[ROM] Zenitude ZE551ML

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Feb 1, 2015
Hello everyone!!Me and daemon666 work in a rom
The name of the rom is Zenitude!
It's for the zenfone 2 Ze551ML


This operation Contains Risks . Me and daemon666 are not Responsible of the potential Problems Encountered ! Make a backup before flash the rom ! Thank for the comprehension :)

Information of the rom

Last update of the rom : 21/07/2015
Based on the
The updater script and the begining of the rom is based on the Super Zen !Very Very thank to @Harfainx

New ringtones and sound of notification by flood Veyor (the link of the site http://floodveyor.jimdo.com )
Rom deodexed
New bootanimation by daemon666 and me
Theme roam by @thoughtlesskyle
Many applications removed ! Just the most important are here ( call/contact/gallery/photo/calculatrice etc..)
Add the beta of the application photo for the slow motion
Busybox installed
SuperSu installed
You can modify the kernel (stock) with Kernel Audiutor !!
2 Launcher (Zenui and nova )
Add tweaks for better battery and better performance
Resolve bugs of the tethering for most user
Delete the time who have to wait when you want call

Little information

It's the 2.0 because in other site we worked on the 1.0 and the 1.1 and for the deodexage we decided to rename the rom to 2.0
The flash of the rom is long....10-15minutes for flash the rom :) you can take a coffee for wait:silly:

The link of the rom

Mod Edit: link removed ( v2.0)

Installation of the rom !!

1)Take the zip of the rom "Zenitude v.X .zip" and place this in the internal storage of the phone
2)Go to twrp
3)Make a backup of the rom
4) Go to wipe and advanced
5) Make cache/dalvik/system/data cache
6) Go to install
7)Choose the rom and wait
8)Welcome to the rom Zenitude

Installation of a update of the rom

according of the update of the rom the manipulation will be different :)
I will say what to do when a update will become

You have screenshot in attach files :)

Thank for the futur answer and if you have any problem say me!!


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Feb 1, 2015
It's a kernel stock but with kernel adiutor you can choose the frequencies of the processor and many other option for the developpers :)

And for the tweak look in my build.prop i add many tweak :)


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Jan 2, 2011
Looks nice and quite a bit lighter than the stock. I'll be giving this a go :good: Any idea of compatibility with the Project T Kernel?
I imagine it would work since it's based on stock...
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