[ROM][US998] WETA 1.5 [10c][1st.Mar]

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Apr 21, 2010
i took the oreo update (stock) and flashed the oreo compatible twrp.

I'm not an oreo fan (notification system sucks) so i would like to go backwards and flash this 10c nougat rom... any specific or special steps for me to take? thanks
Were you able to downgrade back to nougat? Im trying do downgrade to get to weta nougat rom?
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Nov 30, 2010
Atlanta, Georgia
This is the end guys, there's hardly enough room in my schedule for one device. (not the v30, the phone let me down, not the community).

Mods can you please close this thread.

Sorry to hear that. A lot of people liked this ROM, and it was the only one built on US998...

Sent via open market LG US998 V30/V30+

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    You flash this rom at your own risk,
    i take no responsibility for any mishaps.​

    Subscribe to update notifications and general chat by clicking the button below. If you have a request, do it there with the tag #wetarequest.

    WETA Update notification only channel (coming soon) - Update notifications

    This here is my personal setup and thought i'd share. Usually i test extensively before releasing to public, but if you do find something detrimental to the usage of your device that is either Force Closing or simply not working, let me know and i will in turn inform whether that is something i will tend to.

    WETA is made for Music geeks like me, its main focus is stability and Audio. It is Based off latest firmware currently, and will always be using the most up to date firmware base. Rom is debloated mildly to slim down zip size. Apps debloated can be installed via play store. Rom is a deodexed hybrid, meaning apps are deodexed and zipaligned, though all framework files are left odexed for stability and speed.

    This ROM is built from stock system images, decompiled and modded by me - Thanks to @ChazzMatt for the 10c kdz

    Audio mods...

    ViPER4Android with Super quality audio driver or the new with driver pre-installed (credit to @viper520 + @zhuhang)
    - for more info on V4A, visit the WEBSITE or XDA thread
    V4A Convolvers and Profiles (coming)
    Sony Xperia Z5 Premium audio system
    Beats libraries and effects
    Dolby Atmos
    Dolby Digital plus
    High Impedance Mod - Thanks goes to @Whiskeyomega - Mod Thread Here --> High Impedance Mod Thread
    Dual Speaker Mod - Thanks goes to @Dante63 - Mod Thread Here --> Dual Speaker Mod Thread


    Initial build
    Based off 10c
    Audio mods only
    -Dolby Atmos
    -Dolby Digital Plus
    -WETA Audio Drivers

    Added 3Minit Battery Status Bar
    Added 3Minit Battery Home Button
    Added Centre Clock
    Added Left Clock
    Added 36dpi NavBar Height
    Removed LG boot animation

    Added disable high volume warning
    Added high impedance mod
    Added AOSP signal icon
    Added 3Minit Clock
    Added Network Traffic
    Fixed ADB issue with Kernel

    Activated AOSP style reboot menu
    Added recovery and bootloader options to reboot menu
    Maded changes to audio_policy re adding Deep Buffer

    Fixed reboot recovery when changing navbar size
    Altered High Impedance Mod to include AUX
    - please test, but be careful, start low volume
    Re added Google Assistant so voice commands work

    New WETAmod app includes all mods that are in aroma
    - this makes things simpler to change around, without twrp
    Added some build.prop lines
    Changed some build.prop lines regarding audio

    Added some build.prop lines
    Changed some build.prop lines regarding audio
    New WETA custom kernel
    Added FM Radio from H930
    Added Dual speaker mod thanks to @Dante63
    Updated High Impedance mod thanks to @Whiskeyomega
    Trimmed some ZIP fat, i will be adding removed themes and some other things to 2nd or 3rd post later

    Do not flash Gapps with this ROM!
    Because this is based off of stock LG, gapps are included.

    ROM Download Page
    WETA Rom US998 website link - DOWNLOAD PAGE

    If you like my work, please consider buying this poor guy a craft beer for his efforts

    This rom is built from a stock LG rom image and doesn't require source links.

    XDA:DevDB Information
    WETA, ROM for the LG V30

    Mentalmuso, mentalmuso
    ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat

    Version Information
    Status: Stable

    Created 2018-02-10
    Last Updated 2018-02-09
    Flashing guide

    *** Both the WETA kernels have RCTD and Triton disabled, along with DM-Verity and Forced Encryption. So unless you are flashing a separate Kernel, there is no need to flash the associated zips floating around the V30 forums. ***

    Unlock bootloader

    Flash twrp
    - Read up on installation and get the downloads here - https://forum.xda-developers.com/lg-v30/development/us998-twrp-unofficial-alpha-t3751204

    Flash rom
    - Rom can be flashed without root. Magisk will be included in future versions if it tests out ok.

    Nice. I'll attempt a build on this. I'm v30less so I'll need to rely on you guys a bit. I'll probably start with a simple debloated rom with audio mods. Then attempt a UI version
    Well ive come back. Decided im not going to be scared off by people and I now dont think the message i was getting was from them regardless they were not working with the GPL and their mod actually reset my volume mod so im going to mod the mod and add the rom back.
    Debloated Apps

    LG Apps
    LGBackupLauncher, LGAirDrive, LGAccount

    LG Themes
    Includes debloated themes

    LG QMemo
    Includes QMemo app (probably be included in next update)

    LG Alarm Clock

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