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Mar 22, 2009
Can we get a responce from the OP? I do understand the focus on ICS, long term this will probably be the best rom for the view. In the short term (months, probably) I would like to see development continue on HC for tablet roms. Whatever happens, thanks for your work so far.
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    This is just a place holder for Sensed Version of HC I'm working on.... Stay tuned. it might be a little bit because I need to get all the glitches out of my GB rom and have that running smoothly before I jump back onto HC. But work has begun already :)

    For all you Sense fans I bring you ReSensed :)
    The first release will for the most part look stock (no theming) and then the 2nd release will be more themed..
    I will have a build up this weekend for you guys to test :)

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    Quietly and patiently waiting for your work. I am a Sense fan, and am on Cypher right now. Just thought you might like to know there are folks using the View and fans of your work. Thanks!

    You are very welcome! I enjoy doing it. I've been MIA for a couple of weeks because of school and my computer crashing but I do have something to test :) I am currently using my GB rom and just have to address a couple of issues with it, then I will be back on HC. I just wish the process of going from GB, to HC and back was easier. I mean it's not difficult but when you are doing roms for both it's a pain in the ass to have to keep switching. I will most likely release this either sometime this weekend or next week after my finals.

    My ultimate goal was to use the Aroma installer and have one single rom that users could pick and choose which sense elements they wanted to include and what desensed elements they wanted to include but Aroma doesnt work well with our recovery. I guess there is no touch driver included in our recovery so it makes it so it's not really usable. Which sucks, because it would have been easier to maintain one rom than two or actually 3 now :) I know JMZ was working on a recovery with the touch driver but not sure how that came along.
    Man, I'm looking forward to this! Will it have the stock reader app installed as well?

    I'm leaving for vacation friday and hoping this will be available by then :)

    I'd be happy to donate if that's a possibility.

    It will have the stock reader app, I'm not sure if I can release by friday as I'm trying to get ICS booting :D BUT I did switch over from GB back to HC so I have to continue the work I started on this ROM :)