[ROM][V700] V700XXUCNE9 / Tizen / Poland / May 2014

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Feb 22, 2009
Can someone tell me how to flash it ? I try update via kies but I get information that gear are unsupported 0_o


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Feb 7, 2011


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    Device Name: Galaxy Gear
    Model: SM-V700
    Region: XEO
    Version: V700XXUCNE9
    OS: Tizen
    OS Version:
    Bulid Date: 13.05.2014
    PDA: V700XXUCNE9
    CSC: V700OXACNE9

    Note!!! Updating the Galaxy Gear to Tizen is not possible to return to Android


    Can someone tell me how to flash it ? I try update via kies but I get information that gear are unsupported 0_o

    Odin as AP or PDA
    can u upload to another file hosting? i have problems with mega in our country

    I'll do a second upload

    Mirror zippyshare
    Works on Canadian Gear Plus Instructions.

    This works with the Canadian gear but there are a few things I had to do and I will list them here.

    #1 Make sure you have Odin 3.09 or better

    #2 Make sure you have XEO-V700XXUCNE9-20140530181020 and it is extracted.

    #3 On your watch put it into download mode. (Press and hold power button till the phone resets and on the screen there is the words rebooting, then press power button 3-5 times until a list appears, press power button a couple times rapidly to move to download mode then press once or hold power button to enter that mode)

    #4 Open Odin and load the XEO file then plug in watch.

    #5 Once it says it is ready hit start.

    #6 WAIT FOR IT.... :p

    #7 while this is happening make sure you go into Samsung apps app on your phone and update "Samsung GEAR Manager" software to the latest version or your phone will be unable to sync with your watch.

    #8 Go to Bluetooth settings and REMOVE the old sync settings for the gear.

    #9 Once your watch is done updating and restarts you can either BT sync or touch the charging plate to your phone if you have NFC enabled and if all has gone well you will sync up and be ready to go.

    BE PREPARED it is a new interface and related on the phone and watch so you will need to re install gear apps and re enable notifications.

    NOTE you can get apps such as GO SMS to send to the phone with you don't have the default sms installed just enable it in the notifications list and restart both phone and watch.

    Hope this has helped.

    i will sharing mirror link

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    Good Luck :)