[ROM|WWE|21905] Windows Mobile 6.5 Clean Basic ROM [10|6|2010] [SENSE 2.1|SENSE 2.5]

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Apr 12, 2009
Bermuda Triangle

This project is now discontinued as I have bricked my second diamond too.

Windows Mobile 6.5 COM 2


[10/6/2010] [Details]

After installing the ROM :
Free main memory : 130.410 MB
Used RAM (At boot up) :56%

The ROM looks like this :




After installing the ROM :
Free main memory : 141.708 MB
Used RAM (At boot up) :52%

The ROM looks like this :

If you liked my ROM then please consider making a small donation. :)

Special thanks to rveupen [For the FTP server]
And all my testers.
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Apr 12, 2009
Bermuda Triangle
Additional Tweaks And Applications

1) Start menu tweak [Download Here]
After installing, the start menu will be organized into folders with icons as follows :

2) DonSalari Tweaks v2.2 [Download Here]
1. Increase performance and speed.
2. Enables power management.
3. Removes vibrations from manila.
4. Disables ALSPage,NITZPage,PIN2Page,PINPage,UMTSBandPage.
5. X-button to close album and not minimize.
6. Reduce menu size.
7. Ahen Battery Enhancement included.
8. Manila scrolling smooth and fast.
9. Automatic timezone change disable.
10. Default sound for new sms "loudest" and many more changes!

3) Extras
1. HtcAddict RAMClean 1.93 Modded [Here]
2. Leftsoft key for Manila 2.5 [S2U2/MSDict] [Here]
3. Leftsoft key for Manila 2.5 [Call History] [Here]
4. Theme + Mods for Manila 2.5 [Here]
5. TaskBar And Bottom Bar To Suite GTX Theme [Here]

Following cabs are from other developers which I have modified to suit this my ROM.

1) DonSalari Advanced Configuration Tool v3.3 [Download Here] [Icon changed, Shortcut directory changed, Only English]

2) DonSalari htcAddicts cleanRAM v1.8 [Download Here] [Icons changed, Scheduler removed, Shortcut directory of "Config" changed to "Applications", Level set to 2,Only English].
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Apr 12, 2009
Bermuda Triangle
Add-ons And Fixes

01. Phone Canvas/ Tachi dialer [Here] [To dial from "People Tab"]
02. FM Radio [Here]
03. QuickGSP [Here] AND [Here] Still not working? see This.
04. Internet Sharing [Here]
05. Overlapping characters in contacts fix [Here]
06. Audio Booster [Here]
07. Video Calling [Here] Read this first.
08. Original Diamond Dialer [Here]
09. MMS [Here] or Another version [Here]
10. Teeter [Here]
11. Bluetooth Notification Icon Fix [Here]
12. HTC Bookmarks [Here] [Paste the files in \windows]
13. SENSE 2.1 MyLocation Fix [Here]
14. G-Sensor Calibrator [Here]
15. Set Ringtone [Here]


Disable Clock Animation Sense 2.5
Disable Clock Animation Sense 2.1
12 Quicklinks NOBG4ALL Sense 2.5
3TabsInternet Sense 2.5
French Manila Lang Pack 1.2 Sense 2.5
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Apr 12, 2009
Bermuda Triangle
FAQs [By thecrazyman64 ]

[Problem]: Appointment Editor not working.
[Solution]: Read this [link]

[Problem]: Screen does not rotate.
[Solution]: Read this [link] and this: [link]

[Problem]: Don`t have 3G/video call.
[Solution]: Read this: [link]

[Problem]: Don`t have access to link from post #2.
[Solution]: [Mirror]

[Problem]: Want another virtual keyboard/don`t like fingerkeyboard.
[Solution]: Try installing this: [link]

[Problem]: Which is the best radio version?
[Solution]: Diamond Radio

[Problem]: Quick GPS not working.
[Solution]: Read this: [link].

[Problem]: Still can not use GPS [Quick GPS].
[Solution]: Read this: [link]. SeaSGEE here: [direct link]

[Problem]: How to run iGo with low memory available.
[Solution]: Read this: [link] or this: [link]

[Problem]: Tom Tom not working.
[Solution]: Read this: [link]

[Problem]: Don`t get any SMS notifications, or one of them.
[Solution]: Read this: [link]

[Problem]: SMS not in threaded mode.
[Solution]: Read this: [link]

[Problem]: No windows live application.
[Solution]: Read this: [link] also this [link]

[Problem]: Can not use windows live/messenger.
[Solution]: Read this: [link] and this: [link]

[Problem]: Can not run java applications.
[Solution]: Read this: [link]

[Problem]: Settings shortcut missing after installing DS tweaks.
[Solution]: Use "all settings" from Settings tab, sense 2.5

[Problem]: Don`t have internet connection.
[Solution]: Install this: [link].

[Problem]: Can not send sms or call from favorites.
[Solution]: Read this: [link] and this: [link]. If still now able to text or call from favorites install a phone canvas, like this: [link]

[Problem]: Don`t have FM Radio.
[Solution]: Install this: [link]

[Problem]: Want another start menu icon size.
[Solution]: [link]

[Problem]: Can not send MMS.
[Solution]: Install this: [link] or this: [link]

[Problem]: Want to install Cookie Home Tab.
[Solution]: Read this: [link]

[Problem]: Opera is not the default browser.
[Solution]: Read this: [link]

[Problem]: Can not play You Tube videos.
[Solution]: Install this: [link]

[Problem]: Don`t have flash player.
[Solution]: [link]

[Problem]: Can not use custom tones.
[Solution]: Read this: [link] and this: [link]

[Problem]: Need an "AZERTY"/more languages keyboard/don`t like finger keyboard/EZinput
[Solution]: Install this: [link]

[Problem]: How to add more Finger Keyboard languages, skins and layouts.
[Solution]: Read this: [link], this: [link] and this: [link]

[Problem]: How to disable weather animation in home tab.
[Solution]: Read this: [link] and this: [link]

[Problem]: Volume too low.
[Solution]: Read this: [link] or install this: [link]
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Nov 4, 2008
Yes :) :)
Using it for last 2 days now. Just Facing minor problems.

Because i trust it way too much :D Just check out the smoothness and RAM usage :)
Cool! But still there are some minor annoying issues (at least to me) with older builds. Just as an example "if i m opening any settings from start menu->settings->system, and closing it, it will redirect to home screen, so for updating things there i will need to navigate again", "ordering start menu icons is not handy", few minor things.

Anyways apart from that, this would be a definite outstanding combination (WM6.5+Sense 2.5) considering stable free RAM. :) Thanks.

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    @psyche : that ROM is very old. I remove the old ones from the server pretty soon. Don't want to put much load on rveupen's server :)

    @Millisx : Diamonds volume is unfortunately very low.

    @thecrazyman64 : I use the cabs. First disable SENSE, install co0kie's home editor. Then install CHTeditor and enable SENSE. At least this is what i did :D
    thanks thanks

    To who? To don? If yes, you can click on don`s thanks button.

    I am encounter this problem too. Has it been solved? I feel it is not since the project is dead? Any trick to fix it?
    [Problem]: Appointment Editor not working.
    [Solution]: Read this [link]

    hi where are the download links to this rom


    this is awesome ROM, the free RAM is stable :)
    but something wrong... i can't get my 3G signal :confused: and cannot find note shortcut... any help?

    Did you format your device memory with MTTY?

    thanks for your rom
    I have a problem. I cant play video files, I think the video drivers are missing. Its a bug I think cause others have this issue too but I cant find the solution.
    Can somebody help me? tnx:)
    This is a Superlite ROM. Some files are missing. Try using Core player.

    Did one of you searched the thread or read the FAQ on #4 post before hitting the reply button? Honestly.

    Anyway, happy holidays to everyone!! :)
    Hi there...
    I just flash my Diamond with this ROM. It's great ROM. Thxs.
    I wanna ask one thing, can i use GTX Theme with this ROM?

    Yes, use the CFC Compressed.

    i want to know what is donsalari tweak do on diamond...
    before install this tweak, i never have an automatic disconnect data, but when i install this tweak, this data connection always turn off when my screen turn off :(
    its really annoying when im using palringo :(
    can someone tell me what registry that donsalari tweak do? because after all i love this tweak.

    you can do it without reg tweak.
    and enable or disable disconnect on sleep. :)

    hi, is the rom also in german language?
    Sorry, only WWE (English).
    Links back on first page.
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