[ROMs][ITA][27-feb-2010][576mb][23541 & 21869][2.10] Michy's Pure & Essential

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Sep 30, 2007
Pure version​
Full of HTC Apps (less copilot), Manila 2012 w/ e-book & documents, full landscape, build 23541 (WM6.5.5). Fast & Stable!
It includes my UC and my installer, plus winrar, totalcommander, voice commander (on send button), and timesynctz. It has Photon (HD Mini) lockscreen ported to WVGA (and nicely working :p)
Manila has no modifies (from that "Pure" name for the rom).
It includes ameba and arkswitch (this can be opened longtapping on startmenu button on screen)
I added new voice to manila settings tab ("Rotazione manila") where you can set how your phone will rotate via Gsensor, or disable it at all.

Hash MD5: 32A0023D96F27AF198A0FCEE7FFD5650

Essential Version
If you hate manila this is what you were looking for. There is no manila, less HTC apps than "Pure" and a lot of free storage & RAM.
It has build 21869 (yes, standard WM6.5 not 6.5.5) which is compatible with all UIs. This ROM is faster than Pure (cause less HTC things) and is fully enjoyable with UIs like SPB Shell.


With both you must use TMOUS radios. is included.
Both have 576mb drivers enabled.
Official threads for them are:
(on myppc.it)

WARNING: Both doesn't have HTC Menu enhancement, you will have to install it separately.
Attached you will find 2 cabs. One is for restoring lockscreen to the standard leo one. The other is to organize start menu in folders (it is not organized)
Both roms haves drivers from 2.10, [email protected] and all exts from leo 2.10 & Photon.

In the hope you will like this ROMs,
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