[ROM][XperiaX10M]MIUI.us v4 ICS[2.10.12][STABLE][UOSnapSeries][15/10/2012][Uploaded]

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Dec 12, 2010
Thanks for this new version...
just to report that it seems that audio folder missing ...system/media/
So no sounds available but we can choose external sound....

Other thing : brightness is not working apparently

i can't see light on as usual when i charge the phone

App2sd doesn't work....contrary to 2.8.31

allways some crash under wifi connexion : please how can i generate log in order to find whats wrong really with wifi troubles

i noted your exams before all ... :)
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Feb 4, 2012
Root Explorer does not change R / O to R / W so I can record Optional Package Apps in system / app

---------- Post added at 05:56 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:47 PM ----------

App MiuiToolbox I access denied, does not allow the OC.


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Dec 12, 2010
You have to flash superuser patch .zip ... see link in the thread ...
But personally i 'm back to 2.8.31 cause too much missing things ( led , app2sd , audio folder ... )


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Feb 27, 2012
Yes I did all the wipings. :(

You should re-install it maybe. :confused:


Thank you for the new version! I like it!

However, lockscreen is still laggy and brightness setting doesn't work.

Everything works well except those for now. And the Rom is very fast!

Thanks again and please keep working for X10 Mini!


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Aug 23, 2011
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Oct 30, 2011
New Delhi
Woooooow!!! for X10MP tooo!!

I just can't wait for the release for mimmi.........I am very pleased to see one more developer is going to show the magic.....!!

We are hoping to see great things from you bro...!!

Never stop this great work.....Please.!!


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Aug 23, 2011
For people who support me ..i give them great thanks
but for those who doesn't give a sh*t even to read FAQ then what could i say?
For PM Me for Please fix this...it's sound kinda rude!
Anyway i will discontinue work for low user device soon as i am now trying focus more on the device that majorities support and download rate is high :)

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    Presents the Unofficial SnapSeries
    MIUI 2.10.12 ICS ROM

    This Is My Own Build For The SnapSeries Devices Which Selected to be running own the MIUI build ( Xperia X10 Mini )
    Currently My Xperia Arc (Daily Driver Phone) Has Sent to Repair & Will cost some amount $$
    As for now my main device to test build P500 has Become my daily driver therefore i can't work on it
    This will eventually slowdown process of release and bug fixing.
    Any Donation Will Be Appreciated To Cover Up My Cost to Repair My Daily Driver,It helps me faster to get back my daily driver and focus on the build
    As i am closer to my final exam therefore i need to save up time for release hope you guys understand.
    More info can checkout my twitter for latest info@IdeosDevZack
    Working ::Latest Xperia X10 MINI
    • Boot
    • Touchscreen
    • MIUI Apps and Launcher
    • Sd-Card
    • Wifi
    • Sms and Call -2g/3g
    • Bluetooth
    • Accelerometer
    • Audio
    • headphone
    • Superuser root updated and works
    • Installing Apps
    • GPS
    • Virtual Keys
    • Led
    • Brightness
    • Sensors
    • Charger
    • Camera
    • USB Connection
    • Browser
    • Other's

    Not Working/Broken:

    • Requirements:
      • Latest 2.1.1.A.0.6/2.1.1.C.0.0 SE firmware / Baseband: M76XX-TSNCJOLYM-53404015
      • Unlocked bootloader
      • Latest version of the ICS nAa kernel
      • Download the update-MIUI-xxx.zip from the release link that follows
      • Backup your /data contents: contacts, apps, sms, etc. or backup via recovery
      • Move the update-MIUI-xxx.zip to the root folder of your sdcard.
      • Make sure you are using the nAa-ics kernel
      • Enter CWM and:
      • - Select 'backup and restore -> Backup'
      • - Select 'wipe data/factory reset' (MUST DO)
      • - Flash the zip. To do this, Select 'install zip from sdcard -> choose zip from sdcard' and select the update-MIUI-xxx.zip
      • - Flash gapps if you want them!
      • Reboot (first boot will take ~2 mins)

      Disclaimer : I'm not responsible if this ROM bricks your lovely phone. Use it at your own risk!

      |Strictly No Copying My Rom in Any Part & Do Read FAQ at Post #2 :)|
      Any Illegal Usage and Without Permission on any work that develop by me will be reported and serious action will be taken
      ROM Stealing Will Be Take Count Seriously!
      Download & Changelog at Post #3
      Support Pages (DroidXDA) Support Them as Well
      (MIUI.US )
      nAa for CM9
      Deeddi for the signature banner :)
    Download v2.10.12 Uploaded

    Older Download :

    Do NOT mirror or Links Without Permission and Strictly No Eta's
    Changelog :

    If there's enough amount of user then this will be continued
    I don't want support any low user rom (Too Much to be care for updating it)
    Hope you guys understand

    Optional : Gapps
    Phone FC's : Patch[/SIZE]
    [*]Updated To V2.10.12
    [*]Optimised system file to not exceed system limit 
    [*]SuperSu Latest Added To All Line Up except Xperia X8 & X10 Mini
    [*]Fixed Package Installer Fc's
    [*]Fixed Headphone (SoundAbout Include)
    [*]Fixed Graphic Glitches
    [*]Remove all brightness flashable(Brightness working now)
    [*]Certain Device Get Rebased to latest CM9 Build
    [*]Lightweight and speed improvement 
    [*]Better Battery Life (Enabling Deep Sleep)
    [*]New Wallpaper
    [*]Lite lockscreen to reduce lag are available just copy from the zip at theme folder to (sdcard/miui/themes)
    [*]Major bug has been resolved.
    [*]Codename Stable 
    [*]Updated To V2.9.21
    [*]Removed Whole Bunch Of Files(Complete Diet System)
    [*]Optional Apps Package (Can push to system/app if you want)
    [*]Remove Data/app function (User Report that problem)
    [*]Switched To SuperUser 3.2 (Just Let it automatically response>allow)
    [*]Removed LBE Guard & All Miui Superuser System(Problematic)
    [*]Fixed Google Play Installation Fc's
    [*]Fixed Microphone 
    [*]Fixed the keyboard screencut
    [*]Intergrated Google Apps
    [*]Optional Brightness Control Enable /Disable Flashable Zip
    [*]Apps installation complete but fc's is normal
    [*]Lightweight and speed improvement 
    [*]Better Battery Life
    [*]Till date most stable refreshed UI Miuiv4 
    [*]Fixed RIL Problem On X8 & X10Mini(Do Make Call After Booting To Enable RIL)
    [*]MIUI 2.9.14
    [*]Native USB Storage without require any apk [Need Feedback]
    [*]Fully Update Latest Without Removing Stuff!
    [*]MiuiToolBox Fully Functioning Now!
    [*]GuardProvider & LBE Guard Now Works without Fc's
    [*]Lowest Brightness dimm off now patched :) AKA SliderBug 
    [*]Theme now install & load fine
    [*]Data/app feature now enable due to low storage in system
    [*]Lockscreen now can call upon faster (press power button) 
    [*]Launcher (LDPI May not work)
    [*]MIUI 2.8.31
    [*]Initial Released
    [*]Based latest MiniCM9 Nightlies
    [*]Improved Setting(Fixed Some Misplaced button)
    [*]Root Now Working ([URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=31128238&postcount=650"]Method[/URL])
    What Is "SnapSeries" ?
    Is my own idea & build for Other Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 powered phone.
    All this phone has lot's of potential and user with a low budget price tag.
    It's seem to be soon replaced and ditched from support.
    We aiming to bring both performance and graphic tweak for better experience with latest Android Version platform.

    So Does "SnapSeries MIUI " is by MIUI.US?
    SnapSeries is running build source from MIUI.Us as i am a developers from miui.us therefore the build for device is make use for other's under my device line up for the SnapSeries.Therefore it doesn't mean official support from MIUI.US
    You can't get the build from their server as for sure due to some of device doesn't even has dedicated forum on MIUI.US

    So what does "SnapSeries" do?
    SnapSeries Currently Bringing taste of MIUI on top of CyanogenMOD
    which have a custom user interface (UI) with the performance of CyanogenMOD on the latest Ice Cream Sandwich Platform.
    SnapSeries now building #CM10 Jellybean for selected device

    Hmmm,then does SnapSeries Build Rom are bugless?
    We hope to gain that level of perfection but remember this is an aftermarket frimware so bug is exist

    Which PhoneSnapSeries Rom Are Available ?
    Currently Miuiv4 SnapSeries on for LG Optimus One P500,Xperia X8 & X10Mini,Samsung Galaxy Ace & Gio,HTC Wildfire,HTC Wildfire S (Marvel &MarvelC),HTC Explorer,& Huawei Ideos Series as well
    You can find it here

    When will you release a new version? ?
    Ask Always No ETA's,i choose to release on what desire i would as i have a life like you do

    I found an bug or something now working!What can I do?
    Do report and state your problem clearly as possible.
    Read to OP Page/Thread before reporting
    Doesn't need to report bug that be reported by other user
    Learn Adb (here) and Stop Saying this,that,and other not working

    When will you fix this "bug" ?
    I fix it when i have the suitable time and i doesn't promise it will be fix.
    I choose to fix bug that i think it's require

    Can i know how to do this & can you answer me please?TELL ME!!
    Hey i have my right to not answer you and not to share any ideas if i don't want to.If you are irritating by spamming post/pm.Just need to be reported.My choice to answer and not to.I only deal with people that i want.I dislike people that have no sense eager and rude towards me

    Dislike Our Work? or Complaining Like A Baby?
    Well there's far many works from CM7,CM10&AOKP,so may try other's work and don't barking on this thread for user whom only intend to use the rom.BYE!

    Like & enjoys using SnapSeries?Want to help out?
    You can always submit patches and fixes that you think useful on the thread
    Doesn't need to pm if doesn't really required to do so
    You can also hit thanks or donate to me :)

    Why Running On SnapSeries Build??Any Special about it

    Nothing much but on SnapSeries because i have range of device running MIUI that i build therefore you can get fixes/help from list device running on my build as well helping other's!

    MIUI ScreenShot #SnapSeries

    ----|:|Common Problem Solution|:|----

    • [*]Having Issue With Installation (Status)7 = Download Uncomplete
      [*]Lockscreen is lil laggy = Common issue for all MIUI rom for lower end device (Maybe Processor) (Try a simple locksreen)
      [*]I want to reduce lockscreen lag,any other way? = . Sound settings > vibrate on touch,> disable it(untick)
      [*]I want to increase the speed of my device but how = Use Ram Manager Pro & Safe Overclock
      [*]Battery Drain = Try recalibrate and disable function that didn't use (Miui use abit more battery than usual rom)
      [*]My HomeScreen Is Overlapping = Got to Launcher Setting & Set 4x4
      [*]I want to play video but it choppy = try MX Player at Google Play should work better
      [*]There's is some feature i want on my miui that should have,where can i get it = Download and adb the optional package files
      [*]How to install theme ? = Create a folder at /data/theme
      [*]Why The Status Bar Doesn't change after applying theme? = Reboot device
      [*]Overclocking problem with MIUIToolbox = Use Nofrills or Setcpu,they are better in overclocking
      [*]Tethering Use Third Party Such As This "Here" or "Here"
      [*]Headset can't connect? = Use ToggleHeadset or SoundAbout

    Like & enjoys using SnapSeries?Want to help out?
    You can always submit patches and fixes that you think useful on the thread
    Doesn't need to pm if doesn't really required to do so
    You can also hit thanks or donate to me :)

    Finally Enjoy SnapSeries Build :) & Get Below Signature Banner



    :-:|List Of Device Running On SnapSeries|:-:
    How To Apply to be part of SnapSeries?
    Just head Over To Here & Read over requirement and faq.Do Drop DroidXDA FB Page a PM
    I have just updated the whole line up of SnapSeries Device with latest V2.10.12 :silly:
    OP Pages_Download Page_Changelog All been updated
    If you found any bug don't freak out.
    Read Through All there page of OP before you do anything stupid that result you get reported
    Use proper way to report.I have written a proper guide here
    Hope you guys enjoy this release and do always support me :good:
    I also will be removing some of device that have low end download and user rate.
    I am not free to maintain any device that is not worth it.
    Codename : Stable :cool: :cowboy:
    For Other Forum Maintainer of the rom you may update the links but no modification on the build
    & Seriously to other no copying works that i waste massive lot of hours
    Anyone want the release?
    Build Currently Uploading
    Do Support My Build as usual and this might be my release before exam
    So Don't stop supporting my work...will be back after my final exam