[ROM] X96 Air Hybrid AOSP Custom Rom Android 9 [ATV]

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Jan 4, 2017
Hi, thanks Bullghost for this Rom. What is the installation process? I'm trying with USB Burning tool, but after I extract zip file, I'm getting 3 imgs (system, vendor and logo), I have tried al but always getting error "Parse image failed". Thanks.
Check the previous comments . You shouldn't flash with usb burning tool but directly from the android default recovery...


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Jan 4, 2017
I'm still having issues with Android Home Launcher even though I reflashed the ROM. Suddenly launcher becomes black after using the android box with other apps . When I wanna go back to the homescreen becomes black and the only solution is to restart the os. Tried clearing data and cache of the android home apps. Also tried to update it via play store but nothing works


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Jan 25, 2009
Is this ROM for version 2GB/16GB or version 4GB/64GB? Because they are different.

Also, has anyone tried using VPN with this ROM? Because is seems to be a generalized issue between Android 9 and VPN that causes internet disconnection with ethernet. Maybe this ROM fix this?


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Jan 4, 2017
Is this ROM for version 2GB/16GB or version 4GB/64GB? Because they are different.

Also, has anyone tried using VPN with this ROM? Because is seems to be a generalized issue between Android 9 and VPN that causes internet disconnection with ethernet. Maybe this ROM fix this?
I have the 2GB/16GB variant and it's working fine . I guess it works on the 4gb/64gb too
VPN works haven't noticed any issues so far.


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Jul 28, 2017
OnePlus 8 Pro
This ROM is already rooted out of the box . You don't have to root it manually
I have an original non-rooted system. How to root it and flash TWRP?


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Jan 1, 2014
First of all, thanks to the bullghost for this ROM. I have an X96 Air 4/64 P3 and after starting to give problems (crash at startup and stuck at boot) I decided to try this ROM. It solved the problem and I already have the box working again. I haven't tested everything yet, but so far everything is working properly. The installation was done with the zip file directly on the recovery with a USB stick, TWRP is not necessary.


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    this custom rom, i made it for my X96 Air box

    - base on X96 stock rom
    - latest ATV Google APPs [06-2020]
    - hybrid home, easy switch between ATV home and Non ATV Home
    - easy direct access ATV app from Non ATV Home
    - LiveWallpaper enabled easy Access
    - Upgraded Wifi driver from latest OTA update
    - clean up by remove all unnecessary app from stock rom
    - Home Switcher Support Home from
    • JesonKung
    • Launcher3
    • Xperia
    • ADW
    • Lollipop
    • lawnchair
    - replace file explorer
    - add setting on TV Launcher
    - disable battery status display on launcher widget ( need clear data of launcher app)
    - extra icon pack
    - and Many other tweaks
    - fix broken file management
    - remove droidfile

    latest update checksum
    // File Checksum Integrity Verifier version 2.05.
    674aa99ffc762f579c38af27e3e2ab6d bullghost-x96air-20210125-signed.zip

    for anyone that came from previous version here is the step:
    after flash the update, you just only need to clear /wipe the cache partition.
    to install the icon pack, copy the from /vendor/preinstall folder to /sdcard folder

    Download Rom
    I don't think you can install TWRP on x96 air. But you can use the hinged TWRP to boot into TWRP whenever you want through the stock recovery.

    Hi, owning this box, we can install TWRP in recovery by flashing with AmlogicFlasherV1.0 and the TWRP.img which is in the archive HERE, beware it will be ROOT before.
    Update :
    - change Home for support icon themes
    - update tvsetting to bring other setting into one place
    - add more home compatible for home switching
    Hi. Thank you for sharing.

    I have been running it for a few hours and I love all the additions of features and the Android TV look (I used Mi Box S before so I prefer this look)

    I do have one problem though. On stock firmware, I was able to pass through the audio to my sound bar in kodi (this lets me listen to Dolby Atmos and other surround sound technologies). I tried everything on your rom to make it work but it doesn't seem to work at all.

    What worked in stock firmware:

    Droid settings - sound - switch it to manual - enable all the options and set DTS to 20%. Go to Kodi, go to Kodi audio settings and enable passthrough, then play a dolby Atmos or DTS file and my soundbar said "Dolby Atmos" or "DTS" whenever I played the respective file.

    In your rom:

    There are three settings apps. 1 is droid settings from stock firmware, 1 is aosp settings app from stock firmware and 1 is the new settings app with extra features.

    I have tried changing the droid settings sound options like on stock firmware but that does not work. I have tried using the new settings apps sound options (tried manual, auto, always allow etc etc) and that does not work either. I'm unable to get passthrough audio.

    I always get PCM, even in Atmos/Dolby Digital/DTS files. My sound bar supports all of these codecs, and the box can do passthrough audio as I have already tried it on the stock firmware.

    It's possible that it's due to viper4android? But I have disabled the master switch in viper as well.

    Sorry for the long post but I was trying to be as detailed as possible. Honestly, apart from this, I have zero issues with your rom. I wanted to use it as a daily driver but this sound output option is a big problem as I watch a lot of 4K movies with Atmos and DTS.

    If anyone is considering this rom but don't care about the issue I'm having, go for it. There are no other issues in this rom and is easily a daily driver. Works very well and highly recommended from my end.

    hi @Nasty_z ,
    i have apply some change.
    but i dont have sound bar , so i cannot test it,

    please try this version on repo
    // File Checksum Integrity Verifier version 2.05.
    c808b36f0fe6b4c68cc869c688d6dbe6 bullghost-x96air-20200630-signed.zip
    Thanks, worked smooth, I just made backup through TWRP, I guess i can do restore same way?
    Yes exactly. You can restore it the same way, boot into TWRP and use the restore option.
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