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Mar 15, 2007
This is out of box from HTC . No orange customisation. I believe this will allow Orange customers to upgrade without the HardSPL stuff


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Jul 26, 2008
Excellent. Thank you.

(Note for others that want to view that page: The Orange site uses session IDs and cookies so the referring URL will not immediately work - select your phone though and reload the link and it'll come up fine)



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Sep 6, 2008
What are the benefits of this software update for my phone?
The software upgrade for your HTC Touch Diamond improves performance, stability and battery life.

How do I download the latest software update?

Before you upgrade to the latest version of ROM software, please ensure that:

you have backed up all of your personal data
while performing the ROM Update, all of your data and settings will be erased from your phone. It is necessary to back up all of your personal data (contacts, appointments, tasks) using Active Sync.
it is suggested that you save content such as music, ringtones, pictures onto you laptop or memory card.
your PC is running Windows® 98, 2000, XP or vista. Your battery has 50% or more charge.
Note: be aware that you cannot use your phone during the installation and you will not be connected to the network.

You will need to reconfigure your E mail settings once updated.

Windows installation instructions:

connect the device to your PC using your USB cable. An activesync pop up should indicate that you are connected. Do not remove this cable during the installation process.
click on the ROM link below and choose to save the file to your PC
Once download is complete double-click the file and follow all instructions in the installation wizard that will appear on screen. If the current and new ROM are the same version you can still re-install, this can often cures problems.
you can save the ROM to a file on your PC for reinstalling later or to upgrade several phones from one download.
once the installation begins you will see the install shield and integrity testing complete before the upgrade starts
when the ROM upgrade begins your phone will display a red,
green and blue (bootloader) screen, a progression bar will appear on
your PC and the phone will show progress towards 100%.
once installed your phone will install the ROM and restart.

Anyone tested this version yet?
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Mar 25, 2008
Do you know if this update will reset the hard spl and radio versions?

Or is it just the rom update. If so, how would I restore my original SPL so that Orange wouldn't know I've tinkered with it?!

My phone has a fault you see and I think I will need to have it replaced.



Mar 25, 2008
PS, I've installed the Orange ROM. There are no orange customisations at all.

It's like a very basic version of the unofficial 1.93 roms doing the rounds here.

It's good for those that have an old Oraneg rom and don't wanna risk a cooked rom on here, but if you've already got a new rom such as swiftbl or dutty etc, I wouldn't bother with the orange rom.

In fact I'm gonna install a new rom from here and not bother with the boring Orange one!


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Aug 3, 2008
Just installed. it seems a bit quicker, but we've lost the animation between tf3D tabs :(

Not sure what you mean by animation between tf3D tabs? Can you still slide between tabs and if you do does the one you are now on show up? Also can you still move between tabs by swiping finger across screen please?
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