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Nov 28, 2010
I am running this right now with KB1 and I would love the updates also!! I wanna learn more and more cuz there is always something I would like to change or tweek on most roms or themes... Anyone can point me in the right direction on how to learn to create roms would be appreciated since I hate to make requests when I'm sure I could do it. Love the vanilla aosp! And as ALWAYS... thx to all the devs out there making our vibrant better!

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Oct 28, 2010
as in all the aesthetic details the same...?? plz leave this ROM as is visually. I've been a fan since its release. Unless there are ways to make it even more vanilla haha. The more vanilla and pure-untouched-googly it looks the better :]

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    Vibrant AOSPish JK2 v1.1

    Mad props to cgrunner, junkdruggler, eugene373... and tons more people.

    Based off of the JK2 Vibrant Froyo leak that eugene373 posted with 2E recovery and GPS fix

    I get GREAT battery life on this. It is now my daily driver woot!

    v1.1 updates:

    Based off of stock JK2 now instead of Obsidian.

    Fixed white block top of Calendar
    Removed "VideoPlayer" (Stock Android one is included with the Gallery3D and seems better)
    Added Protips widget
    Added i9000 Camera modded with AOSP icon
    G2 themed swype
    Removed Twitter, Google Voice
    Vibrant stock T-Mobile boot animation
    Updated Superuser
    GPS fix for some users that it didn't work for
    Lots more optimizations


    Awesome Huge Audio Pack
    WiFi Calling
    FFC Support
    Reboot in Power Menu
    Market fix
    Calendar fixed
    playlogos included, works with RyanZA's OCLF
    ScreenCaptureService.apk removed to prevent FC
    Bloatware removed
    Touchwiz removed
    AOSP Lockscreen
    AOSP Theme
    AOSP Apps
    Samsung Keypad 2.2
    Stock Android Keyboard
    G2 Themed Swype
    Fascinate LiveWallpapers
    Vibrant LiveWallpapers
    Beach LiveWallpaper
    MagicSmoke LiveWallpaper

    Included Apps:

    G2 Launcher2 with eugene373's dialer button fix
    JK2 Allshare
    JFD Avatar fixed to work with JK2
    JK2 Browser with AOSP icon renamed to "Browser" from "Web"
    AOSP 2.2 Calculator
    AOSP 2.2 Calendar
    i9000 2.2 Camera
    AOSP 2.2 CarHome
    AOSP 2.2 DeskClock
    JK2 Twiz Contacts/Dialer with AOSP icon
    AOSP 2.2 Email
    JK2 MyFiles
    AOSP 2.2 Gallery3D (includes AOSP video player in it)
    Google Search
    Google Latitude
    Google Maps
    Google Market
    JK2 Media Hub
    AOSP 2.2 Mms
    CM6 Music (modded to controls show in notification pulldown)
    Google Navigation
    GenieWidget (need to set custom location... Looking for fix)
    Google Places
    ROM Manager
    Settings AOSP themed
    Super User
    Google Talk
    JK2 Task Manager
    Titanium Backup
    JK2 Visual Voicemail
    Voice Dialer
    Voice Recorder with AOSP icon
    Voice Search
    Wi-Fi Calling
    YouTube (latest)

    Looking for any and all feedback. Hope you enjoy.


    Download: Vibrant AOSPish JK2 v1.1
    FIX SD Card Issues: Flash Via Clockwork / ROM Manager DOESN'T WIPE.
    Install busybox before rebooting into recovery from this ROM as you may possibly have recovery issues. I haven't, but many have.

    Flash ZIP (at your own risk) via ROM Manager or Clockwork Recovery. May or may not wipe. Doesn't wipe for me.

    This flashes a kernel + ROM so it can be flashed over Macnut, it can be flashed over old AOSPish, it can be flashed over JFD, it can be flashed over...ANYTHING except Voodoo Lagfix!


    Known bugs:
    Might enable airplane mode on it's own on second boot. Check for airplane mode if you notice you aren't getting any bars.
    GenieWidget can't acquire location... "Use Wireless Networks" for location seems to be broken... GPS is flawless however.
    for lock-ups on mounting SD - You have to turn off the usb debugging, then use the Media Player option under usb settings. If not, the internal sd card shows up as a cd drive and you can not copy files to the internal sd ~BiiGreeN

    For those having trouble getting into clockwork recovery, I found a simple fix.
    1 go into rom manager and flash clockwork recovery
    2 reboot into recovery
    3 it should bring you to the normal stock recovery , thats cool.
    4 click re install packages.

    5 boom! you ARE IN CLOCKWORK RECOVERY . tried it twice worked both times

    Future updates:
    AOSP Accurate Battery Mod
    AOSP Dialer, AOSP contacts
    CM6 Browser
    Wireless Location Fix? (GPS works)

    Lag Fix?
    Download RyanZA's OCLF 2.0 from market
    1. Install EXT2 Tools
    2. Restore Boot Animation
    3. OneClickLagFix V2.2+

    Want to go back to Eclair from this?

    Flash any of my Vibrant AOSPish v1.4 JI6 or Bionix Fusion builds straight through ROM Manager or Clockwork Recovery to go back to Eclair. They will flash a JI6 kernel and JI6 for you right from this, and you're good to go.

    Condition your battery life!

    1. Charge phone completely, leave plugged into power
    2. Boot into recovery
    3. Wipe battery stats
    4. Reboot to normal
    5. Remove power cable
    6. Drain that sucker all the way
    7. Recharge fully
    8. Rejoice!
    Nice job !!

    *Gonna try this asap, thanks again*

    *Edit* i get bad installation aborted on cwm
    nevermind..figured out it ..system/app
    yeahh, is that the problem why? usb debugging is turned off..

    Read this topic


    This ROM also has the same issue as it is based off of Obsidian

    You can try pushing with ADB if the method in that topic doesn't work.

    adb push Vibrant_AOSPish_JK2_v1.0.zip /sdcard/
    Guys, I had the stock Vibrant rom with the OCLF. I then un-did the lag fix before flashing this rom. Everything is working fine except I get a fair amount of lag. So I re-installed OCLF and installed the EXT2 tools but the lag fix is still disabled. It says "You already appear to have another lag fix installed! (/system/bin/playlogos1 less than 5KB)"

    Any ideas whats going on?


    NM, ran the "fix boot animations" even though I never mucked with it to begin with, and it allowed me to run teh lag fix. Man what a difference! Nice and smooth now!