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    New Build

    * Sync with Source
    * December Security Patch
    l tried almost all your rooms you've created/maintaining for LeEco Le 2 and i encountered same issue.. The VoLTE is not working without that i can't Use my primary Sim Jio, it does gets network but I can't make calls. It just gets ended as as soon as i click on call button and i believe reason for that is no support for VoLTE, there's no settings For VoLTE in settings, i really want you and i hope you can fix that issue with VoLTE so i can also enjoy your great work, and big thanks for fixing echo.
    I'm using the LineageOS Tree , wich have the echo already fixed . But also doesn't have VoLTE support. if u want , you can flash a old version , but You Will have echo.

    i can't fix VoLTE , because i don't have it where i live (and i don't need it)

    Other Dev is looking about VoLTE. i will update if VoLTE get a fix
    New Update is up!
    * VoLTE Fixed (thanks to tlmlbreakdown)
    * February Security Patch
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