[ROM][XSP] StryFlex™ Marshmallow v2.2 | Official Sony Xperia UI [Updated 08-11-2016]

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Aug 16, 2010
Back from real world at last to treat us with your goodies. Thanks! Real world always wins!
I'm still using your ROM. No complaint at all except the occasional freezes when rebooting.
One question though: Can I unroot it safely with #SuperSU -->settings--> Remove root permanently?


Oct 8, 2016
for Xperia M

Wrong thread. Search on Google.

Hey guys!

No, ROM ain't dead yet. I've downloaded Xperia XZ System dump and I'm working on porting it. So far, framework porting is done, working on SystemUI. Because I've been very busy these last 3 months, it wasn't possible for me to work on StryFlex. Now I have some free time so I'm back at it! ;)
P.S. Still no ETAs please. :)


Please don't abandon developing ROM for Xperia M too :) We single sim users are yet to avail your ROM... If possible I'd like to volunteer to be test subject for c1904 model... Have a good day and keep up the good work! :cowboy:


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Jan 16, 2016
Porting apps

dont forget to port sony camera v2,lockscreen,messaging app,xperia new contact & caller ui..
please add dolby atmos audio..
if these r possible to port do it bro...
please fix the wifi coverage area as in stock rom..;):good::)


Oct 8, 2016
i am not only asking for myself ...i am asking for all others using xperia sp phones..
if developer ports these app u wont use ah??:confused::p:mad::p:fingers-crossed:

I won't cause I own Xperia M :p .. but my point wasn't that .. these developers work their @sses off to bring us free goodies, the least we could do is to ask a little and appreciate it more to keep them encouraged in their work .. :angel:


Senior Member
Jan 16, 2016
I won't cause I own Xperia M :p .. but my point wasn't that .. these developers work their @sses off to bring us free goodies, the least we could do is to ask a little and appreciate it more to keep them encouraged in their work .. :angel:

ya i to konow abt that...i asked only if possible..if not its ok..
i am also ready to encourage them...doesnt needed any explanation bro...
just kidding;):D


Inactive Recognized Developer / Recognized Themer
May 13, 2013
Official StryFlex ROM G+ Community

Hey guys! Official StryFlex ROM G+ community is now live! Feel free to join it, post reviews and share!


StryFlex v2.0 is almost ready.. I'll release it as soon as possible. Cheers! :)


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    Hey guys! Here's my new ROM StryFlex™ Marshmallow for Xperia SP based on Sony's Official Xperia UI.. All the apps are ported from latest Sony Xperia XZ Marshmallow Firmware..:D Hope you guys enjoy it!;)

    POST 1- Introduction And Features
    POST 2- Screenshots
    POST 3- Downloads And Instructions
    POST 4- Official Xperia X/StryFlex Themes
    POST 5- Changelogs

    * Your warranty is now void.
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed!!
    *Please make nandroid backup before flashing this as a precaution!
    *Try this ROM at your own risk!
    • Xperia XZ SystemUI
    • Xperia XZ Framework
    • Xperia XZ Themed Settings
    • Xperia XZ Phonebook and Dialer
    • Xperia XZ Media Sounds
    • Xperia XZ Organizer
    • Xperia XZ Calendar
    • Xperia XZ Calculator
    • Xperia XZ Clock-Widgets
    • Xperia XZ Weather App and Widget
    • Xperia XZ Marshmallow Wallpapers
    • Xperia XZ StryFlex Bootanimation
    • Xperia XZ Live Wallpaper
    • Xperia XZ Entrance App
    • Xperia XZ Home Launcher
    • Xperia XZ Album App
    • Xperia XZ Music App
    • Xperia XZ Lifelog App
    • Xperia XZ Email App
    • Xperia XZ Keyboard
    • Xperia XZ TopContactsWidget
    • Xperia XZ WallpaperPicker
    • Xperia XZ Photo Editor
    • Xperia XZ News Suite
    • Xperia XZ Sound Picker
    • Xperia XZ Movie Creator
    • Xperia XZ TrackID
    • Xperia XZ Sketch
    • Xperia XZ Transfer Mobile App
    • Introducing StryFlex™ OTA Center
    • Xperia ClearAudio+ And S-Force Surround Sound
    • Pure Sony Sound Enhancements with Clear Stereo™ and Clear Phase™

    NOTE-Redistribution/Re-porting and unauthorized use of my work is not allowed. If found such, it will be reported to XDA Moderators.

    • @AdrianDC for AOSP-RRO Link to Kernel Source
    • @chitshiv for Xperia XZ Bootanimation
    • @ibanez7 for Xperia Sound
    • @srisurya95 and @akhilnarang for AOSP-RRO Source
    • @Sony for Xperia Smartphone and Xperia UI
    • Huge thanks to @Araib93 for testing and fixing bootanimation

    XDA:DevDB Information
    StryFlex Marshmallow, ROM for the Sony Xperia SP

    ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    Status: Stable

    Created 2016-05-15
    Last Updated 2016-11-08

    • Xperia XZ Home


    • Xperia XZ Themed Settings


    • Xperia XZ Phonebook and Dialer


    • Xperia XZ Music


    • Xperia XZ Apps


    • Xperia XZ Apps


    • Xperia XZ Apps


    • StryFlex OTA Center

    Downloads and Instructions


    • First of all, download and install latest TWRP Recovery.
    • Download StryFlex™ Marshmallow ROM and put it in your device storage.
    • Now Reboot and go to Recovery.
    • Format system, data, cache and dalvik-cache, do a factory reset and make a clean install.
    • Then click on Install Zip. Select storage where StryFlex™ ROM is kept and Flash the ROM.
    • Flash Gapps zip. [Recommended- Open Gapps Pico]
    • Now wipe Cache and Dalvik/ART Cache.
    • Reboot your phone. Note that first boot after installation might take 15-20 mins to boot. So have patience, it'll boot! ;)
    • Done!Enjoy New Xperia UI! ;)
    • Install the Xperia X/Xperia XZ/StryFlex themes given below to enjoy the feel of Official Sony Themes!


    Old Version:-

    • Some Quick Settings tiles are not working.[For working Mobile Data tile, Settings->SystemUI Tuner->Quick Settings->Select AOSP Mobile Data]
    Official Xperia X/Xperia XZ/StryFlex Themes

    Hey friends! I've created Official Xperia X/Xperia XZ/StryFlex Themes from scratch specially for this ROM.Hope you guys like it!;) Find the themes at the end of this post and install normally.Apply the theme you want from Substratum Theme Engine. Cheers!!:good::D

    • StryFlex Black Theme

    • StryFlex Blue Theme

    • StryFlex Magenta Theme

    • StryFlex Platinum Theme

    • StryFlex Lime Theme

    • StryFlex Pink Theme

    • StryFlex Rose Theme

    • StryFlex White Theme

    Important Instructions:-
    • Substratum Theme Engine is bit different from previous Layers Engine.
    • Make sure you have updated SuperSU app to latest version. Launch Substratum app, grant superuser access to both substratum and masquerade. Now you need to manually install the attached themes. Each theme contains 4 different accents.
    • You should apply only one accent at a time to avoid conflicts. Go to desired theme, select the accent, click build and enable. It takes around 2-3 mins to fully apply theme. When it shows No errors while applying theme dialogue, do a soft reboot to let the theme take full effect.
    • Remember to do Clean Overlays before applying new overlay. You need to do soft-reboot after applying an overlay to take full effects.
    • You can find all wallpapers in wallpaper tab. You can choose according to your liking, crop and apply it manually.
    • Due to API restrictions, it wasn't possible to include lockscreen wallpaper in the theme itself, so I have attached zip of lockscreen wallpapers, you can download and extract those to your sdcard.
    • You need to manually apply lockscreen wallpaper from Album->Your lockscreen wallpaper from sdcard->Use as->Lockscreen wallpaper.
    • Also, to get rid of AOSP launcher icons, long press home screen->Home settings->Icon appearance->Apply Xperia XZ icon pack.

    [OTA Update] StryFlex Marshmallow v2.2 Released [08-11-2016]
    * Fixed Xperia Contacts import/export FC
    * Added Xperia X libs for better sound clarity
    * Added prop key to pickup StryFlex version in Settings

    [OTA Update] StryFlex Marshmallow v2.1 Released [01-11-2016]
    * Fixed low in-call volume
    * Fixed loud and distorted speaker volume
    * Adjusted headphones volume to it's optimal value

    StryFlex Marshmallow v2.0 Released [23-10-2016]
    * Added Xperia XZ SystemUI
    * Added Xperia XZ Framework
    * Added Xperia XZ Phonebook and Dialer
    * Added Xperia XZ Themed Settings
    * Added Xperia XZ ClockWidgets
    * Added Xperia XZ Calculator
    * Added Xperia XZ Live Wallpaper
    * Added Xperia XZ Home Launcher
    * Added Xperia XZ Lifelog
    * Added Xperia XZ LiveWallpapers
    * Added Xperia XZ News Suite
    * Added Xperia XZ PhotoWidget
    * Added Xperia XZ Calendar
    * Added Xperia XZ Email
    * Added Xperia XZ Movie Creator
    * Added Xperia XZ Sketch
    * Added Xperia XZ Keyboard
    * Added Xperia XZ TopContactsWidget
    * Added Xperia XZ TrackID
    * Added Xperia XZ WallpaperPicker
    * Added Xperia XZ Weather App
    * Added Xperia XZ Transfer Mobile
    * Added Xperia XZ Wallpapers
    * Added Xperia XZ Media Sounds
    * Added Xperia XZ Album App
    * Added Xperia XZ Organizer
    * Added Xperia XZ Music App
    * Added Xperia XZ Photo Editor
    * Added Xperia XZ Entrace App
    * Added Xperia XZ Sound Picker
    * Added StryFlex Bootanimation
    * Introducing StryFlex OTA Center
    * Xperia ClearAudio+ And S-Force Surround Sound
    * Pure Sony Sound Enhancements with Clear Stereo and Clear Phase

    Initial v1.0 Release [16-05-2016]

    * First Version of StryFlex™ Marshmallow Released
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