[ROM][X00TD][8.1.0] ResurrectionRemix v6.1.0 [OFFICIAL][20180908]

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Oct 27, 2018
Im getting this error while giving permission to greenify or any other app which asks for permission.
Whenever i click on OK it show this
Error : Because an app is obscuring a permission request, Settings can't verify your response

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Im getting this error while giving permission to greenify or any other app which asks for permission.
Whenever i click on OK it show this
Error : Because an app is obscuring a permission request, Settings can't verify your response


Nov 2, 2018
Fingerprint not working. Anyone can help?

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Fingerprint not working and how to improve sound ??


Apr 23, 2018
I would like to use dolby aymos with viper4android, but when installed viper4android dolby atmospher not used, how can run these two applications at the same time. help me


Apr 23, 2018


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The Prodigal King

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Jan 24, 2017
but i want to use 2 dolby vs viper4android app. Can not run two applications at the same time.how to fix it

Just uninstall them both.... And follow these steps

1. Flash Dolby and viper.
2. Flash audio mod lib module from magisk
3. Wipe dalvik cache (just in case)
4. Reboot.

Note : After flashing everything, for viper to work goto viper settings>FX compatibility mode>select compatible.... Now it should work alongside dolby... I'm currently using both without any issues..


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  • Jun 25, 2017
    There's no performance mode under battery. I can't get smooth animation as compared to other roms like crDroid. I hope rr's pie version would have that... :eek:

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      Resurrection Remix Oreo

      Installation Files




      Resurrection Remix Github Source

      XDA Rules

      Big thanks to:

      XDA developers

      LineageOS team


      Omni team


      Device tree
      Kernel Source
      Vendor tree

      I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
      thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
      do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
      before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
      you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you. 
      A lot.

      XDA:DevDB Information
      [ROM][ASUS_X00TD][8.1.0] ResurrectionRemix v6.0.0 [OFFICIAL], ROM for the Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1

      Shivam Kumar Jha
      Source Code: https://github.com/ResurrectionRemix

      ROM OS Version: 8.x Oreo
      ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
      ROM Firmware Required: Unlocked bootloader + TWRP
      Based On: Lineage

      Version Information
      Status: Beta

      Created 2018-06-07
      Last Updated 2018-07-25
      What's working :
      • Boots
      • VoLTE
      • RIL (Calls, SMS, Data)
      • Fingerprint
      • Wi-Fi
      • Bluetooth
      • Camera
      • Camcorder
      • Video Playback
      • Audio
      • Sensors
      • Flash
      • LED
      • GPS

      Known issues:
      • You Tell me

      Q] Is this GSI ?
      This is a ROM with device specific vendor & kernel.

      Q] Is this port ROM?
      Built from source.

      Q] Is camera2 API enabled?
      Yes it is by default.

      Q] Do I need to flash mod to disable force encryption?
      No, disabled by default.

      20180606: Initial build
      20180608: Official build, OTA
      20180610: Here
      20180611: Here
      20180613: Here
      20180615: Here
      20180621: Here
      20180709: Here
      20180719: Here
      20180725: Here
      20180908: Final RR oreo update.

      • OTA 311 sync
      • SeLinux: Permissive->Enforcing
      • Unified manifest (previously separate manifest with & w/o nfc)
      • Fixed ANT
      • Added sdFAT
      • Vendor cleanup
      • Kernel: Merge 4.4.139
      • Upstream changes

      • Fixed notification led blinking fast
      • Fixed Gatekeeper HAL crashing
      • Added audio amplifier
      • Kernel: Merge 4.4.138 + a lot of other commits
      • Upstream changes

      I have made all my sources public & thus have decided to stop maintaining AospExtended & DotOS so someone else can maintain those.

      Also about some comments about slow charging, for me charging rate is same as stock. I have verified this with some users too.
      There is no modification on Asus kernel for charging as well.

      EDIT: 2nd build uploaded today as 1st one had broken led light.

      Stock camera port

      • Updated files to latest 309 OTA (Camera, fp, etc changes)
      • Added missing radio libs
      • Added NFC (More on this down.)
      • Reverted exfat add in kernel (More on this down.)
      • Upstream changes

      Q] We have NFC ?
      Asus added half baked NFC in OTA 305 & fully added it in OTA 309.
      As per my knowledge Indian variant does not support NFC but the global variant does.
      Don't worry fellow Indian variant users, I've written a script which will remove NFC for our model.

      Q] Why is exFAT removed ?
      I added exFAT in 20180613 build after it was reported OTG & other external were not working to fix it.
      However I faced a system freeze so right now it has been removed. I'll work to fix it or implement other alternative.
      20180610 build can have sleep of death due to power hal issues, this has been fixed.
      Feel free to report any issues.

      For this build I recommend a clean flash although not necessary ;)
      Also, Eid Mubarak ;)

      there is a bug on notification lights.
      it seems that the setting wont works, it doesnt show a change at all.
      always fast blink with short lights
      im on 6/11 build,
      still downloading the latest build
      Yes this is a know issue, wait for fix :p
      Does this ROM implemented camera2api by default? Did multitouch bug already fixed (I saw latest changelog included june patch)?
      Yes it does, go through FAQ in post #2 ;)
      Am getting an error from Android Trust. It says SELinux is not set to forced and also gives an error about encryption is disabled. With the 20180611 version I did not have this issue. Everything seems to work fine but when I reboot, i get the error. Also safetynet check fails in magisk manager application. Any help on fixing these two issues?
      Yes because Sepolicy is permissive. Also I've disabled force encryption .
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