[ROM] void. #forever (2.3.4; +howto build CM from src; read notice @ 1st post)


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Nov 24, 2010
[NEW!] For void's development status, read this (+ HOWTO on building CM from source).

Discussion thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1133333 (thanks Nimitmak)

Well, here's a present.

The release had to be anticipated because I can't have anymore the LG P500 I borrowed for testing. So, I haven't had much time to test it yet. I couldn't either add a modules system (which is a shame, I was already targeting something like kang-o-rama). For this I am sorry but I really wanted to share one last ROM with this community. No worries though, I can update it even without the phone.

So, let's talk business.

(600Mhz, check this for 729Mhz)


This ROM has a different approach from before. First of all, it is based on CM7. I have decided not to wait for 2.3 sources because CM has a very optimized core and framework. Even with the release of the sources or a decent leak, CM files will still be better performance-wise. Secondly, due to the lack of time, it doesn't have a modules system, it follows devoid's philosophy instead. Of course, it comes with a few of my tweaks and style. It will feel like a devoid but 2.3.

* CM7 core (compiled from CM sources + Mik's proprietary files and specific branches)
* FrancoKernel v17 BFS (pre-release v17 version, the released v17 is different, flash it!)
* Some tweaks @ CM7 source (ex: libsqlite patched and recompiled)
* Default settings changed @ CM7 source (overscroll, lense lksc, cclabel, cmbat)
* Build.prop tweaks / GPS tweaks / Browser tweaks / Patched hosts
* Strict Minfree Handler tweak / Auto-Zipalign tweak / ZRAM tweak
* Zeam launcher / GB keyboard / void. boot "inanimation" / Smartass Default
* Didn't have enough time to test different EGL tweaks

(syntax: r[2010-year].[month].[day])

* r1.6.15
first release

* void. #forever: http://mir.cr/DZLS1POV
* void. #forever -addon: http://mir.cr/0AYYEDQL

* read this whole thread before doing anything, especially the important notes
* wipe (data,cache,dalvik)
* partition if needed (a2sd for later)
* copy files to sdcard
* flash void. #forever and reboot
* after booting, go back to recovery
* flash now void. #forever -addon (it will activate the market and theme) and reboot

Important notes:
* If you don't reboot to recovery and flash the -addon, you will crash when trying to create a google account.
* After flashing the -addon, before the market appears on the applications drawer, you'll need to sign in on your google account.
* After flashing the -addon, do not sign in on your google account, press skip and add later or you may run into a "slide keyboard open" error
* You might get an error for google calendar sync but it will be gone as soon as you flash the calendar app.
* GSM works but during my beta-tests I didn't use one so ignore the screenshot.
* DarkTremors mod has some issues, try ungaze's data2sd or link2sd (info).
* For statusbar notifications icons issues, check this post.
* Last and not least, don't beg for applications, use the market or ask around.

Useful addons:
* Browser, FM and Calendar (credits: r291)
* ThemeChooser (credits: r291)
* LiveWallpapers (credits: r291)
* DSPManager (credits: r291)

Or check the full thread here.

Known issues:
* Check CM thread.
* void. specific: the powermenu glitches a bit with the lockscreen, just long-press power off button and it will be fine.

Before you report a bug or some kind of malfunctioning, make sure to have:
* Rebooted
* Reflashed (with full wipe, and format /system)

Anything else, disregarding stupid questions, tweet me.
If you wish to donate, donate to those who work their asses harder than me: franciscofranco (kernel), mik_os (cm port), andy (initial 2.3 port project), etc.
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Nov 24, 2010
For all those who are thinking on releasing a ROM with void. as base:

If you want to do so, please make sure to:
1. There's a deep amount of changes, not just adding applications and changing theme (your personal taste basically).
2. If #1 doesn't apply, then release it as a mod, theme, or addon (only the necessary files + updater-script).

If you insist on releasing it without following #1 or #2, I'll ask for its deletion for breaking XDA rule #12.

There's a reason for this rule and it's because if me or XDA allow you to release a ROM with your own personal taste with a different name, then we would have to accept many, many other requests of the same type and everyone could have a go on the dev thread. It's also a mockery to us as developers and if you were paying attention, 4 of us already revealed ourselves as against.

And yes, void is based on CM's sources along with Mik's proprietary files and specific apps.

Like I've said before, I decided to use CM's core and framework files because they are stable and optimized. They are the product of a hivemind of 100+ guys or more who work on CM and Mik who kindly ported it to our dear P500. I've worked on it both at source and pack level and I've made a satisfactory degree of changes to make it a separate ROM. And no, I didn't ask for permission to these 100+ guys because it would be ludicrous and no one who makes a CM7-based ROM (there are many out there in XDA) ever does.

If you wish to reply or talk about this, do so by private message to me. (All RAGECAPS and flamewar-driven PMs will be ignored)
If you quote this and reply to it on this thread, it'll be treated as spam and reported likewise.

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Dec 3, 2010
Noejn its a pity that you dont have the phone.. i think the optimus one owners can do something for it.. if we all donate you just 1 eyro i think you will be able to buy the phone in a week.. i think its the only way we can support our developers..
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Dec 26, 2010
3 letters... WOW

you're the man, as usual!

ps. You and FF, of course! :)

pps. quote unquote "FrancoKernel v17 BFS (yup, it's not released yet; btw, he forgot to change the version name on about menu)" ...as usual, rotfl :D

Heróis do Mar, nóóóbre Pô-ô-vo... :D
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Mar 28, 2011
Rio de Janeiro
Just great =D can't try the rom just now since I'm not home, but tomorrow is the day.

Impressionado com as mentes portuguesas aqui! De vc e do Franco só espero o melhor.

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Mar 10, 2010
Rio de Janeiro
Just great =D can't try the rom just now since I'm not home, but tomorrow is the day.

Impressionado com as mentes portuguesas aqui! De vc e do Franco só espero o melhor.

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Rapharias depois dá sua opinião sobre a rom. Estou curioso! :D

Minha opinião o Noejn faz umas das melhores roms e o franco os melhores kernels. :D

My opinion is the Noejn make one of the best roms and Franco best kernels. :D
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