[ROM][WWE][26.02.2010] Miri WM 6.5 21893 :: V 38.0 [DISCONTINUED]

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Apr 29, 2007
Hi to all,

This ROM is based on Windows Mobile 6.5 build 21893.
I've modified a lot of things and made this ROM to run smooth and stable.

I've removed some applications that I don't consider much needed but anyway you can install them by cabs found on forum.

Base ROM: 1.59.709.0
This ROM is using Tom's Autonstall | Just create a folder in Storage Card with name Autoinstall, place all your cabs and xml's there and they will be autoinstalled upon flash
Remember to Hard Reset after flashing

Thanks to:
- Da_G for posting the VGA kitchen and his continued wonderful work
- tom_codon for his friendship and willingness to share
- Bepe for his kitchen
- This forum and it's people for making all this possible and we can share what's the best


CAB Repository



Just a quick note to say that I do all this for pleasure and in no way I ask money for this. It's fun to work with and for you so that we can share and experience the best. If you feel that my work is valuable to you please consider a small donation, just for the time. I repeat again that you are not obligated to donate and I will continue to work as I did before. DONATE

Follow me on TWITTER: http://twitter.com/miri_roms

Version History:
V 38.0 - Build 21893
V 37.0 - Build 21892
V 36.0 - Build 21890
V 35.0 - Build 21889
V 34.0 - Build 21887
V 33.0 - Build 21885
V 32.0 - Build 21882
V 31.0 - Build 21876
V 30.0 - Build 21872
V 29.0 - Build 21869
V 28.0 - Build 21864
V 27.0 - Build 21857 / Build 21859
V 26.0 - Build 23016 / Build 23017
V 25.0 - Build 23009
V 24.0 - Build 23008
V 23.0 - Build 23004
V 22.0 - Build 23003
V 21.0 - Build 23001
V 20.0 - Build 21820
V 19.0 - Build 21815
V 18.0 - Build 21812
V 17.0 - Build 21806
V 16.0 - Build 21730 / Build 21731
V 15.0 - Build 21728
V 14.0 - Build 21725
V 13.0 - Build 21234
V 12.0 - Build 21232
V 11.0 - Build 21231
V 10.0 - Build 21222
V 9.0 - Build 21215
V 8.0 - Build 21501
V 7.0 - Build 21500
V 6.0 - Build 21202
V 5.0 - Build 21198
V 4.0 - Build 21195
V 3.0 - Build 21193
V 2.0 - Build 21189
V 1.0 - Build 21189


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Dec 1, 2006
17.03.2009 :: WM 6.5 21189 :: Custom ROM

Thanks Miri,

Tried to download from both location but it looks like the file is corrupted.... :(

Getting this when trying to open it...


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Sep 18, 2007
thanks for your work.
pls check the link, seems that it doesn't work.

another thing...... is TF3D included?, maybe more details to describe your job will be useful.
thanks again!!!



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Jan 3, 2005
Sweat Lake
O no my battery isn't at 50% have to wait. Thx for this rom. Wil test it. Good thing i have the Blackstone rss feed with 6.5 as keyword in media hub.


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Apr 29, 2007
Thanks Miri,

Tried to download from both location but it looks like the file is corrupted.... :(

Getting this when trying to open it...

The RAR is fine, probably during download some bits of information has gone mad and this is why there is a problem.

Please redownload again or wait for megaupload mirror that I'm creating

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    Miri I tried it, I downloaded CE register editor and found the location and add a string Value
    Value name: EnableLandscape
    value data: "EnableLandscape"="true"

    but however it don't work, sorry bu this is my first time working whit the register. What do I wrong ?

    i did it like him also :confused:
    Camera does NOT have zoom function, because it is from Diamond2, to have the camera with zoom function you have to download the Cab for camera in cab repository.


    Thanks for your work miri!

    I have a question: is it possible that the camera zoom function is not available in the 8.2 ROM? Or is it not available period? With camera zoom function I do NOT mean the zoom function in Album. I mean the actual zoom bar while using the camera. Thanks!

    How is this in version 9.1??
    has any noticed that when a sms is received at the home screen the SIP keyboard pops up? is there a way to fix that? it's really annoying.

    Is there also a way to prevent notifications from taking over the left softkey when they're received? I've changed the function of my call and end keys in aeb+ and need the left softkey to open up the dialer
    Help needed.

    I've flashed Mri WM6.5 22.0 WWE on my Touch HD (Radio / Protocol and everything works flawlessly, apart from the GPS receiver.

    I've tried TomTom 7, iGO8, Google Maps, Google Navigator, HTC GPS tools; nothing seems to locate the GPS device.

    iGO 8 displays the following message " GPS driver hasn't been found".

    Am I missing something?


    PS: Thanks for the excellent work Miri.
    Doesnt sound good, you could try many things to make it work again, however the first thing I'd try is an official ROM if it still doesnt work, I'd take it to HTC for repair.
    I never had any problems with Miri ROM and GPS, connects with TT, iGO8 etc no need to change any setting etc.
    Did you hardreset after flash?
    It is normal, there is no MSVC 26.3

    lastest link is 26.0 => premium + msvc
    is it 26.3 bad named or it's normal ?