RomAur-v1.1- [06/11] - [7.1.1_Fw.AQIA]-[N950]-FAST-STABLE

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Sep 22, 2008
You can disable from romcontrol.

That was the first place I looked and I did spy what appeared to be an option to change the up and down separately but they were not clickable? Ultimately I shortly after boot looped on a reboot and I cant take any chances because I'm on an OEM unlock timered FD so I hard commanded into TWRP and flashed Reno back on. I'll try again this weekend and see if I can get a different result. I'd of logcatted but I do a full format between each rom, again because I'm on a timered FD and we cant take any chances or we go into the binaries error.


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Sep 22, 2008
I installed again. Had to flip the switch back and forth a few times before it turned off the network speed in notifications but it did turn it off. Gonna see what kind of mayhem I can get into with the Sony apps and exposed.


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Sep 22, 2008
A suggestion... A lot of people like to set live wallpapers. I didn't use them before but now that google has come out with those snazzy "sorta" live wallpapers on the pixel 2 I'm among them. I tried to add this back in and fix permissions but it didn't work. I'd suggest leaving the function in, doesn't use resources or take up much space and will keep it from being requested over and over as usually happens when it's removed on roms.

A bug, when in 3 minute and browsing the user clocks for the standard circle clock after a couple scrolls down it went into an infinite loop where nothing loads and the app appears to be locked up. I've had the rom installed twice and had the same behavior both times. Not sure where to look for a log on this?

The rom was completely stable for me otherwise and was smooth in operation, nice job.


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Jan 23, 2013
settings keeps crashing when I try to give services control to apps like edge gesture. Otherwise very fast

//something to do with text to speech not working
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Sep 22, 2008
Oh man, I also got into a terminal boot loop during a reboot on this one. Wouldn't be a big deal but then us guys with the timer on OEM unlock get stuck waiting a week. I used the volume down/power to reboot into system but as soon as it started showing rebooting to system I switched to volume up/bix/power and was able to get into TWRP from the boot loop. From there I was able to install a different rom and didn't get my nose put in the corner.

I was just thinking about installing the 1.1 but now I'm contemplating it further. It was an anomaly when it happened to me but if there were two of us makes me wonder if I should hold off...

Edit, I installed it anyways. No issue with camera, I did not go with zero, did not have a problem with stock camera on 1.0 either. I've rebooted a few times putting my stuff back on and no boot loops. Looking good so far, nice update. I did see that you got the wallpaper picker back in so we can set our snazzy "sorta" live wallpapers that we got from the pixel, appreciate it. I'm not sure if I remember rightly but if I am you added a fair few stock apps back in? Anyhow, so far so good, off to see what kind of trouble I can get into. :)
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    RomAur FW AQIA nougat 7.1.1

    - Fully de-odexed
    - Zipaligned with sdk R22.0.1
    - Busybox
    - Init.d scripts
    - SQLlite3
    - Magisk v14.3
    - Heavily Debloated
    - Enabled usb debugging
    - Disabled kernel debugging for better performance
    - Disable sending data and logging
    - Faster scrolling
    - Improved touch and speed
    - Faster open camera app
    - Increased camera picture quality
    - Forced image quality to 100 for better photos
    - Speed optimizations
    - Disabled Scrolling Cache
    - Improved touch and speed
    - Excellent battery life
    - Better wifi and data signal reception
    - Faster app switching
    - Some build.prop tweaks to improve battery life
    - CPU Governor optimizations for better battery life and performance
    - Optimized dalvik-cache
    - Very fast, clean and stable

    - Mods :
    - Advanced power menu
    - Enabled fastscroll on apps
    - Disabled carrier text on lockscreen
    - Enabled outdoor mode
    - Removed Webmanual and Updates from settings
    - Enabled outdoor mode
    - Potato clock
    - Autostarts on settings
    - 3Minit Battery Mod
    - ViPER4Android v2.5.0.5
    - Dolby Atmos
    - Adaway
    - zeroCamera_7545_v2

    - Rom Control ---
    - Enable- Disable Heads Up Notifications
    - Usb-plug/unplug disable wake
    - Networkspeed on statusbar
    - Volume Cursor
    - Immersive Mode
    - Left right wifi and data signal
    - Long press skip tracks

    - Sony-Apps-Framework ---
    - Frameworks and libs
    - Xperia home launcher
    - Clock widgets
    - Photo widgets
    - Contacts widgets
    - Wheater widget
    You can install and update any sony app from playstore

    - Kernel :

    - Rom Download :

    RomAur_v1.1_AQIA AROMA

    RomAur Quick Review * Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - by tonisauffa

    1 - Unlocked bootloader
    2 - Download and flash from Odin the last bootloader and modem
    3 - Installed TWRP
    4 - Copy rom to sdcard
    5 - Enter to recovery
    6 - Make a FULL Wipe if come from another FW, before installing the ROM on TWRP(DALVIK-CACHE,CACHE,DATA,SYSTEM)
    7 - Install Rom
    8 - Reboot
    9 - Enjoy

    - Changelog

    RomAur_v1.1_AQIA AROMA 06/11

    -RomControl with:
    Scroll Animation
    Disabled cache when scrolling
    Long press buttons(recent,back,home)
    Keyboard animation settings
    Change sound when pressing the volume buttons
    Rotate the screen 360 degrees
    Increase the sensitivity of the touch screen
    Battery bar settings
    Weather on lockscreen
    Recent apps / Customize Recent Apps

    RomAur_v1.0_AQIA AROMA 01/11
    -Initial release

    Credits :

    SuperR ( for kitchen tool )

    4pda ( for guides and tutorials )

    tdunham ( for guides and tutorials )

    asc1977 ( for guides and tutorials )

    daxgirl ( for RomControl )

    venkat kamesh ( for guides and tutorials )




    - If you appreciate my work qualifies with 5 stars

    - If you appreciate my work and dedication

    Feel free to donate

    XDA:DevDB Information
    RomAur for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (2017 Phone)

    ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Beta Version: v1.0
    Beta Release Date: 2017-11-01

    Created 2017-11-01
    Last Updated 2017-11-11
    Thanks for sharing your work.
    Is it fully De-Knoxed?

    Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk

    What version of the N950 is this for? All inclusive?

    There aren't many roms that support the N950U that is why I am asking.

    Is the OEM unlock switch hidden in your rom?

    Installed it on a FD and no issue with OEM unlock. It's active and can be switched either way.

    WiFi calling is not working - big boomer for me, can't set a custom ringtone and Samsung switch on PC doesn't recognise the phone, so can't restore backed up settings.

    Other than that it's great, many more features than other roms.

    Mulțumesc mult OP!
    What is everyone doing for camera? Any recommendations?

    I have the same problem with camera can we do for fix this??
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