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Jul 6, 2012
What colors on number means ?
Green - Perfect rom no fix need.
Orange - You can expect update from developers.
Red - Rom are stoped in develop.


Froyo [2.2.X - CM6]

1. [ROM] [Froyo] CyanogenMod 6.1 [u8160/u8180] Working on it... By thejaimes111
2. (ROM) GingerFroyoMod Huawei U8160 By Froyo Dev Team

Gingerbread [2.3.X - CM7]

1. [DEV] [Huawei U8160/U8180] CyanogenMod 7.2.0-RC1 U8160 Port By psyke83
2. [ROM U8160/U8150] CyanoLucky V4 x Smart U8160 & Ideos U8150 ---- Better Audio By erlucky
3. [ROM][DEAD][OMICROM link inside]Huawei U8160/Vodafone Smart 858 By VyrruS
4. [Custom Rom]CM7 AC1963 U8160 By AC1953
5. [Custom Rom]JoyOS AC1953 U8160 By AC1953
6. [ROM] [Huawei U8180/U8160] Lewa Os By ferlagod
7. [ROM] [Huawei U8180/U8160] Akiro-Speed-Pro V1 By akiro-E
8. [DEV HELP][PORT] SENSE 2.1 for Vodafone/Huawei U8160_Huawei Ideos X1/U8180 By Alberto96
9. [Rom][OTA][U8160/80] SlimmyBean [CM7][JB Style] By Brokn.Down
10. [ROM][OTA]Huawei U8160/80 "GRAVITY 360 ICS/JB" [New Magnament] By Brokn.Down
11. [ROM][2.3.8][UNOFFICIAL][CMX] ICSBread for Huawei MSM7225 Devices By Alberto96
12. [ROM] [H.R.] [ICS look] Horse Rider rom for vodafone 858 (u8160) and huawei u8180 By mrcham

Gingerbread MIUI [2.3.X]

1. MIUI (v3) For U8160/80 By Taki2011
2. u8160/80 Miui gb 2.4.20 By TakisBeskos
3. [ROM][MIUI][All U81xx Series and U8350] MIUI Gingerbread 2.4.20 ReStyle [SS] By Alberto96

Hybrid [CM7/CM9]

3. [ROM][AROMA][CM7/CM9]Omicrom for Vodafone 858 By VyrruS (CM9) & Brokn.Down (CM7)

Ice Cream Sandwich [4.0.X - CM9]

1. [DEV] [Huawei U8160/U8180] CyanogenMod 9.1 By psyke83
2. [U8160/U8180] Ice Cream Lite [ICL] [4.0.4] By krishneelg3
3. [ROM][4.0][U818/6/5/2/1/00][AOKP_M6_10112012_[Official SnapSeries] | Changelog By Alberto96
4. [DEV][WIP][U8160/80][JB 4.1.1] Jelly Force! By krishneelg3
5. [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] CyanogenMod 9.1 for Huawei U81xx Series and U8350 By Alberto96

Ice Cream Sandwich MIUI [4.0.X]

1. [ROM-PORT][Apr,9]Miui-v4 Huawei u8160/Vodafone Smart 858 By VyrruS
2. [ROM][4.0][U818/6/5/2/1/00][MIUIv4_2.8.31_[Official SnapSeries] | Changelog By Alberto96

Jelly Bean [4.1+ - CM10]

1. [CM10] [JB] CyanogenMod 10 [u8160] By Thejaimes111
2. [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] CyanogenMod 10 for Huawei U81xx Series By Alberto96
3. [Rom] [JB / CM10] [Horse Rider]Vodafone 858 and huawei u8180.[Android 4.1] By mrcham

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Jan 24, 2013
it seems dev for u8160 msm7225 is dead or or least almost dead. just wait untill i get a laptop i will try and revive u8160 development :) maybe ill get one next year.

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