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[ROM][XXELKC][8.12] HyperLight v1.4.1 - stripped & tweaked [238MB]

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Sep 19, 2012

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    HyperLight ROM Series

    Details on the latest 1.4.1 version, check here

    Combining the work of two highly recommended XDA members/developers, wanam and kristofpetho, my intention is to provide you with a clean, fast Samsung based ROM. As HyperGalaxy development stopped, I needed a follow up as new Samsung JB versions came out. Therefore I'm introducing the HyperLight ROM.

    A ROM stripped as much as possible from unneeded applications, libraries and resources, but all optional. The base ROM is 199MB (Slim) or 215MB (Compatible), you can add tweaks, samungs applications or 3rd party applications with the Aroma installer.The Aroma installer lets you add addditional tweaks or applications wihtout reinstalling the whole ROM. Note: Aroma installer available in 1.3.1, not in 1.4.

    If you want to use any part of my work, ask my permission first! Please respect the authors of the included mods and contact them if you want use their work. If you like my work, hit the Thanks button. If you really like my work, consider buying me a beer or whisky with the Donate button.

    - Flavour selection during install (Slim, Basic or Compatible) for minimum storage requirements
    - XXDLJ5
    - Dexodexed and zipaligned
    - Automatic cache and dalvik-cache wipe during install
    - Busybox v1.20.2
    - SuperSU v0.97
    - init.d support
    - Repacked and tweaked insecure stock kernel
    - Teaked pegasusq governor
    - Build.prop tweaks
    - GPS config for your country - by Androguide.fr
    - Fix cell standby issue
    - Disable Scrolling Cache
    - Optimized brightness settings - by mattiadj
    - Large APN list
    - More free RAM
    - Home button lag reduced
    - Call Recorder
    - Phone with no increasing ringtone
    - Long press volume to skip tracks
    - Long press back kills app
    - Extended reboot menu
    - Unlimited SMS Recipients
    - Hide sms from call logs
    - Disable SMS to MMS conversion
    - SmartRotation
    - Back-up EFS

    Optional Tweaks
    - Supercharger V6 - by Zeppelinrox
    - BestMultiTasking v6 - by mattiadj
    - Siyah kernel 1.7.rc3 - by Siyah
    - Droidphile's lulzactiveq tweaks - by droidphile
    - S-Tweaks profiles - by Martini3001
    - Almost every Android tweak known - by Androguide.fr

    Optional Samsung Add-ons
    Almost 40 Samsung Add Ons
    - Accuweather
    - Additional fonts
    - Allshare
    - Calculator
    - Clocks
    - Dive
    - Divx
    - Dropbox
    - E-mail app
    - Facelock
    - Fonts
    - Live wallpapers
    - Kies
    - MirrorLink
    - Mobile Printing
    - More Services
    - Music Player
    - MyFiles
    - NFC
    - Note2 Gallery
    - Note2 Pop-up browser
    - Polaris
    - Samsung Apps
    - Samsung Service
    - Service mode
    - S-Memo
    - S-Planner
    - S-Voice
    - Video Player
    - Voice Recorder
    - Widgets
    - Wi-Fi direct
    - Yahoo Apps

    Optional 3rd Party Add-ons
    - Adrenaline boost script
    - Block ads (hosts file)
    - 4.2 Apps (Camera, Gmail, Clock, Keyboard, Play Music, Wallpaper, Emoji keyboard)
    - Gtalk
    - OpenVPN support
    - Arabic RTL Fix - thnx wanam
    - HXMod camera (fully silenced) - by hyperx-
    - Modded touchwiz (4*5, 5*6, scrolling wallpapers) - blgblade

    - Darkened Hyperlight
    - HyperNote theme
    - Statusbar/clock by raubkatze
    - Center clock
    - Grey icons
    - Grey toggles
    - Transparent pulldown
    - Stock wanamlite with 15 toggles

    Hyperlight on Dev-Host or Wuala mirror

    Short Installation
    - Make sure your have CWM
    - Copy ROM to SDCard (Internal or External)
    - Backup!
    - Flash ROM from recovery
    - Reboot

    Longer Installation (recommended)
    - Make sure your have CWM
    - Copy ROM to SDCard (Internal or External)
    - Backup!
    - Wipe data/factory reset
    - Flash ROM from recovery
    - Wipe data/factory reset
    - Wipe cache
    - Wipe dalvik-cache
    - Fix permissions
    - Reboot

    Note I: A full wipe is recommended when experiencing issues
    Note II: Voodoo unlock is not supported on this ROM

    I'ld like to thank the followin devs for helping, providing their mods and sharing knowlegde:
    wanam, kristofpetho, ::indie::, ChainFire, Siyah, Zeppelinrox, Droidphile, mattiadj, Androguide.fr, raubkatze, turkbey, amarullz, blgblade, Martini3001, bala_gamer

    I'ld like to thank the following users for idea's, testing and donations:
    TechMayhem, LentoViolentoMan, jult, SyLvEsTeR20007, juicer., mariotme, Nexx, w1nter456, JimmyScott, forums2012, KM7, endymion2k5, mocas, tomcop

    If your name belongs here, PM me

    If you want to collaborate in whatever way (devving, cooking, hosting), please contact me.

    You can post feature requests in this thread, but please keep in mind that the philosophy behind this ROM is to be and keep stripped & tweaked. Check the add-ons sections of the first post for extra applications, mostly CMW flashable.

    V1.4 Beta
    - XXELK4 base
    - Stock rooted kernel
    - No Aroma
    - 4.2 Apps added
    - Darkened theme

    V1.3.1 - Aroma V2
    - XXDLJ5 base
    - Siyah 1.7rc3
    - Do not install system in Aroma
    - Lots of Aroma bugfixes
    - Preselected sets of tweaks added
    - Remove tweaks
    - Almost all possible Samung addons added
    - 4.2 Apps added
    - Long back press kills apps
    - Darkened theme - thnx krisotpetho

    v1.2.1 - Updated Aroma version
    - Added S-tweaks script
    - Fixed wanamlite look
    - Fixed aroma installer

    v1.2 - Aroma version
    - XXDLJ4 base
    - Aroma installer
    - Add-ons and tweaks are built in now

    v1.1 - Island version
    - 222 / 233 / 236 / 256 / 259 MB
    All versions
    - XXDLJ1 Base (no modem, flash this)
    - Optimized system APK's
    - SmartRotation
    - Optimized build.prop for compatibility

    Tweaked version
    - Best Multitasking fix v4.5, 500MB swap - thx mattiadj

    v1.0 - Ikea version
    - 211 / 227 / 228 / 270 MB
    All versions
    - XXDLIH Base (no modem, flash this)
    - Black status bar
    - Updated kernel
    - Optimized system APK's
    - Integrated CRT Off animation - thx wanam
    - HXmod camera - silent - thx hyperx-
    - Fixed CSC's - thx wanam

    Tweaked version
    - Siyah kernel 1.7.rc1, - thx Siyah
    - Best Multitasking fix v4, 500MB swap - thx mattiadj
    - Droidphile lulzactiveseq script - read this
    - 15 Toggles + battery circles mod - thx wanam

    v0.9 Updated and tweaked version added
    - 187 / 203 / 205 / 288 MB
    All versions
    - HyperGalaxy backgrounds
    - Latest Adfree hosts file
    - Updated kernel
    - Updated APN
    - Updated GPS
    - Optimized server system APK's
    - Updated su/busybox
    - Updated brightnessfix (set to BestScreen) - thx mattiadj
    - Optimized build.prop, more RAM
    - Optimized S99Tweaks script
    - Optional CRT Off animation - flash this for slim/basic/compatible - flash this for tweaked

    Compatible version
    - Added file sharing for Wifi Direct/S-Beam - thnx forums2012
    - Added CSC's
    - Added all missing files in /lib. If you miss an application, just install the APK, the dependencies are allready there.

    Tweaked version
    - Siyah kernel 1.7b6, supports dual boot and swap file - thx Siyah
    - Best Multitasking fix, 500MB swap - thx mattiadj
    - Droidphile lulzactiveseq script - read this
    - HXmod camera - silent - thx hyperx-

    v0.8 - Flavours added
    - 181 / 229 / 250 MB
    All versions
    - Stock rooted insecure kernel
    - Updated su/busybox
    - Updated framework-res
    - Phone quality fix (stock volume) - thnx Eddiemc
    - Updated reboot menu - thnx KM7
    - Updated Phone tweaks - thx wanam
    - Updated TW Launcher, 4*5 grid, scrollling wallpaper on - thnx blgblade
    - Black status bar fix

    Basic version
    - All of the above
    - Supercharger V6 - thnx Zeppelinox

    Compatible version
    - All of the above
    - Added CSC's back
    - Added all languages for Samsung stock keyboard - thnx KM7

    v0.7 - Democratic version
    - 226MB
    - Removed LiveWallPaper picker - thx LentoViolentoMan
    - Removed Bubbles - thx LentoViolentoMan
    - Removed Swype
    - Added Samsung stock keyboard
    - Tweaked CSC's/APN/GPS - thx 2waz
    - No add hosts file - thx 2waz
    - Siyah kernel 1.6 - thx Siyah

    v0.6 - HyperGalaxy XXDLIB
    - 232MB
    - 4x5 Launcher grid size - thnx blgblade
    - status bar back to black
    - Siyah kernel 1.6rc3 - thx Siyah
    - Brightnessfix - thx mattiadj
    - HyperGalaxy wallpaper

    v0.1 to 0.5 - Almost HyperGalaxy alike...
    - 238MB
    - cleaned up audio files - get Sammy or CM10 audio
    - removed facelock - get it here (test version)
    - removed CSC's - change with S2 CSC if needed, will factory reset
    - removed AOSP keyboard - get it here
    - removed XXDLIB modem file - get it here
    - added Swype beta 1.1.1
    - Siyah kernel 1.6rc2 - thx Siyah
    - Verified call log not to show messages - thx wanam
    - SMS Recipient limit removed / No SMS MMS conversion / Arabic conversion - thx wanam
    - Extended Power menu - thx wanam
    - Long Press Volume Buttons to skip songs - thx wanam
    - Phone tweaker (dialer, recording) - thx wanam
    - Disable scrolling cache
    - Auto wipe cache/dalvik cache
    - AOSP keyboard
    - OOM groupings - thnx Zeppelinox
    - SuperSU 0.96
    HyperLight 1.4.1 Released

    Considering the amount of time available, I'm doing a non-Aroma release for 1.4. It's built on the latest XXELKC Official firmware from Samsung. All the usual tweaks are there. Seeing the responses regarding the theme, there is a normal (250MB) and a themed (238MB) version.

    - XXELKC Base
    - 23 Toggles
    - Loud Volume
    - Modified brightness
    - Multiwindows (full control by LegendK95)
    - Pop-Up browser
    - Startup tweaks (zipalign, SQlite defrag)
    - Build.prop tweaks (usual Hyper** series)
    - All wanamlite mods

    - Optimized system files
    - HyperNote theme
    - Grey add-ons


    Wuala or Dev-Host

    Baseband: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?34rn9up11jfxr7m
    Thanks again for your support! These reactions and the amount of download of the ROM reminds me that a new version has to be made. Today and tomorrow are very big (and busy) days for me privately, so probably this weekend will be HyperLight time again.
    You people really know how to brighten someone's day. Again I appreciate your responses. Been busy and had some annoying issues with the script. Therefore release is delayed a bit, but I'm happy to offer you the release candidate for HyperLight 1.2. Based on XXDLJ4, the ROM is updated and issues like transparency are fixed and the home button doesn't close apps when the screen is turned off. But there are other major changes due to the new aroma installer. Offering one download file, you can still select your flavour, kernel and basic tweaks like Supercharger and BestMultitasking.

    The aroma config was built with support from Turkbey and wanam, who should receive credits for it. You can choose wipe options (under testing) and an optional EFS backup. Also, the most requested add-ons are added in the zip, so you don't have to install seperate zip files anymore. All this results in a larger ZIP (~500MB) but if you choose your desired flavour and install no add-ons, you'll end up with a stripped, lightweight ROM.

    New are the Advanced tweaks based on PimpMyRom by Androguide.fr, I've preselected some tweaks but feel free to choose your own. Watch it with the multitasking/memory tuning tweaks as they might interfere with SuperCharger or BestMultiTasking. Also you can select the best config for GPS based on uour country, credits again go to Androguide.fr.

    Finally, I've added some theme options with support from raubkatze. Some of his mods like grey central clock, transparant pull down, grey icons are integrated in the ROM. Nothing is forced, you can also choose to use stock wanamlite look or add your own theme, e.g. Android-GX or JKay Deluxe.

    Replies are welcome, but please do a full wipe/factory reset when experiencing FC's. I've tested upgrading from 1.1 and clean install, it can happen that upgrading from older versions like 0.8 results in boot loops of FC's. If that's the case, a full wipe should fix it. Special thanks to Nexx for beta testing!

    1.2 RC: http://d-h.st/92t