[ROM] Windows Mobile 6.5 v1.1 [SYS/XIP 21812]

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I present to you:
Windows Mobile 6.5 Standard on the Vox
(English and German)



Please read everything (1st, 2nd) before you ask questions!!!
The cold boot takes about 5 minutes from pressing the power button until pressing "Reboot" - do not abort it!

New SYS/XIP (CE OS 5.2.21812 (Build 21812.5.0.50))
- Titanium (now standard home screen - re-written from scratch); a Titanium Slide theme (looks like Titanium, acts like CHome)
- VOIP SYS package from the new SYS
- Office (including OneNote), Games
- dotNET 3.5
- Vox xT9 (install your language from Start Menu -> Expert -> xT9 languages)
- MoDaCo DoNew (with Office 2007 support)
- CHomeConfig
- Connection Setup (from Snap)
- Rinku's Iconbar
- WM5torage 1.9
- BaseHue
- CHome Icon Color Changer
- PPCPimBackup
- SMS Inbox Threading Config (turn on/off)
- keyboard layouts (screenshot)
- packages from Rose/Snap:
  • Adobe PDF
  • ArcSoft MMS 5_0_25_102d (config can be found under normal settings)
  • HTC AudioManager
  • Bluetooth Software (FTP and SAP)
  • DRMMiddleware
  • CommManager
  • CyberonVoiceTag
  • DShow
  • HTC Album
  • Jbed Java (Esmertec 20081002_2_1)
  • LockstreamDRM
  • mHubVO
  • PhoneCanvas_2G
  • PictureEnhancement
  • Quick Notes
  • RSSHub
  • ShareDLL
  • StreamingSrcFilter
  • Unlock Screen Clock
  • Volume Control (has to be activated through Start Menu -> Expert)
- Reboot in quick list
- shortcuts VolUp - VolDown (long press for Bluetooth - Wifi on/off)
- tgetfile.dll
- a lot of registry tweaks

- Welcome Center
- SQM (customer feedback)
- Livesearch
- Sample Music
- Skybox and Skymarket (don't work) (get Skybox (MyPhone) here)
- PIE 6 (uses way too much RAM) and Widgets (need PIE 6)
- new Connection Setup (called ADC) from M$ (didn't configure it right for Vodafone, so I am sticking with HTC's solution)
- Modemlink (we have Internet Sharing)

Known bugs
- Encryption doesn't work
- Visibility time out in bluetooth settings doesn't open (ignore it)

I am not responsible for bricking your device! It's you who is flashing!!

New version here...

Download v1.1 from MediaFire
MD5: 74bd32ffa1406b6f01b3ad959b009497

old ROM:
Download v1.0 from MediaFire

Download BETA 1 from MediaFire
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from v1.0 to v1.1:

  • Titanium now standard theme (completely re-written from scratch)
  • start menu icons are WM standard (if you want Prof. or Snap icons install from Expert\Tweaks\Appearance folder)
  • added HTC Weather to all Sliding panel home screens
  • change the soft menus back to normal (if you want Prof. style install from Expert\Tweaks\Appearance folder)

from BETA 13 to v1.0:

  • switched to SYS/XIP 21812
  • using OEMHook.dll from Vodafone ROM - no vibration on shutdown !
  • switched to new MMS software
  • changed icons to WM 6.5 Professional Style (Snap icons can be found in Experts menu)
  • added Titanium (normal CHome style can be found in Experts menu)
  • added Remote Desktop Mobile (from new SYS)
  • all menus work perfect now
from BETA 1 (actually BETA 11) to BETA 13:

  • added back the OEM packages from my Snap ROM
  • removed PIE 6 and Widgets
  • removed HTC Sliding Panels (layout doesn't work anymore)
  • removed my 6.5 theme
  • changed the start menu icons
  • added "Small Messaging Font" to Expert Menu
  • added WM-6.5-Professional-like menus


  • Titanium.cab
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Sep 26, 2007
I cannot flash it, it stops at about 3 percent and says 'image file is corrupted'. I tried to download it again,but nothing changes:(
My current version is Rose 0.4 and have never had problems with flashing roms.
somebody has already installed it?


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Apr 9, 2005
1st impression = great rom!
nice speed, it feels snappy.

just a bit disappointing that the handy callingscreen with up-button = speakerphone etc is not present and there is nothing really new except ie6.

oh well it's ofcourse easy to add all kind-of oem packages and other stuff.
feels really like a good base rom! thanx for you hard work!!!! :D:cool:
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