[ROM][WWE][20-Sep-10] Cloudy 0.7 (WM6.1)

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Dec 16, 2005
HCM City
Cloudyfa ROM for BlackStone
Cloudy 0.7


Cloudy 0.7 [20-Sep-10]:
- Manila 2.5.20183025
- Opera Mobile 9.70.36027
- New SMS Search function (in Manila Message tab)
- Updated all packages
- Many improvements

Cloudy 0.6 [24-Aug-10]:
- Manila 2_5_20182814
- Opera_Browser 9_70_36023
- RSSHub 2_1_2_1117
- All new pkgs from OBOE 1.02 and 1.03

Cloudy 0.5 [03-Aug-10]:
- Updated all packages from Huashan 0.90 - 0.93 - 1.00
- GoogleMaps
- Adjust CommManager buttons
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Dec 16, 2005
HCM City

- BS_Cloudy_0.x: Windows Mobile 6.1 - Which we have in Touch HD's shipped ROMs.
- BS_Cloudy_x.x_C2: COM2 build - Most reliable and bug free, has the Start Menu button at the top left corner.
- BS_Cloudy_x.x_C5: COM5 build - Much more finger friendly, has Start Menu button at the bottom left corner and big softkeys.
- BS_Cloudy_x.x_C3: COM3 build - Nearly the same as COM5 but this is the offical HTC build in latest devices.
- BS_Cloudy_x.x_Cx_NoMC: This ROM doesn't include HTC Messaging Client

Cloudy AutoInstall
How to use:
- <SDCard>\AutoInstall\Manual: CAB files that require user input
- <SDCard>\AutoInstall\Storage: CAB files will be installed on SDCard automatically
- <SDCard>\AutoInstall: CAB, REG, XML, PROVXML, MSCR files
- You can run it in Programs\Cloudy AutoInstall
- It won't run if your Battery is low (below 15%) (except you use external power)
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May 4, 2010
well, I got ALL of tomorrow off because Ive come down with the flu, thats plenty of time to apply this beautiful fast rom and post in detail any bugs I discover.

I am hoping that it doesnt have some of the bugs that the current ROM i am using have, but its possible, there are only 3 Touch HD (WWE) WM6.1 + Sense 2.5 roms in existance so far.

Thank you so much couldy, I look foward to trying it out! ! ^_^

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    I guess reflash is the answer for you.
    But, I recommend following order:
    0. DO BACKUP of all your stuff you CAN backup... ;)
    1. Task 29 (search forum - it's sticky!) There's also sticky thread with ROM update tool (not tested it yet myself).
    2. Official 6.1 HTC ROM (any official, latest Orange 6.1 will do)
    3. Radio 1.14 (since it was working OK for you - 1.17 IS faster in some cell switch / GPS operations, but uses more battery)
    4. XDA cooked ROM of your choice, I guess Cloudy 0.7... :)
    5 TWO hard resets... devil never sleeps (and I'm paranoid, I know)
    6. Restore of your data
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