[ROM][Updated 5.18.12]viperROM IC3D Beta 3.1 | OC Daemon, viperControl, and more!

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Jun 24, 2007

Hey everyone, we here at viperROM are bringing you another great release for the EVO 3D. Ice Cream Sandwich is finally here and over the next few weeks, we will continue to improve your experience and make this ROM the best out there. This ROM is based on the Virgin Mobile EVO 3D RUU and has plenty of our backend customizations that will give you the smoothest and most stable experience on your phone. Please take a look at what we have changed:


======================== viperROM IC3D Beta 3.1 ============================
#Updated from Beta 3
* Updated viperControl (root check, code cleanup) - forgot to put this in Beta 3!

* Roaming Options
* Focus in Camera


Beta 3 - Main Site, Mirror 1, Mirror 2
md5sum: 199EC30DA646DC028F656DBAAC69BAFA

Beta 3.1 - Available only through GooManager if you're already on Beta 3!

Old Changelogs
======================== viperROM IC3D Beta 3 ============================
#Updated from Beta 2
* Updated apps
* Updated viperControl (root check, code cleanup)
* Fixed Voice Search
#Backend Enhancements
* Fixed reboot issue upon first flash
* Increased sampling_rate for ondemand governor
* Increased up_threshold for ondemand governor
* Removed Tell HTC from setup
* viperROM wallpaper set as default

* Added Leedroid Tweaks
* Added viperROM wallpapers to "HTC Wallpapers"
* Added Flashlight, aLogcat, Dropbox, and GooManager
* Added stock battery with percentages

* Removed Virgin Mobile VVM (replaced with Sprint version)

======================== viperROM IC3D Beta 2 ============================
#Updated from Beta 1
* Updated apps
* Updated hosts file (no ads)
* Updated viperControl (better voltage detection, disable features not yet implemented in ICS builds)
#Backend Enhancements
* Set deadline as default scheduler
* Battery saving settings when conservative is set for screen off (default)
* Tweaked ondemand governor for battery life
* Tweaked settings within ramdisk

* Added ICS keyboard
* Added support for GooManager
* Added init.d support
* Added 5MB MMS
* Added white overscroll
* Added battery percentages

* Removed SuperSU, revert to old Superuser
* Removed some unneeded files
* Removed boot sound
* Removed unneeded files in viperROM folder

======================== viperROM IC3D Beta 1 ============================
#Added from RC2
* /data folder
* vc
* viperROM boot and down animation
* init.d folder
* virtuous_oc folder
* sysctl.conf
* /system/xbin folder
* build.prop tweaks
* ext4 optimizations

#Changed from Joel's build
* Move su from /system/xbin to /system/bin
* Add sh to /system/bin
* updater-script changes

Old Downloads
Download Beta 2 - Mirror1, Mirror2 - md5sum: CDBB5605AB8E399F9C442D2880D4E1FD
Download Beta 1 - http://bit.ly/KcH8VG

It has been asked to make it easier to donate for people using Tapatalk, so here are the links...

Donate to -viperboy-

Donate to Vinchenzop

Big thanks to the following people:
  • Vinchenzop for being a key part of viperROM
  • Joelz for our ICS base and Tweaks
  • j4n84 for initial Leedroid Tweak port
  • il Duce for some theming help
  • Virtuous Team and rmk40 for the initial leak and oc_daemon
  • bigrushdog and solarnz for their continued help and guidance!
  • knowledge561 for the viperROM splash screen
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Jun 24, 2007
FAQ (Updated 5.9.12)

Q: What makes this ROM different than all the other ROMs?
A: First and foremost, you will get the best support from the viperROM Team (-viperboy- and Vinchenzop). We personally reply to almost every post and we're always in the thread trying to help out. If you have to wait more than an hour or so for your question to be answered, that is unusual! What else is different??

  • The inclusion of the OC Daemon for unprecedented battery life and performance
  • The custom viperControl script that handles the OC daemon, bloat, and removed app management (more to come too!)
  • A highly tuned system for incredible smoothness
Q: Do I really need to wipe coming from another version of viperROM?
A: I always recommend that and that is how I test my ROMs. You may be not have any issues if you don't wipe, but you might.
Q: Where are all the cool add-ons?
A: Check post 4 for more information on how to set up and use the viperROM Updater.
Q: What is battery calibration and should I do it?
A: Yes!! If you aren't getting wonderful battery life or you think you can do better, do it! Here is the method I have used even back to my EVO 4G and it has always done well by me: Wipe battery stats (from recovery, or Battery Monitor Widget can do it [Menu > Statistics] and it doesn't matter what percentage you're at when you do so. Let the phone die and then fully charge. Take it off the charger and don't plug it in until it dies again, then fully charge. Your next charge cycle will be much better!

What some people don't understand is that you're not calibrating the battery as you are calibrating the phone. When you wipe and do this procedure, the phone reads where the max and min voltages are so it can report battery stats accurately.
Q: What is the deal with tethering?
A: As of right now, native tethering isn't unlocked. The included WiFi Tether should work just fine. You may need to play with the settings, possibly enabling "Routing Fix" and "Enable MSS Clamping"
Q: What kernel should I use with this ROM?
A: Chad.goodman has some cool kernels, but since there is no source as of this writing, I would recommend the stock kernel.
Q: Does 3D, 4G, everything work with this ROM?
A: Yes, everything works now. There may be a few bugs here and there because of the leak this was based on, but they won't be major bugs.
Q: I'm getting less than great battery life, what is the deal?
A: Battery life is affected by many things, such as screen-on time, signal strength, etc. Be sure that you do not have any rogue apps by checking for wakelocks with BetterBatteryStats found Here
Q: Do any themes work with this ROM?
A: The only mods and themes that we can be sure will be compatible with viperROM are the ones that are found within the viperROM Updater app. If there is a theme that you would like to try, make a nandroid and try it. If it doesn't work, restore your nandroid.
Q: Where can updates be found for the ROM?
A: Updates can be found in the thread, or directly through the viperROM Updater app, refer to the 4th post for more information. As of right now, the Updater will not work on ICS. We will likely be switching to GooManager for updates because it has more features.

Q: I have the dreaded 1.5 HBOOT, how do I flash this ROM?
A. Please refer to This Thread for more detailed information. You can also downgrade your bootloader now to 1.4! Please see here and here for more information.
Q. I'm new here, what is root?
A. Many answers can be found in more detail in This Thread
Q: My CRT animations don't work...what am I doing wrong?
A: This has not yet been implemented into the ICS builds yet.
Q: I would like to suggest something be fixed/updated/added to the ROM. How do I do that?
A: Please submit it to the viperROM Google Code page so we can track it. Please make sure to mention it in the thread as well so we are aware of it!
Q: What are all of the governors, schedulers, and other kernel tweaks I keep reading about?
A: Refer to this thread for any information regarding kernel tweaks.

---------------------- Special Features of viperROM ----------------------

viperControl Script

This script is the main script used to control many features within viperROM. Currently with this script, you can:

  • Adjust the OC Daemon
  • Change schedulers
  • Adjust voltage (if on a custom kernel)
  • Manage removed apps
  • Freeze any app on the phone - NOTE: Not available on ICS yet!
  • Modify lock screen text - NOTE: Not available on ICS yet!
  • Run "fix permissions" (for FC issues)
  • Adjust the capacitive button brightness
  • Edit some features in build.prop
  • Manage the hosts file
To access viperControl:

  • Open up Terminal Emulator
  • Type "su" (without the quotes and grant it Superuser access if you haven't already)
  • Type "vc" (without the quotes)

OC Daemon

The OC daemon was created by rmk40 of Team Unity. I take no credit for the daemon, only the script I made to make it easier to work with. More information can be found here, but I will sum it up and explain the script below...

This daemon, written in C, completely eliminates the need for SetCPU and other CPU controlling apps. The daemon handles min/max frequencies for both screen on and screen off but it has one more trick up its sleeve... It can change the governor INSTANTLY depending on the screen state. I have tested it and I can tell you that it really does work instantly and I think this is going to be a great battery saver! I have set default values within the ROM as follows: Screen Off - conservative @ 192min/432max and Screen On - ondemand @ 192min/1188max. Using these settings, I get NO lag. Battery life is amazing, over 19+ hours for me with moderate usage!

If you decide that you want to change the settings of the daemon, here is how you do so...

  • Open up Terminal Emulator
  • Type "su" (without the quotes and grant it Superuser access if you haven't already)
  • Type "vc" (without the quotes)
  • Enter "1" (without the quotes) and you will see all of your options
All the settings can be edited from there. If you want to verify that this is working, you can run these commands from adb shell:

Current CPU frequency
cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_cur_freq
Current CPU governor
cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor
Current min CPU Freq (you will see this change when the screen state changes)
cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_min_freq
Current max CPU Freq (you will see this change when the screen state changes)
cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_max_freq

The script is pretty good for now and I will eventually incorporate it into a large script exclusive to my ROM. However, here are a few things that you need to know about the script...

  • You MUST flash a custom kernel to overclock! The ROM includeds the stock kernel that is not capable of overclocking. Well why do you call it the "OC Daemon" then?? Because I didn't make it and that's what they called it AND the daemon is capable of controlling OC. Makes sense to me. If you want to overclock (after flashing a custom kernel, of course), run the script and change the MAX awake to whatever OC you would like.
  • The phone will boot up and detect if you're using SetCPU or other CPU apps. If you are, the daemon will be DISABLED automatically. If you aren't, the daemon will be enabled.
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Jun 24, 2007
Splash Screens​
(click image to download!)

To flash these, you must put it on the root of your sdcard and flash through the BOOTLOADER, not recovery! Does NOT work on 1.5 HBOOT!!

User Bar by knowledge561​
(please save it, don't just link!)

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Sep 20, 2010
Hermitage, PA
User Review Video


Roaming fix:
Ok...for anyone that flashed the roaming fix (From Duble08...theres something you didn't notice..it borked your 3d capabilities. The good news is, I found and fixed this issue, and also removed the GSM roam crap from the mobie network settings while I was at it. So heres the new fix, modded from Duble08's 'fix'. If theres any confusion about the new roaming settings menu, you want to be set on Automatic, not 'sprint only'. Sprint only WILL NOT ROAM, automatic will allow it to roam as it was intended

Roaming menu fix + 3d Fix
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Jun 24, 2007
Ok everyone, let it rip! Need to hear everything, good and bad. We are going to give you guys another great ROM, even though this is a leak. We will update when we have new leaks and such. Please ask questions if you have them, we are happy to help :)


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Feb 8, 2008
I have the problem with Joel's Rom that it gives me error whenever I try to update or install from Market. I hope this problem does not exist in your Rom.
Downloading now...

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Jul 29, 2010
San Jose
install great, so far had one freeze while installing from market. (Had to pull battery)

SU did not work, flashing it manually , so far it seems working? only had it for 30 minutes though


AND OMG WTF after battery pull to boot up in a few seconds?? um? O_O

updated SU via goo.im got Superuser rolling, everything installing now. super smooth everything, nothing to complain yet except that.

rooted from revolutionary way back days ago, used that firmware update. not a hiccup.

ill fix typing tomorrow it's late...
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