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Nov 16, 2015
After the creation of MedroM based on mm, I have the pleasure of creating RocateX rom based on nougat​

RocateX ROM​

+based on b380 version
+magisk support
+viper4android app installed
+Kernel adiutor installed
+Emui theme editor installed
+Fingerprint quick action installed
+ rooted by magisk SU
+ double tap to wake up, draw a letter to wake up added
+ deleted some huawei/goole apps : drive/gp music/hangout/gp books/gp videos/gp photos/Google duo/email/Google +/newsstand
+transparent notification shade enabled
+App twin added
+p10 camera app added
+android O bootanimation added
+android O emojis
+3d panorama app added
+Rom control
+added the ability to make earpiece acting as a speaker,you will have an amazing sound when you put your phone next to your ear,trust me
+more performance and less battery drain
+themed with SimpleDarkUi
+slow motion camera mode
+added unified gost adblock
+More.. i forgot

Magisk modules installed

+unified host adblock

Requirements FOR B370
+be on stock non-modified b370/b371
+Latest TWRP installed (the one built by @OldDroid )

Requirements FOR B380
+be on stock non-modified b380/b381
+latest TWRP installed( the one built by @OldDroid

+reboot to recovery
+wipe cache&dalvik-cache
+flash Rocatex
+reboot :)

Download links :

FOR B380/B381​

bugs :
+Long press on back button and home button cause systemUi restart.
+You tell me ?


Q: the modules aren't installed,why?
A: i did a mistake in updater script, but you can extract them from the zip and go to Magisk hide>modules>click on + button and add the modules downloaded
solved the problem in v6.1

Q: emui theme editor force close, why ?
A: go to play store and update the app
solved the problem in v6.1

Q: 3d panorama isnt working, it force close many times
A: this bug is caused by the p10 camera, you can take 3d panorama pics , but if you want to see them you need to go back to normal mode , and view it.

Q: safetyNet isnt bypassed
A: follow this step by step : 1/check if oem unlocking is enabled
2/enable usb debugging
3/go to magisk app and disable& enable magisk hide
4/done :)

Q: viper4android isnt installed, driver cant be installed, why ?
A: so as to install v4a, you need to go to magisk app >downloads, look for v4a and install it. after that, reboot

Q: cant enable new themes ? here it si the solution :
A: use a file explorer with root privileges, go to /data and delete theme folder , now go to theme ap and install the theme that you want :)

Q: i want to uninstall your rom, what can i do ?
A : wait 2 weeks (maximum) and i will update the uninstaller , have exams next week.

Q: i dont love the new bootanimation and i wanna have the stock one, what can i do ?
A: using a file explorer with root privileges ,go to /product/etc/media , you will find stockbootanimation.zip and bootanimation.zip,begin by deleting bootanimation.zip, after that, rename stockbootanimatoin.zip to bootanimation.zip .


+ Thanks to KirinDev especially @OldDroid for bringing us TWRP and supersu root
+ @kep2008 for his awesome systemUi mods
+ @Rorsch_X1for making crossbreeder lite
+ @utkarshp64 for making sony music app working on any device.
+ @topjohnwu for bringing us the awesome MAGISK !
+ @vemacs for creating magisk's og youtube
+ @linuxct for android O emojis
+ @Negative. for giving me some infos :)
+ @mr.mrcn for his awesome SimpleDarkUi

Donate to me if you waaant​


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Nov 16, 2015
screenshots :


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Nov 16, 2015
Changelog :

Rocatex v7
-android o emoji is non longer system-lessly installed
-increased performances for 3D/2D games,less battery drain
-updated magisk v13 to latest version
-deleted all magisk modules except viper4android
-added new magisk module : unified host adblock

Rocatex v6.1
-solved emui theme editor app crashing
-solved the problem of module's installation, now the rom is mixed with modules.
-added android O bootanimation
-deleted magisk's modules : sony music app&google assistant
-solved v4a problem, (it is pre installed now )

Rocatex v6 :
-based on b380

Rocatex v5.1 :
-added huawei p10 camera app (thanks to @Negative. )
-magisk v13 installed
-added magisk Snapchot updater to install new magisk's version
-themed with SimpleDarkUi
-added slow-motion camera mode

Rocatex v5 :
-fixed force close of 3d panorama app & theme emui editor app
-installed some magisk's modules : og adfree YouTube/crossbreeder lite/google assistant/sony music app/Android o emoji
-v4a is already installed, no need now to install it through magisk :)

RocateX v4 :
-added support of VNS-L22/L23/L11
-added support of latest fully working magisk !
-removed v4a and added system-less v4a
-chainfire's SU is replaced by magiskSU

RocateX v3.1 :
-no need to restore boot backup now :)
-updated theme emui editor to latest version
-deleted phh supersu app
-added stock emui app

RoxateX v3 :
-Deleted selinuxmodechanger
-Added kernel adiutor
-Deleted phh supersu and added chainfire's supersu !! Thanks to @OldDroid

+RocateX v2 :
-Added fps quick action/3D panorama pics
-deleted more apps, like gp books, newsstand,talkback,google +
- added rom control that enables some nice features
-added app twin
-added support of vns-l21
-added transparent notification shade

+RocateX v1
-first release
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Nov 16, 2015
ive written in installation instructions to wipe system, please do not wipe this partition because it will cause an endless bootloop and you have to flash the the whole system via fastboot in order to boot
thank you
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