[ROM][WWE][AT&T][16.01.09]Da_G Clean Fuze ROM and new Build-Your-Own-Flavor!


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Aug 20, 2007
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This ROM is based on the Stock AT&T Fuze ROM.

Goal: A minimally-loaded, optimized for speed ROM, retaining all support for hardware-based functionality such as the accelerometer and FM Radio while removing all restrictions on security and features, with all removed applications/settings available as add-ons to allow for maximal customization without wasting on-board storage space. Almost 390MB storage and 160MB available!

Further info and discussion can also be found at my site: http://mobile.txcaesar.net

New! Build your own ROM

Now with awesome button settings thanks to xcsdm!

Download (Beta 2.06): 48445 KB
Download (Beta 2.06 MSVC): 51001 KB

ROM Chefs and Cooks, check post 3 for OEM/ROM/SYS

This ROM supports User Customization, it provides an easy way to install the .cab's you wish.
ALL CABS DEC 26, 2008
Addon .cab's: (note that all cabs are from the AT&T ROM, and intended for use with the AT&T Fuze and this ROM only!)
VoIP 21009 (thx Sleuth255)
Remote Desktop Mobile 21009
Opera 9.5 2392 4186 KB (Opera Web Browser w/scroll wheel support)
AT&T TouchFlo3D 16214 KB REQUIRES HTC AudioManager (3D today screen replacement w/weather tabs, etc)
HTC TouchFlo3D 16598 KB REQUIRES HTC AudioManager (3D today screen replacement w/weather tabs, etc)
HTC AudioManager 227 KB (Provides a music player interface, required by HTC TouchFlo3D)
HTC Album 815 KB (Photo/Video album with touch support)
HTC Enlarge Start Menu 1_2_35331_3 66 KB (Makes the start menu icons and text larger for easier touch access)
HTC TouchFlo 353 KB (Enables touch scrolling in apps that don't support it)
HTC EnlargeTitlebar 272 KB (Provides large touch buttons for easy access to start bar icons)
HTC Volume Control 1_6_18201829_0 202 KB (Provides large volume control - NOTE in-call volume will not work without AT&T Dialer)
HTC RandomAccess 79 KB (Provides an alphabetical touch-based navigation for the Contacts list)
HTC Task Manager 296 KB (Provides a task manager to replace the x/ok button)
HTC YouTube 2385 KB REQUIRES HTC TouchFlo (YouTube browsing application w/full screen player)
HTC Comm Manager 183 KB (Replacement for windows default Comm Manager)
HTC Diamond Dialer 2194 KB (Replacement Dialer program from HTC Diamond, supports Video Calling and G-Sensor)
HTC EzInput+eT9 6145 KB (Larger keyboard for touch access, Fixed)
HTC Labyrinth (Teeter) 1867 KB (G-Sensor enabled game)
Shortcuts 2 KB (Binds Short PTT to Comm Manager, Long PTT to Camera, IM to Field Test and CV to Album)
Sprite Backup 7236 KB (File/Settings backup program from AT&T)
JBed Java 1287 KB (JVM for running java apps, Fixed)
AT&T Theme 727 KB (AT&T Grey Theme)
AT&T PTT 3445 KB (Enables Push-to-talk support for AT&T)
AT&T Video Share 2422 KB (One way video calling app for AT&T only) - Currently Broken
AT&T Dialer 10984 KB (AT&T's Dialer Skin w/PTT,VS,and G-Sensor support) REQUIRES AT&T PTT and AT&T Video Share for those features to be supported!
Office Mobile 7158 KB (Pocket Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote)
EzInput+eT9 Localized for UK (Soft Keyboard + Hardware Keyboard localized for UK)
More AT&T Apps Thanks to NotATreoFan (AT&T Apps & Trialware, Removed Sounds and Alerts)
More Coming Real Soon Now(tm)...

The entire set of applications from the stock AT&T ROM will be available in .cab form for your customization pleasure! Note that some .cab's will depend on others for full functionality. Please let me know if you find any problem with these .cab's and they will be updated to address the issue!

Old Version(s)!
Download (Beta 1.4): [url=http://rapidshare.com/files/166442935/Da_G-ATT-Fuze-Cooked-Beta-1.4-Nov-22-2008.rar]55728 KB[/url]
Download (Beta 1.3): [url=http://rapidshare.com/files/165223261/Da_G-ATT-Fuze-Cooked-Beta-1.3-Nov-18-2008.rar]57593 KB[/url]
Download (Beta 1.2): [url=http://rapidshare.com/files/165120824/Da_G-ATT-Fuze-Cooked-Beta-1.2-Nov-18-2008.rar]57596 KB[/url]
Download (Beta 1.1): [url]http://rapidshare.com/files/164929082/Da_G-ATT-Fuze-Cooked-Beta-1.1-Nov-18-2008.rar[/url]
Download (Beta 1): [url]http://rapidshare.com/files/164542629/Da_G-ATT-Fuze-Cooked-Beta-1-Nov-16-2008.rar[/url]

[url=http://rapidshare.com/files/166467854/Da_G-ATT-Fuze-Cooked-Beta-1.4-OEM-ROM-SYS-for-chefs-Nov-22-2008.rar]Da_G-ATT-Fuze-Cooked-Beta-1.4-OEM-ROM-SYS-for-chefs-Nov-22-2008 177726 KB[/url]
Dialer fix for beta 1: [url]http://rapidshare.com/files/164691675/RaphaelPTT_2008_09_10_A.CAB[/url]
Donate (Optional of course, but much appreciated!): Donate!
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Aug 20, 2007
Riverside, CA
2.04 5.2.21009.1.6.0 MSVC OEM/ROM/SYS 47935 KB
2.05 21009XIP/20954SYS MSVC OEM/ROM/SYS 43656 KB


Beta 2.05 vs. Beta 2.04

* 21009 XIP with 20954 SYS
* Removed htcmdp.dll for maximum graphics performance
* xcsdm's awesome button's configuration app for PTT
* EzInput removed and eT9 trimmed down to just what's required for all hw keys to function and word suggestion
* ClearType on rotation is fixed, enabled by default and on IE6
* Hidden plugin separators on today screen
* 'the fiendz fix' for SMS highlighting issue
* Removed VoIP and Voice Recorder, cabs will be available
* Should be most stable, bug free, and most importantly fast build so far

Beta 2.04 vs. Beta 2.03

* System upgraded to 5.2.21009.1.6.0
* Added EzInput and eT9 back to restore hw keyboard functionality
* XIP optimized
* Speed tweaks and removal of excess files
* 16mb pagepool, unlocked and can be changed to whatever you like

Beta 2.03 vs. Beta 2.02

* Graphics drivers are tweaked for performance, glitch w/graphics fix here
* Emuzed Codec package swapped for VisualOn, should fix WMP crashing
* Cleaned up some more orphaned regsitry entries
* Removed HTC Voice Recorder, duplicate functionality offered by Windows "Notes" - will make cab on request
* TCP/IP settings tweaked for higher RWIN

Beta 2.02 vs. Beta 2.01

* Added Wireless Manager shortcut to Start Menu\Programs\Tools
* Display timeout during call disabled
* Internet Explorer Mobile 6
* Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 (MS Build)
* More orphaned references removed from registry
* HTC GPS Tool updated to
* libgles_cl forwarder included
* WiFi settings tweaked for better speed
* Blackstone graphics drivers
* GPS drivers from diamond test ROM
* Fixed FM Radio mute issue
* Removed Outlookenhancement

Beta 2.01 vs. Beta 2.0

* Fixed widget size in popups
* Added TBattery to Start Menu Tools folder
* Fixed WifiSettings.exe in settings

Beta 2.0 vs. Beta 1.9

* System upgraded to 5.2.20764.1.4.3
* HTC Album removed, duplicate functionality of Pictures & Videos, available as a .cab
* Several built in packages updated
* Several newer drivers
* Touch Gestures disabled by default to allow multi-selecting, .cab available to re-enable
* MSVC should work with bt headsets now
* Broadcast Channels defaulted to on
* SD speedup tweaks from http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=446366

Beta 1.9 vs. Beta 1.8

* Comm Manager removed, available as .cab
* Bluetooth drivers rolled back (should fix voice command w/bluetooth headsets)
* GPS Poll interval halved from 1000ms to 500ms, should help reduce GPS lag
* HTC CleanGPSData now starts at every soft reset to clear firmware epheremis data (ported from blackstone)
* Call key long press now bound to prompt for action rather than disconnect data call
* Ported wce_rex.dll from HTC Quartz XIP
* nk.exe patched to allow loading of unsigned drivers

Beta 1.8 vs. Beta 1.7

* QuickGPS cosmetic issue w/download button fixed
* MSVC build has short PTT bound to Voice Command rather than Comm Manager
* Excess cruft culled, sample audio, video, etc (several mb's)
* This build is a release candidate for final 2.0

Beta 1.7 vs. Beta 1.6

* Long/Short PTT, IM, CV will now be binded by default (shortcuts are deletable and rebindable)
* AudioBooster reverted to non-wvga version
* Voice Command shortcut in start menu on MSVC build (whoops!)
* Cleanup of more excess cruft
* Ported more blackstone/diamond drivers
* BT SAP Cosmetic issue fixed (rolled back a version)

Beta 1.6 vs. Beta 1.5

* Upgraded OS to 5.2.20759 (Build 20759.1.4.2) ported from HTC Quartz
* Enable hidden Phone settings (Illuminate Center Button on voicemail, disconnect data connections on sleep)
* Removed HTC Volume Control
* Fixed icons in Comm Manager (except the vibrate icon, pesky bugger!)
* Further speed enhancements
* Arcsoft MMS, AudioBooster, LongPressEndKey, BTSAP, BTFTP, BTBPP, ConcurrenceMgr, DShow, HTCApplication, LockStreamDRM, RingtonePlugin, AudioManager, FullScreenPlayer, VoiceRecorder, QuickGPS, USBToPCPopUp, HTC GPS Tool brought up to current versions (ported from diamond vodaphone and blackstone asia wwe)
* GPS, Touch, Bluetooth, Sound, USB, WLAN, and misc drivers and firmware ported over from blackstone. Notably better performance on GPS and Audio (Voice Command announce incoming caller is now functional! GPS lag greatly reduced and accuracy greatly increased)

Known Issues:
* Vibrate icon in comm manager is busted when ringer is on (displays normally when in vibrate)
* Beacon tab in Phone Settings appears to be non functional (will probably hide it again, unhidden for testing)
* Bluetooth Sim Access Profile doesn't background itself properly when launching, so on a cold boot it's title will show up in the titlebar. Cosmetic issue though - it'll background as soon as you start using the device.
* SPB Diary settings menu not functioning correctly (not included in rom, 3rd party app)
* Please report any abnormal device behavior, lots of new drivers may lead to unexpected results! Everything looks positive at this point however.

Beta 1.5 vs. Beta 1.4

* Wireless Today plugin re-enabled
* Removed MS Office
* Removed AT&T Dialer
* Removed MSVC
* Changed Call key Long Press to Task Manager (Default was MSVC)
* Pictures and Videos send mms fixed
* Cleaned up more dead registry entries
* Cabs will be available for removed apps!

Beta 1.4 vs. Beta 1.3

* Removed leftover registry entries from removed apps
* Removed Video Share, cab available
* Removed Java, cab available
* AdvancedNetwork functionality is now unlocked
* Windows Task Manager re-enabled
* Upgraded XIP/SYS to 5.2.20757.1.4.0 ported by me from Touch HD

Beta 1.3 vs. Beta 1.2

* Key remapping has been changed to co-exist with AE Button Plus, now you can remap almost every key by creating shortcuts in \Windows

-Rebind Web Button
\Windows\Short_Explore.lnk *if opera is not installed*
\Windows\Short_OperaL.lnk *if opera is installed*

-Rebind Messaging Button

-Rebind SMS Button

-Rebind Calendar Button

-Rebind Instant Messaging Button

-Rebind Contacts Button

-Rebind Web Button

-Rebind CV Button

-Rebind Music Button

-Rebind Short Power

-Rebind Long Power

-Rebind Short PTT

-Rebind Long PTT

-Rebind Long Send

Beta 1.2 vs. Beta 1.1

* Nearly all 3rd party applications removed, cabs coming soon
* Most ringtones/alerts/alarms removed
* Removed all cabs from initial customization process, now will install your UC cabs or simply reboot after a short delay if you have none
* Default keymappings changed due to app removal as follows: web.lnk loads Pocket IE, cv.lnk loads up Notes

Beta 1.1 vs. Beta 1:

* Added User Customization Support
* Fixed dialer bug
* Removed TouchFlo3d
* Cleanup of unused files
* Remapped AT&T Keys as follows:
* Music key brings up My Documents\My Music
* Media Net key activates web.lnk, defaults to Opera Mobile
* Cellular Video key activates cv.lnk, defaults to YouTube App
* IM key activates im.lnk, defaults to Task Manager
* You can replace any of the previous shortcuts in \Windows to customize the key's action!

Beta 1 vs. Stock Fuze ROM:

* Removed all AT&T supplied demos
* Removed RAPI restrictions and Unsigned App prompting
* Removed Registry-based restrictions on HSUPA and HSDPA (HSUPA seems to be working, testing needed)

* Removed AT&T hidden proxy, home pages changed from device.home to www.google.com (hidden proxy enable/disable in Tools menu)
* Band page in Phone settings
* HSDPA Icon enabled (shows H in titlebar instead of 3G when on HSPA)
* Field Test added in Tools menu
* HTC GPS Tool added in settings
* FM Radio added in Start menu
* .NET Compact Framework 3.5
* Internet Connection Sharing isp.cingular restriction removed


* Original AT&T & HTC Applications from Fuze Stock ROM broken out into cabs (60% done)
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Sep 14, 2008
Whoa, the network fixes are HUGE developments, I can't believe this thread has so few responses. Is your HSUPA fix the only current fix which exists for Fuze or is it present in other roms?


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Jun 1, 2006
Boston, MA
Great. I'm eager to hear back. I was hoping for a clean ROM with no extras and without TouchFlo 3D but this one looks like a good one also.
It seems to be alright. I've had one program crash on me (ctpnl.exe), not entirely sure why.
There are a few non-default settings established (x button minimizes) but all in all, not bad.
There are a few additions (FM Radio, MusicID, USB Drive option on activesync, etc) but all in all it seems pretty good. A lot less bloat.


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Beta 1.1 Posted, addressed the issues posted so far

Changoland: Unknown if any other ROM's have HSUPA enabled, I didn't think to check! Only saw that it wasn't enabled in AT&T's ROM and took care of it..

Slowly inching toward a completely clean ROM :)


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Aug 20, 2007
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I thought there was a TouchFlo 3d cab floating around somewhere, if not, when I finish paring the ROM down to a completely clean system, I plan to release cabs for everything removed, such that you can install .cab's and bring the ROM right back to the AT&T stock ROM, if you choose (the goal is flexibility!)

philly fan

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Feb 14, 2006
I thought there was a TouchFlo 3d cab floating around somewhere, if not, when I finish paring the ROM down to a completely clean system, I plan to release cabs for everything removed, such that you can install .cab's and bring the ROM right back to the AT&T stock ROM, if you choose (the goal is flexibility!)
Ok I will wait to try the ROM once it is added. Thanks for your quick response.


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Feb 25, 2007
This is an awesome ROM so far. Fast. Stable. And the network speeds seem much better.

I love fast unbloated ROMs like this to use as a base to build up the WM phone the way I like it.

Now I just need to settle on a radio. I'm using .32 right now and are thinking of dropping down to .14 to see if it improves reception.


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Aug 20, 2007
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This ROM was built on the AT&T Fuze, from the official AT&T Fuze ROM, and tested on the AT&T network, you should have no issues as far as that goes :)

Version 1.2 is coming along.. almost 370MB storage free, 145MB RAM on first boot..

Also incorporated a number of tweaks to speed up the device, it's noticably faster than v1.1.
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