[ROM]-Working MIUI 11 PIE for Mi Max 2 Oxygen [9]-[stable-ish][RedMi 4 Port]

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Jan 13, 2018
Awesome rom

Thanks for the awesome rom for our lovely xiaomi mi max 2. Everything almost perfect for me except fingerprint data disappear after restart (doesn't bother me because face unlock runs fast), and a system notice about internal storage after boot (just ignore it).

This is how I've done:
1. In order to log in mi account: install miui 11 android nougat then log in into mi account. I used miui 11 N from greeshan. After that, boot into twrp and wipe dalvick cache only then restore the rom.
2. I got error at android web view, so i can't connect browser to Internet . Open setting app search android web view then enable it.
3. Google apps error such as Playstore, Gmail, Google contact. Install gapps with aroma gapps. If your google contact can't sync, try to sync manualy at Google contact app not from setting.
4. About round shape at screen after switching apps. Just turn off animation.

What is work? Everything works.
** sounds quality much better than custom rom android 9.
** camera quality better than android 7.
** install gcam without any effort, no problem runs smoothly.
** i was set the display density to 320, no problem, no bootloop. It's awesome.
** everything works like it should. You get all miui features.

I was tried all mi max 2 rom at this forum. So far this rom is the best. I got android 9 miui 11 stabil so i can make my mi max 2 as my daily driver again. Thank you
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Nov 7, 2013
Best miui rom

This rom is perfect but I cant use the camera. "Camera still not working. Try rebooting the device" and It closes.

I know that the camera shuold work so, did someone have this problem too. I had pixel experience pie rom installed before. Is It necesary to have miui rom installed?


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Apr 20, 2020
Can I install it via orange fox r10?
Must I wipe data cache dalvik sistem or anything I miss?
I'm Indonesian so I'm not good with English...
Anyway thank for your effort @liammc83 I'm really appreciate it

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    Android Version : MIUI 11 Pie 9 Ported From MM2 Easy recovery install.

    You should be having proper knowledge of flashing Custom ROM and how to Restore a phone if anything goes wrong.

    Take complete backup before taking any action based on this thread. I am not responsible for any action taken by you.

    I am just compiling all the information / files available on different websites into this thread, I have patched together with cyber spit, bubblegum, and tape, for a pretty much fully working Miui 11 PIE running rom. I have removed what I believe to be all of the bloat. Worked to modify a working miui pie vendor. Magisk 19.5 installer is all ready included as well as the modified boot for root access. The playstore installer is also included for a fully functioning playstore.

    All Credit goes to respective developer/s included in the install.txt within the zip file. I request XDA moderator and or Developer of Respective files to let me know if I have forgotten to mentioned (give credit) their name in this thread. The Download Links are given directly from respective Developer/s.

    You need the following two files to Test MIUI 11 PIE on Mi Max 2 (Oxygen). This ROM recovery is ported from the Xiaomi RedMi with many patches and customized from various sources. This ROM maybe Stable enough for your daily use on Mi Max 2. I have access to two MM2 4/64 Global versions using a 1tb sd card one on At&t the other on Tmobile and all features I need are currently working.

    1a. Treble Mi Max 2 Recovery 3.2.1 https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=5862345805528056270

    1b. OrangeFox Recover 10

    2. MIUI 11 Pie ROM ported from MM2

    First step:
    Start your phone into recovery and Flash a Treble recovery, if already not flashed. Restart into Recovery.

    Click Wipe then Advance wipe and clear System, Vendor, Boot, Data, Cache, and Dalvick cache.

    Second step:
    Now Extract the Downloaded Rom files in Recovery backup folder. You should know where and how to Extract. (Use extract tool for android or pc then copy paste to recovery backup folder.)

    Third step:
    Click Restore and Select System, Boot, Vendor and Swipe to confirm. Wait for restore to complete. If any errors, Reboot recovery and try again. Or Mount the System, Vendor, Boot and try again. After Restore completes Reboot. Please allow 3-5 Minutes for first boot.

    What works:
    Cell Service, Wifi 5ghz/2.4ghz, Bluetooth, Torch, Camera, Sound, Auto Brightness, HW buttons.

    What doesn't work:
    Some people can't log in to Xiaomi account ( I do not use it, So I can not verify either or).
    I do not have dual 4G sims so I can not verify if its working. There may be potential signal problems for some user but I didn't faced in USA with Tmobile, Or AT&T operators.
    Eye protection mode/ reading mode 100% does not work, But similar apps available within the play store.

    Playstore Installer Included & Now Working. (Due to the chinese base)

    Guys, this is a nearly perfect MIUI 11 PIE package for our lovely Xiaomi Mi Max 2 (Oxygen) Although MIUI 11 is still beta.

    If I missed anything in the above, kindly let me know to include. If you make any further updates / patches that makes this ROM more stable / perfect or enables new features, please don't hesitate to message me to include in this thread.

    I have an old PC running windows with 8gb max at any one given time, So if you would like to make the recovery image into a flashable zip, I'd be happy to update/add it.
    If you can afford it, Im trying to save for a computer from this decade, any help is appreciated

    If you would like to use the boot, vendor, system, or any other files, All I ask is pass on the proper credits. With this we should be able to have a fully functioning android Q in the near future (Currently toying around with fair progress in the free time).

    Credits : liammc83 HR83 beingtejas letolover77
    lekhraj.gupta WhatsNew Any Others Who May Have Been Missed

    Best of Luck and Happy Flashing )
    why MIUI 11 PIE 9.9.9 from Connor when there is 9.9.24 available, here is the link for MIUI 11 PIE 9.9.24 for Mi Max 2 from Connor https://c-t.work/s/2147a4b6b1c34e

    Basically the same gsi source. But older patched boot, older magisk, and play store installer will not work with conner, yet its labeled *.24

    But hey either or, flash what y'all want. If I knew someone was going to keep this updated, and work out the bugs as Xiaomi releases 11 tomorrow, I would just go back to playing with A10.

    After all I don't even use these mi max 2s any longer. Was just trying to contribute to the old gang.
    Thank you so much for your work! The EU port will be great to have for the Max 2, especially now, because they stopped supporting 7.1 devices.. I hope that everything in your life will get better! :victory:

    I got an EU 11 pie port complete per user reqquests
    Testing now, will be up hopefully in 24 hrs

    * Updated * MM2_MIUI11_PIE_PORT_MM2_RECOVERY_2.zip
    I will be deleting the first version within hours. But feel free to back it up anywhere else and share.

    >Fixed Stock Camera - Per Request.
    >Removed some extras junk (I don't need)
    >Replaced Stock Browser with tiny VIA Browser
    >Added Gboard - Per Request.
    >Magisk updated, Yet during the time my old comp was compressing
    Seems another update is available.

    If you experience a problem with an app, Be sure to clear its data,cache, and set the appropriate permissions per app info.

    Also note: Newer sources are available 9.9.27, Nothing to brag about as far as bug fixes, or features. Again it is impossible for me to keep up to date in realtime using an old Asus 901 :eek: So I wait for major changes.
    Please give the camera fix
    Nope didn't notice..
    Fixed now (On My End), working on a few adjustments, ect.
    Will be uploaded today with some tweaks.