HDR, shutter sound disabled, Scenes, and Long press to capture
    [*]Added sysrw and sysro to /system/bin for easy remounting in the shell
    [B][U][COLOR="Red"][SIZE="4"]Update 10/3 - RC2 Test3[/SIZE][/COLOR][/U][/B]
    [*]Updated viperControl to v1.4 - init.d for capacitive buttons, some code enhancements
    [*]Updated viperMOD for EVO 3D to v2 - backup and restore settings, and some code cleanup
    [*]build.prop updates to change some info in Settings > About Phone > Hardware Information
    [*]Idlescreen_base bubble/text mod
    [*]5MB MMS (for real this time)
    [*]CRT Animation on/off
    [*]White overscroll
    [*]7 Tabs in Browser
    [B][U][COLOR="Red"][SIZE="4"]Update 10/2 - RC2 Test2[/SIZE][/COLOR][/U][/B]
    [*]Many updates to viperControl, (now on vC v1.3) including init.d file creation for schedulers on both cores, change capacitive LED levels, and a new build.prop editor! I will extend this to editing the viperROM init.d file before final as well.
    [*]Removed some bloat (20+ apps located in /sdcard/viperROM/removed_apps)
    [*]Bumped MAX Sleep to 432mhz to fix wakeup lag for some people
    [*]BFQ default scheduler for both cores
    [*]75mv undervolt (bumped from 100mv for stability)
    [*]New .zip to flash the 100mv UV that was default in test1
    [*]4-in-1 reboot
    [*]Better Segoe font (feedback please!)
    [*]Unlimited Tabs in Browser
    [*]5MB MMS
    [*]Red overscroll (still need to change the ugly green color when you press something)
    [B][U][COLOR="Red"][SIZE="4"]Update 9/29 - RC2 Test1[/SIZE][/COLOR][/U][/B]
    [*]Based off of latest 2.3.4 update!
    [*]Brand new "Tiamat Sense" kernel, Tiamat 1.0.3 built for Sense (MAJOR thanks to Cayniarb!!) Source [URL=""]here[/URL]!
    [*]Custom undervolt file (-100mv 192mhz-1188mhz, stock Tiamat 1.0.3 1242mhz -1674mhz, and 1350mv 1728mhz-1836mhz for stability)
    [*][B]Custom viperMOD script exclusively for viperROM![/B] - (just type su and then vipermod in Terminal Emulator)
    [*]More aggressively tuned virtuous_oc for better battery life (192/384)
    [*]viperControl v1.2 - mostly backend enhancements, but adds scheduler selection (more to come)
    [*]Aggressively tuned memory settings
    [*]Tuned EXT4 file system
    [*]Faster sdcard read/write 
    [*]Goodbye CarrierIQ and other spyware!
    [*]40+ tweaks in 21viperrom init.d file!
    [*]Tweaks to build.prop
    [*]GPS tweaks for faster GPS lock
    [*]Implementation of sysctl for more tweaks
    [*]New boot and down animations!
    [*]Animated battery mod in statusbar with percentages
    [*]SystemUI modded to hide GPS icon when off and show 1X/3G
    [*]Modded HTCMusic.apk for Dolby audio and Amazon MP3
    [*]Modded HTCCamera.apk with Panaoramic, HDR, ISO1250, Scenes, Increase Camera and Video Quality
    [*]Native screenshot (hold Power and press Home button)
    [*]/system apps: Latest GMail, Latest Superuser and su binary, Latest Youtube, Latest Market, HTC Flashlight, and Latest Maps.
    [*]/data apps: AOSP CarHome, Astro, Titanium Backup, WiFi Tether, Facebook, Twitter, DSPManager, Google+, Google Videos, Google Voice, Terminal Emulator, and Rotating Netflix.
    [*]Reset zip for virtuous_oc is now included when you flash the ROM (in case you set to performance and then crank the OC too high)
    [*]Custom tuned 75mv undervolt zip is now included when you flash the ROM (removes the 100mv undervolt in case the 100mv causes you instability/bootloops, but it shouldn't)
    [*]Chainfire3D drivers and plug-ins (plug-ins located on /sdcard - still need to install app from the Market - Info [URL=""]HERE[/URL])
    [B][U][COLOR="Red"][SIZE="4"]Update 8/6 - RC1.3[/SIZE][/COLOR][/U][/B]
    [*]FINALLY fixed 5MB MMS (sorry about that!)
    [*]More Quick Settings
    [*]Segoe font
    [*]Added viperControl script - [B]Please read 2nd post![/B]
    [*]Panoramic camera
    [*]EPST from EVO 4G
    [*]Wifi scan interval set to 90 seconds
    [*]CRT on/off animation
    [*]Green overscroll glow
    [*]GPU Acceleration
    [*]64MB dalvik heap
    [*]Unlimited tabs in browser
    [*]Added rotating Netflix
    [*]Updated init.d script (no longer need the .zip in 3rd post)
    [*]Custom tweaked build.prop
    [*]Chainfire3D drivers and plug-ins (plug-ins located on /sdcard - still need to install app from the Market [didn't ask for permission to include in RC1.3 in time] info [URL=""]HERE[/URL])
    [B][U][COLOR="Red"][SIZE="4"]Update 8/4 - RC1.2.1[/SIZE][/COLOR][/U][/B]
    [*]Removed Equalizer and added in DSP Manager in it's place
    [*]I forgot to edit the build.prop (once again...) and it will still show RC1.2. Don't worry about it.
    [B][U][COLOR="Red"][SIZE="4"]Update 8/1 - RC1.2[/SIZE][/COLOR][/U][/B]
    [*]5mb MMS limit
    [*]Ads blocked
    [*]Unlocked hotspot
    [*]4-in-1 reboot
    [*]init script for zipalign and overclock (daemon won't run if SetCPU and similar apps are installed)
    [*]Updated CPU script to support custom kernel frequencies
    [*]Custom bootanimation and turn off animation - Thanks to mental26!
    [*]Memory tweaks
    [*]Over 20mb of bloat removed (put apps in /sdcard/viperROM_removed)
    [*]----- Removed: Adobe Reader, Amazon MP3, Blockbuster, HTC Reader, Green Hornet, FM Radio, JETCET Print, Sprint Radio, Sprint TV, Sprint Nav, 3D Games, Polaris Office, Protips, Qik, Sound Recorder, Spiderman, Sprint Mobile Wallet, HTC Transfer
    [*]Latest HTC App updates
    [*]Add latest Facebook app
    [*]Add latest Twitter app
    [*]Add latest drocap2 app
    [*]Add latest Flashlight App
    [*]Add latest Equalizer App
    [*]Add latest gTalk with video App
    [*]Add latest Maps
    [*]Add latest GMail
    [*][B]If you downloaded viperROM RC1.2 before 1:30PM EST 8/1, the build.prop is wrong and still shows RC1.1. If you want to change it, just change it through Root Explorer or extract [URL=""]this file[/URL], delete the old /system/build.prop, copy in the new one, and reboot. If you downloaded it after 1:30PM EST 8/1, it is changed in the ROM.[/B]
    [B][U][COLOR="Red"][SIZE="4"]Update 7/30 - RC1.1[/SIZE][/COLOR][/U][/B]
    [*]Added Wireless Tether - [B]Please read 2nd post![/B]
    [*]Added Titanium Backup
    [*]Added Terminal Emulator
    [*]Added Market 3.0.27
    [*]Included OC Daemon from Team Unity ROM - [B]Please read 2nd post![/B]
    [*]Wrote a custom script for OC Daemon - [B]Please read 2nd post![/B]
    [*]Optimized weather animations to save space
    [*]updater-script enhancements
    [B][U][COLOR="Red"][SIZE="4"]Update 7/29 - RC1[/SIZE][/COLOR][/U][/B]
    [*]Initial release
    [*]Rooted with Busybox
    [*]init.d support

    Old Downloads
    Download Redline v2.1.1: Download
    Download Redline v2: Download
    Download Redline v1: Download
    Download RC2 Test4: Download
    Download RC2 Test3: Download
    Download RC2 Test2: Download
    Download RC2 Test1: Download
    Download RC1.3: Download
    Download RC1.2.1: Download

    It has been asked to make it easier to donate for people using Tapatalk, so here are the links...

    Donate to -viperboy-

    Donate to Vinchenzop

    Big thanks to the following people:
    - Vinchenzop for being my dev buddy and helping me with the ROM!
    - Cayniarb for his awesome Tiamat kernel, hosting, and website!
    - JoelZ9614 for his help and guidance!
    - bigrushdog and solarnz for their continued help!
    - rmk40 for the OC daemon
    - knowledge561 for the viperROM splash screen
    - Others I will add later because I'm too tired to think!

    Q: What makes this ROM different than all the other ROMs?
    A: First and foremost, you will get the best support from the viperROM Team (-viperboy- and Vinchenzop). We personally reply to almost every post and we're always in the thread trying to help out. If you have to wait more than an hour or so for your question to be answered, that is unusual! What else is different??

    • The inclusion of the OC Daemon for unprecedented battery life and performance
    • The custom viperControl script that handles the OC daemon, bloat, and removed app management (more to come too!)
    • A highly tuned system for incredible smoothness

    Q: Do I really need to wipe coming from another version of viperROM?
    A: I always recommend that and that is how I test my ROMs. You may be not have any issues if you don't wipe, but you might.

    Q: Where are all the cool add-ons?
    A: Check post 4 for more information on how to set up and use the viperROM Updater.

    Q: What is battery calibration and should I do it?
    A: Yes!! If you aren't getting wonderful battery life or you think you can do better, do it! Here is the method I have used even back to my EVO 4G and it has always done well by me: Wipe battery stats (from recovery, or Battery Monitor Widget can do it [Menu > Statistics] and it doesn't matter what percentage you're at when you do so. Let the phone die and then fully charge. Take it off the charger and don't plug it in until it dies again, then fully charge. Your next charge cycle will be much better!

    What some people don't understand is that you're not calibrating the battery as you are calibrating the phone. When you wipe and do this procedure, the phone reads where the max and min voltages are so it can report battery stats accurately.

    Q: What is the deal with tethering?
    A: I would recommend using Sprint Hotspot, it has been unlocked on viperROM so it can be used for free! Wifi Tether is still included but it doesn't seem to work very well for most people. This is an issue with the app, not the ROM. If you do want to try and use it, make sure to enable the Routing Fix in the Settings menu of the app. It has also been said that setting the device configuration to "HTC EVO 4G" helps as well.

    Q: What kernel should I use with this ROM?
    A: Until HTC releases the source code for the kernel, the stock kernel (comes with rom) is the only one that will not break anything.

    Q: Does 3D, 4G, everything work with this ROM?
    A: Yes, as long as you don't flash a custom kernel, everything works as it should.

    Q: I'm getting less than great battery life, what is the deal?
    A: Battery life is affected by many things, such as screen-on time, signal strength, etc. Be sure that you do not have any rogue apps by checking for wakelocks with BetterBatteryStats found Here

    Q: Do any themes work with this ROM?
    A: The only mods and themes that we can be sure will be compatible with viperROM are the ones that are found within the viperROM Updater app. If there is a theme that you would like to try, make a nandroid and try it. If it doesn't work, restore your nandroid.

    Q: Where can updates be found for the ROM?
    A: Updates can be found in the thread, or directly through the viperROM Updater app, refer to the 4th post for more information.

    Q: I have the dreaded 1.5 HBOOT, how do I flash this ROM?
    A. Please refer to This Thread for more detailed information.

    Q. I'm new here, what is root?
    A. Many answers can be found in more detail in This Thread

    Q: My CRT animations don't work...what am I doing wrong?
    A: As of the new base from HTC, the line that needs to be added to the build.prop to activate CRT animations causes the phone to not boot. So until an alternative method is found, the CRT animations are not included in any ROM based on the latest OTA update from HTC.

    Q: I would like to suggest something be fixed/updated/added to the ROM. How do I do that?
    A: Please submit it to the viperROM Google Code page so we can track it. Please make sure to mention it in the thread as well so we are aware of it!

    Q: What are all of the governors, schedulers, and other kernel tweaks I keep reading about?
    A: Refer to this thread for any information regarding kernel tweaks.

    ---------------------- Special Features of viperROM ----------------------

    viperControl Script


    This script is the main script used to control many features within viperROM. Currently with this script, you can:

    • Adjust the OC Daemon
    • Change schedulers
    • Adjust voltage (if on a custom kernel)
    • Manage removed apps
    • Freeze any app on the phone
    • Modify lock screen text
    • Run "fix permissions" (for FC issues)
    • Adjust the capacitive button brightness
    • Edit some features in build.prop
    • Manage the hosts file

    To access viperControl:

    • Open up Terminal Emulator
    • Type "su" (without the quotes and grant it Superuser access if you haven't already)
    • Type "vc" (without the quotes)

    OC Daemon

    The OC daemon was created by rmk40 of Team Unity. I take no credit for the daemon, only the script I made to make it easier to work with. More information can be found here, but I will sum it up and explain the script below...

    This daemon, written in C, completely eliminates the need for SetCPU and other CPU controlling apps. The daemon handles min/max frequencies for both screen on and screen off but it has one more trick up its sleeve... It can change the governor INSTANTLY depending on the screen state. I have tested it and I can tell you that it really does work instantly and I think this is going to be a great battery saver! I have set default values within the ROM as follows: Screen Off - conservative @ 192min/432max and Screen On - ondemand @ 192min/1188max. Using these settings, I get NO lag. Battery life is amazing, over 19+ hours for me with moderate usage!

    If you decide that you want to change the settings of the daemon, here is how you do so...

    • Open up Terminal Emulator
    • Type "su" (without the quotes and grant it Superuser access if you haven't already)
    • Type "vc" (without the quotes)
    • Enter "1" (without the quotes) and you will see all of your options

    All the settings can be edited from there. If you want to verify that this is working, you can run these commands from adb shell:

    Current CPU frequency
    cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_cur_freq

    Current CPU governor
    cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor

    Current min CPU Freq (you will see this change when the screen state changes)
    cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_min_freq

    Current max CPU Freq (you will see this change when the screen state changes)
    cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_max_freq

    The script is pretty good for now and I will eventually incorporate it into a large script exclusive to my ROM. However, here are a few things that you need to know about the script...

    • You MUST flash a custom kernel to overclock! The ROM includeds the stock kernel that is not capable of overclocking. Well why do you call it the "OC Daemon" then?? Because I didn't make it and that's what they called it AND the daemon is capable of controlling OC. Makes sense to me. If you want to overclock (after flashing a custom kernel, of course), run the script and change the MAX awake to whatever OC you would like.
    • The phone will boot up and detect if you're using SetCPU or other CPU apps. If you are, the daemon will be DISABLED automatically. If you aren't, the daemon will be enabled.
    Splash Screens​
    (click image to download!)

    ]To flash these, you must put it on the root of your sdcard and flash through the BOOTLOADER, not recovery! Does NOT work on 1.5 HBOOT!!

    User Bar by knowledge561​
    (please save it, don't just link!)


    LeeDroid Tweaks For Latest OTA

    LeeDroid Tweaks were created by j4n87, and he deserves your thanks for all of his hard work. His thread (for leedroid tweaks CDMA version) can be found HERE. Stop in for update info, or just to give thanks for this awesome mod.

    viperROM SuperWipe Utility

    metamorph zip to give stock backdrop in pulldown

    metamorph zip to give semi-transparent backdrop in pulldown

    Using the viperROM Updater App

    With the latest release of the ROM, we've included (thanks to tommytomatoe) an app to help keep the rom updated, and give a quick place for our users to find compatible mods and/or themes that we've made. This is the viperROM Updater App. Tommy was kind enough to include instructions, but I'll also add screenshots to help aid, on how to set it up, so you're receiving the latest options for your customization purposes.

    First, open the app. This will take you to ROM update/changelog page. Here you can check to see if there is any updates for the ROM, as well as what the most recent changelog is.


    Next is the MODS tab. The first time here, it will give you instructions on how to update and manage the update servers. If you followed the instructions correctly, your servers page should show this


    Press back (softkeys) and go back to the MODS tab, and press menu, then 'check now'. Your phone should tell you that new updates were found. Press on the dropdown arrow, and you should see all the options available for download.


    Updater App FAQs

    Q: Where does the updater app download mods to?
    A: The app automatically downloads mods/themes/updates to the /sdcard/downloads folder.

    Q: After a mod downloads, I get the option to apply it, but it just causes my phone to freeze?
    A: The updater app is currently set up to work (full automation) with TWRP 2.0 recovery. If you have ClockworkMod recovery, you can still use the app to download mods, but you'll have to manually reboot into recovery and flash the mod.
    I will work very hard to crank out an update in the next few days :)