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Apr 20, 2011
Need to chat live to our developers,
Where support gets refined as social networking

So as all of you know me and CheckROM Team teamed to form one massive task force to deliver to you the best!
We have been working on the ROM for some time and now its time for you to enjoy it.
Thanks to Our Server Admin geistteufel (He hosts all our work on his server)

The Rom is built to be Fast, Stable and to Save Battery

The ROM will come as a Base
It will have the Stock Samsung Look to it and will have all major tweaks to it, The Kitchen app from now on will come built into the ROM itself and it will be Locked to only our ROM.The Kitchen will now Auto Update itself when ever i publish a Update, So you will always be using the updated app.

All the Mod's,Themes and other Stuff that you can customize will be aired by the KitchenPro.

  • Make sure you have the latest Revolution Rom kitchen running in your phone
  • It may happen that after a package has been installed from the Revolution Kitchen Pro app, on the first boot you phone hangs at the Boot logo, just long press power button and restart your phone!
  • I'd like to point out that i am not responsible for any issue with your phone! Also it's highly recommended to backup efs folder before to start playing with your phone!
  • For those people who is coming from LeoMar75 Revolution ROM 2.7.1 and has installed Kitchen Pro app v1.1
    -Backup user data with the kicthen v1.1
    -Titanium backup
    -cwm backup
    -full wipe and download the new rom

    Hopefully with the kitchen app v1.2 that comes with the new ROM you will be able to restore you user data backup but you need to copy files from /sdcard/download/Revolution/userdata_backup/ to /sdcard/download/CheckROM_REVO/userdata_backup/

Kitchen Pro Application - Build your Rom as you wish!

The kitchen Pro App comes with the ROM, however you will find the apk attached

If You Support our ROM Put this in your Signature.

Just Copy and Paste the code in your signature

The Kitchen pro app only work's with our ROM, it will not work on any other ROM neither do we plan to make it work on any other ROM.
I have developed this app/sources from scratch and it is copyrite protected and any illegal reproduction of our work/Apk Tooling is a offence.

CheckROM Kitchen Pro V2 Post:http://bit.ly/KitchenProV2

When The KitchenPro App gets an Update it means that the .apk it self is update this dosent mean that the Kitchen Content is updated, Content update in the app is done manually either by Me or GC who ever gets time to do it! So Dont Rate the app on the Content it Hosts, Give it 5Stats for the Revolutionary app it is

We have nearly 100000 Regular users for 2 devices.Buy us a couple of beer (and use the "Thanks" button!).
Imagine if every KitchenPro User had to purchace the app & also the amount of time we have spent in making the App and the ROM
But we love sharing so we will always remain free, But our Servers Dont Come Cheap​
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Sep 18, 2010
☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ CheckROM RevoHD v7 ★XXLQ5★ ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

  • Based on XXLQ5 Firmware from Samsung
  • Kernel: Stock Samsung
  • No Wipe
  • Build.prop tweaks
  • Hardware Acceleration Enabled (GPU UI Enabled)
  • resolv.conf added for faster gps lock
  • Multi CSC
  • Deodexed
  • Zipaligned
  • Battery Optimization
  • Most of the Samsung widgets and app's removed!
  • Fully optimized .png's Smooth animation's


Credit's To all the Themer's who theme for Our Amazing ROM
So if you use one of there Great Theme's Don't leave them out Consider a beer for them. ;)
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Apr 20, 2011
Videos,FAQ & Credit




- DK = Dark Knight (just a name for the Edition)
- CWM = ClockworkMod Recovery (mostly used to install new ROMs)
- SGS2 / GS2 = Samsung Galaxy SII
- lagfix = makes your Galaxy S fly!
- Firmware = Base System of our Galaxy S II (provided by Samsung)
- Circle Battery Mod = shows your battery in 1% steps
- FC = Force Close (Crash of an App / Component)
- BLN = Backlight Notifications

- more defintions to come, just ask them in the thread

Q:What is odex/deodex?


Every android application comes with the extention '.apk'. Packaged with every apk is a .odex file which contains parts of the application which helps speed up the boot process and preloads it.

an odex file is an optimized version of a classes.dex file that has optimizations that are device specific. In particular, an odex file has dependencies on every "BOOTCLASSPATH" file that is loaded when it is generated. The odex file is only valid when used with these exact BOOTCLASSPATH files. dalvik enforces this by storing a checksum of each file that the odex file is dependent on, and ensuring that the checksum for each file matches when the odex file is loaded.
Deodexing is a way of repackaging the apk such that it is reassembled into the classes.dex file. Everything is put together in one place, and this is helpful because it eliminates any chances of a modified apk conflicting with other odexed parts.

to deodex a file using baksmali, it has to load every BOOTCLASSPATH file that the odex depends on. By default, baksmali will try to find the 5 "core" BOOTCLASSPATH files in the current directory. It can use either a jar/apk (with a classes.dex inside), or an odex file
So to sum up everything, a .dex file contains the cache used by Dalvik VM during boot and this .dex file is located inside the application. On the other hand, .odex file is an optimized version of the same .dex file but it is located outside the application.

What do I lose/gain using odex/deodexed ROM?

The upper hand deodexed rom has over odexed is integration. Every ROM maker loves deodexing the rom because of two main reasons:
Modification of apk becomes easier
ROM is open to theme modifications
So, as an end used, you would most likely want to have a deodexed version of a ROM to take full advantage of android freedom. However, note that you won't lose out on performance in an odexed ROM.

Q: After falshing siyah kernel kitchen Pro app does not works anymore
A: CWM5 comes with siyah kernel, this custom recovery has a bug related to mount point for sdcard (internal/external). Two possibility:
-You can still use the kitchen app for downloading packages but in order to flash packages you should reboot manually your phone in recovery mode and install packages located in /sdcard/download/CheckROM_REVO/
-If you remove your external sdcard the kitchen will work fine!

Q: Which Theme to flash or will this theme work
A: Any theme that is built for XXKH3 Deodexed is flashable with the ROM.
But the only Downfall to this is that you will end up loosing a few features like Jkay Themes app!!
Now the Themes that dev the Themes at Checkrom.com or our official themes dev's who make themes for us make there respective themes over CheckROM so when u flash there themes you don't lose any features :D

Q: How this ROM is different from others ?
A: This ROM is heavily modded with a custom theme, features, apps etc and also has my personal tweaks and improvements.

Q: I'm coming from a different ROM so which version should i choose wipe or non-wipe ?
A: Choose the Wipe Version.

Q: What is the difference between wipe and non-wipe version ?
A: Wipe version will delete all your apps and settings whereas non-wipe version will not delete your app or settings.

Q: I'm getting bootloops what should i do now ?
A: Follow the steps below:
Get into the CWM recovery
Wipe Data/factory reset
Wipe Cache
Wipe Dalvik-Cache
Wipe Battery Stats
Format Internal SDCard
Install the wipe version of my ROM

Q: I'm coming from a different ROM how can i install this ROM ?
A: Follow the steps below
Get into the CWM recovery
Wipe Data/factory reset
Wipe Cache
Wipe Dalvik-Cache
Wipe Battery Stats
Wipe Data/factory reset
Wipe Cache
Wipe Dalvik-Cache
Wipe Battery Stats
Install the wipe version of this ROM

Q: I'm currently on a previous version of this ROM how do i upgrade to latest version without loosing my apps and data ?
A: Follow the steps below
Remove Android related stuff from the internal SD Card
Get into CWM Recovery
Wipe Dalvik-Cache
Wipe Battery Stats
Install the non-wipe version of the ROM

Q: I want to make sure nothing of my previous ROM interferes with my new ROM what should i do
A: Completely wipe your internal SD Card or delete any Android related stuff from it and disable any lagfix. Then do a full wipe from ClockworkMod recovery then install the wipe version of my ROM.

Q: After Installing your ROM I'm getting bootloops/boot issues?
A: Do the following steps:
Take out the battery
Put the battery back in
Get into Recovery
Wipe Everything
Flash my ROM

Q: Screen Capture doesn't work what should I do???
A:It has been removed from the Base Rom due to problems with CRT Screen Off.
Install it from the Kitchen if you need it.

Q: I have Kernel X, my Boot animations don't work, help...
A:Some Kernels don't support Bootanimations or need special files (Speedmod, Lulz etc.). Install a Kernel which supports it, like Rage, Nimphitamine, Siyah etc.

Q: How can I sort my Apps alphabetically?
A:Use the App "Appzorter" from the market.
Or install Touchwiz 4.5/ modded Touchwiz/ 4G Touchwiz/ Use another launcher.

Q: I have high Android OS drain, what can I do?
A:First read this: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1290020
Second: Try the things mentioned in the Thread.
Third: You can try to change Kernels, but it isn't a Rom issue.

Q: How can I get more Functions in the Dropdown Quickpanel?
A:Use JKay Deluxe Settings app. Then swype them.

Q: How can I add "Reboot" to the phone options dialog?
A:Use JKay Deluxe Settings app.

Q: When is theme xyz coming to the Kitchen???
A:If the Team said that a new theme will be added to the Kitchen, then it will be available as soon as its done.
Enable Notifications in the Kitchen App if you can't wait.

Q: I am not able to flash via Kitchen???
A:Delete Clockworkmod folder
Previously to make the kitchen flash in older version of CWM5 we need to use a salte hash file that was placed in the Clockworkmod folder, Now with the updated CWM5 the actually problem with CWM5 was fixed by the respective creator!

So now what happens is that all you people have that salted hash file remaining in ur sd card that doesn't allow to flash stuff in the newer better CWM5, thats why when u delete the Folder it stats working coz the salted hash file gets deleted!

Now you may ask why delete the folder, when u can delete the file only!!
LOL answer is simle the Android os never recognizes the file there so when u open myfiles you never find the salted hash file inside the clockworkmod folder! You can use other apps and methods to delete the file but then there is the obvious questions from noobs!!

So Moral the problem is only with that one salted hash file and not ur backup

Credits to people over @XDA:
@_JKay_ Jkay themes app and his themes
@ChainFire CF-Root
@LitePro Helped me
@potatoman Modded Camera apk
@Pulser_g2 Removing Samsung apps
@YG007 Phone.apk without increasing ring
@criskelo his modded phone.apk
@designgears fugutweaks integration his idea
@HellcatDroid Hellcat kernel
@RAvenGEr RAGEmod kernel
@Vertumus All the theme work on the ROM
@Nitroz All the Theme Work on the Rom
@codeworkx ClockworkMod Recovery
@sicopat Guides
@LeoMar75 Kitchen App
@Oliwe Decrease home button lag
@zeppelinroxv6 Kernel and V6 supercharger Script
@kahvitahra EDT
@Brightidea libwebcore.so (browser) universal arabic shaping patch v1.2B
@JessusFree browser.apk
@intronauta User agent switcher
@Muveszur modded mms.apk
@Dsixda Android Kitchen
@Juwe Ram Management Script
@LockeOn Lower Auto-Brightness levels
@Nexxx85 Nexus tweaks
@89luca89 Dual Core script
@hardcore kernel
@nitr8 Multi Dpi
@Intratech original firmwares
@madmack RTL + Arabic support
@raffaele88 OC using Deamon
@rustamabd Supported Swype languages in different ROMs
@ownhere NoiseSuppression
@IntExCZ Fix screen warm tint
@juffo remove SMS log from call log
@rodries Disabling Autorotation in Call and Alarm Clock
@AdamG DevNull-TEST
@AndroidGX Original Phone.apk
@kohiiou Disable ALL camera sound AND possible fix for battery drain in [/I]
@Google for the OS
@Samsung for the Device
@Virus for Defragmentation Script
@Tomuveszur @Lary @rustamabd @theos0o
@knzo @nikademus@Hacre@Vincenzo91@Daneshm90@supercurio
@Odia @lyriquidperfection @paalkr @paulobrien@aerobahn
@All for your ever lasting support
And if i have forgot to credit any one please pm me and i will add you :D
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Sep 18, 2010
Dark-Knight Kernel

[KERNEL] DarkKnight V2.5.2
has all the features of Siyah-v2.5.2b with the following exceptions:
pm_max to pm_fast
wifi range should be increased.
If a feature cause instability it is disabled or limited. Battery optimizations are included as long as they do not decrease the performance or cause instability.
default cpu governor is conservative
default i/o scheduler is deadline
sleep frequency is 800MHz
stock lowest brightness value

[KERNEL] DarkKnight V2.4.3
hd playback is fixed.
touch lights fixed.
sleep freq is set to 500MHz and it should be stable this time.
it should be near perfect, even the best release made till now.
fixed USB OTG
Added intellidemand governor. this is a modified ondemand governor and very battery friendly.
default lowest freq is set to 200MHz. default governor is still (tweaked)conservative.
some other tweaks & fixes
tweaked ondemand, conservative and ondemandx governors. I think stuck-to-800MHz problem is fixed.
Enabled some tweaks in tweaks.sh. video playback on external sd should be better now.
disabled hidden ssid in wireless driver to fix wifi tethering problems (thanks to Entropy512)
back to SLAB
fixed usb keyboard&mouse problems

[KERNEL] DarkKnight V2.3
Changed auto-brightness levels.
fixed auto-rooting problem
reverted back to old workqueue implementation
reverted memory allocator to SLAB
enabled cleancache
default i/o scheduler: sop
slub as in stock kernel.
rest is available here: http://checkrom.com/threads/kernel-darkknight-v2-3.265/


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Sep 18, 2010
Change Log & Troubleshooting

OLD Stock Base Change-log's

CRRevoHD v4 Released
Main Thread:http://checkrom.com/threads/xwkk5-2-3-6-checkrom-revohd™-v4.268/
  • Based on XWKK5 Firmware from Samsung
  • Kernel: CF-Root-SGS2_XW_OXA_KK5-v5.0-CWM5
  • No Wipe
  • Build.prop tweaks
  • Jkay v13.2
  • Hardware Acceleration Enabled (GPU UI Enabled)
  • resolv.conf added for faster gps lock
  • Multi CSC
  • Deodexed
  • Zipaligned
  • Auto Zipaligned at every boot also including Framework
  • Included libsqlite.so and libsqlite_ini.so from Android 4.0 (improves performance)
  • Included app_process and system_server from Android 4.0 (improves scrolling)
  • Included sqlite3
  • Browser NO Lag + User agent
  • Mod-Battery with incremental rate of 1%
  • Added VOIP for Wifi
  • New Market 3.3.12
  • Map updated to version 6
  • Included Maxthon Mobile Browser
  • Video and Audio Gtalk Front Camera 2.3.5
  • Most of the Samsung widgets and app's removed!
  • Fully optimized .png's Smooth animation's

CRRevolutionHD v3.1.1 Released
Main Thread:http://checkrom.com/threads/checkrom-revolutionhd-v3-1-1-xwkj3-rock-stable.208/
  • Based on XWKJ3 Firmware from Samsung
  • No Wipe
  • Build.prop tweaks
  • Jkay v12.1
  • resolv.conf added for faster gps lock
  • Multi CSC
  • Deodexed
  • Zipaligned
  • Included libsqlite.so and libsqlite_ini.so from Android 2.3.7 (improves performance)
  • Included app_process and system_server from Android 2.3.7 (improves scrolling)
  • Included sqlite3
  • added .salted_hash in sdcard/clockworkmod
  • Browser NO Lag + User agent
  • Mod-Battery with incremental rate of 1%
  • Added VOIP for Wifi
  • New Market 3.3.11
  • Video and Audio Gtalk Front Camera 2.3.5
  • CF-Root v4.4 (XWKJ2) because it has cwm4
  • added Download All Files
  • Most of the Samsung widgets and app's removed!
  • Toatally Smooth animation's
  • On screen off phone just DeepSleep's

CRRevolutionHD v2.0.0 Released
Main Thread:http://checkrom.com/threads/crrevolutionhd-v2-0-0-update-★xxki4★.129/
  • Base XXKI4
  • Multi CSC
  • Deodexed
  • Zipaligned
  • no increasing ring for Phone.apk
  • resolv.conf added for faster gps lock
  • Much Improved an optimal Init.d scripts
  • Updated DK Engine for the upcoming kernel!
  • Tweaks to build.prop
  • JkayV12.1
  • Minor bug's fixed
  • smoothness to the core
  • Included libsqlite.so and libsqlite_ini.so from Android 2.3.7 (improves performance)
  • Included app_process and system_server from Android 2.3.7 (improves scrolling)
  • Included sqlite3
  • Maps.apk to v5.11 with global Navigation (ownhere/Brut.all)
  • added .salted_hash in sdcard/clockworkmod

CheckROM Revolution v1.0
  • New Much Improved XXKI4 base (2.3.5)
  • I9100XXKI4 Modem
  • Deodexed
  • Zipallinged
  • Kernel:CF-ROOT XXKI4
  • Samsung apps removed
  • added Jkay 12
  • Added DK Engine
  • Usual 1000Mhz Kernel UC
  • My personal Battery Saver Codes
  • Raise JPG quality to 100% tweak
  • Render UI with GPU
  • Decreased dialing out delay
  • Increased scrolling responsiveness
  • Increased overall touch responsiveness
  • Raised photo and video recording quality
  • Super (3G) tweaks
  • Super Net speed tweaks
  • No blackscreen issue after a call

For those who are having trouble installing ICS Theme
YEAHHH...got the ICS from Vertumus...no bootloop...very quick installation and everything seems to work good :D great theme.
I'm on CRR v2 (base rom no mods installed) + DK Kernel...my way to go :
2-Download the theme directly from Vertumus thread and put the Zip into the root of your internal sd (not external but internal mass memory)
3-Reboot in CWM
4-Wipe cache partition
5-Wipe dalvik cache
6-Flash the ICS Zip

..easy peasy lemon squeezy:D
For those who want there pones to look like the sreens of ICS Theme in our post
If your wondering how to make this look, i'll explain as I was having no luck doing it, I went off to find out myself.


Go Launcher EX
Snowdrift Weather
Smooth Calendar
Minimalist Text

The icons for the launcher are found http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=18427750&postcount=5998

And assign them to the relative icon.

I chose in Preferences

Preferences >Visual Settings>Icons>Icons Size = Large
Preferences >Visual Settings>Font>Apps Labels Color = I chose a midgrey
Preferences >Screen Settings>Grid Size = Standard
Preferences >App Drawer Settings>Grid Size = Standard
Preferences >Advanced Settings>High Quality Drawing = Y

Then Choose the Snowdrift widget 4x2
>Set it up to your locale
>Tick "Fallback to Yr URL"
>Tick "Use transparent background"
>Widget font color "Mid Grey"
>Widget day/time color "Cyan Blue"

Then Choose the Smooth Calendar

>Untick "Show Menu"
>Untick "Show the detailed layout"
>Tick "Transparent Background"
>Tick "Show Colour"
>Change "Text Colour" to Cyan Blue
>Choose "Sketchy" as the Icon style under "Skin"

Then choose Minimalist Text 1x1

>Tap to access setup
>Untick "Show Background"
>Custom Layout, Press and hold text icons and drop into the bin.
>Press the little icon with the green bar across it to create a second row
>Press the little + Icon, Scroll along to "Battery Level" and drop it on the top row
>Repeat and scroll along to "Battery Voltage" and drop it on the top row
>Back out to the main setup
>Find "Text Style" and tap "Accented" choose "Cyan Blue"
>the tap "Normal" and choose "Mid Grey"

Also if you like extended controls add a 2x1 and put your most used icons (2) and then make the make it transparent, with mid grey icon colour, and a black outer blur.

Any questions just ask :)
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