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[ROM][US998][Stock][OREO] LG-US998 20B ROM

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Oct 24, 2007
@westwood24 Any chance you could make a TWRP flashable for us99820d: //forum.xda-developers.com/lg-v30/development/us998-lg-v30-us998-us99820a040330-kdz-t3786337
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    LG-US998 20B ROM​
    Hello everyone

    This Rom is 100% Stock. TWRP 3.2.1-0 must first be installed as with Nougat Roms. Then you can install this Rom and have Oreo with working TWRP.

    This zip is created from the original KDZ. I changed the Boot.img, so you do not have to reinstall TWRP. . . ;)

    I had made this for users who can not get ota's because they have Custom Recovery / Root installed

    Sorry for my bad english i'm out of practice :p

    *Stock build made from official KDZ
    *Stock Build.prop
    *Boot.img modified to keep TWRP
    *Remove dm-verity
    *Remove forceencrypt​
    What you need​
    *Unlocked Bootloader [How to do]
    *Working TWRP installed [Link to unofficial TWRP]
    *When you need Root, Latest Magisk [Download]
    *US99820B(TWRP).zip [Download]
    *GDrive Mirror US99820B(TWRP)[Download]

    How to install​
    When you are on Nougat: Reboot to recovery using button combo or reboot app (need root)
    flash this TWRP.img Download reboot and Backup Dalvik,ART, Cache, System & Data (include not your internal memory) and Boot
    in to your external sd or copy the backup from internal sd to your PC!
    From Oreo: Install TWRP with this guide but with this img
    For clean install: Wipe Dalvik/ART, Cache, System and Data (Recommend)
    You can also keep your data by dirty flashing the zip. *Not tested!!!*
    Flash US99820B(TWRP).zip
    then Magisk zip when you need root
    Reboot System

    At the first time you boot to system, it can be TWRP says No OS installed. You can ignore it.
    If TWRP asks if you want to install SU, hit no

    Here you can find my other [Downloads.] There are IMG´s, KDZ´z and more!

    Rom Version
    Android Version: 8.0
    Android security patch level: 2018-05-01
    Build date: 2018-05-24

    MD5 SUMS:
    [SIZE="4"][B][COLOR="Black"]boot.img           781169f472d60ff22a10750ea06afa59
    modem.img          42b0dd5c6a7e65a4af826724528c7321
    persist.img        ee18a94930fa174bb556bb718ed1162c
    rct.img            15bc82584049ec3a7c62d921c2897267
    system.img         5f8cc314ef390dc61190957d6c0bdc57
    abl.img          ee23b1c9df76471cd9fe1641a9568f4c
    apdp.img           359a4f44d680ec4a9da04083556f8954
    cmnlib.img         ea4d18df4d81c32a80f572a183dc5d85
    cmnlib64.img       faba6fed20262e52ad630bd8a11fdb03
    devcfg.img         be366e96e4c1304b8cb547f33adb69fe
    factory.img        15bc82584049ec3a7c62d921c2897267
    hyp.img            53e962adfda332ebbf388e9bf5b6a2b5
    keymaster.img      c9b2d6680eacc002308048354001c1ab
    laf.img            020a92f6a32036cc5f3c59a8024e6e42
    logfs.img           c040a889d66a4f120f502f89b551f42b
    msadp.img          26e5f244ea12b25a0f75d5030af367ed
    pmic.img           939c8a52733d35959f40221557771047
    raw_resources.img  e01193bb2b8767df956486b2f9a4658e
    rpm.img            2061b4c0c82d78b6b868234ad7fef4cd
    sec.img            51963cce13001dc4d34baef78b1f9c3a
    storsec.img    29aea1e09908a17a88f39b665c90ca64
    tz.img             b5bfd0f18932aa1933312d858f77038d
    xbl.img            50f8c60f3073bbb19e5cef78a4851388[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE]

    @Me :laugh:

    Don´t forget to hit the thanks-button if you like my work! :good:
    You want to help me with a [donation?] Feel free to make it.​
    @ChazzMatt Absolutely correct sir, I was a "little full" of adult beverages at that early time of the morning and should have NOT been playing with the device at all. :cyclops:

    ---------- Post added at 05:48 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:40 PM ----------

    I believe I unchecked boot and recovery in the partition DL choices.

    ---------- Post added at 05:48 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:48 PM ----------

    I believe I unchecked boot and recovery in the partition DL choices.

    Trying now, will let you know how I make out.

    Yup! Currently have VZ FW running with twrp, and root!!!! I will start debloating with Titanium. Sorry to get offtopic OP! Visual VM is BACK!!
    Confirmed working.
    Magisk version? With 16.6 beta there are many problems on my h930

    I'm using v16.0. It flashed fine through TWRP after I rebooted the system. :good:
    I was upgrading from US99820a to 20b. I haven't had any other issues to report.