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Sep 6, 2011
Yes, all of Sultan's features are included.

Adaway may have to do with the ROM. I don't use it so I wouldn't know how to fix whatever it is. I also don't use Titanium... I'm guessing you were restoring on first boot while everything else was running right?

As for the audio mods, pick and choose, Dolby or MaxxAudio! I am quite the audiophile.

i personally tend to use a mix of viper and dolby atmos mod with selinux enforcing :D


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Mar 8, 2014
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Mar 8, 2014
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Mar 10, 2013
It is here! SlimSaber CAF with the latest changes (5.1.1r9)Happy flashing!

Very happy with this build.. :) Is there any chance you can restore full CPU speeds? I tried the zip from sultan, but it borked my ability to adjust the CPU speeds.. Ended up flashing render to get 2.5ghz, but would like to try it stock..

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Nov 7, 2010
Question for caf build users, do you really notice an improvement compared to the stock build ? I'm not doubting anything, just a genuine interest.

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Last time i tried, did not find much of a difference with the official version (based on my usage)
One thing that is keeping me away from the CAF builds is that my phone heats up pretty quickly (I play few graphic filled battery hungry games)

Edit: Gonna try once the latest version is out with Tyr kernel (caf version) and UC it, been busy and need the phone to be on most of the times. Will flash a new ROM probably tomorrow
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Jul 28, 2013
Question for caf build users, do you really notice an improvement compared to the stock build ? I'm not doubting anything, just a genuine interest.

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Flashed latest CAF in the morning, still charging to 100%. Til now i only noticed changes to camera behaviour, but this was mentioned at Sultanxda's Thread because of the Oxygen Libs. Rest seems smooth and stable to me. I'll see if there are other things noticeable, but this could take a day or two. Because i'm mostly at work currently, where i have to turn of my mobile due to legal regulations, i cannot tell anything about idle drain through a full charge, coz (you guess) my device won't stay on long enough to even get an real idle state. Keep you informed anyways as detailed as possible.

---------- Post added at 12:11 ---------- Previous post was at 11:48 ----------

I've read over the official Sultanxda Thread about users having issues with mobile data signal switching from h+ to 3g very often since yesterday, so i've watched mine and it seems to do so also on latest CAF Build. Could be because i'm indoors now, will take a closer look on the road later.
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Mar 10, 2013
Question for caf build users, do you really notice an improvement compared to the stock build ? I'm not doubting anything, just a genuine interest.

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It doesn't seem huge, just subtle differences, like using different kernels or toolchains.. It still tests and feels similar to stock thus far, I'm checking to see if the camera looks better or if battery changes..

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Jul 24, 2015
I am having this:

Import includes file: /home/mauricio/SlimSaber5.1/out/host/linux-x86/obj32/STATIC_LIBRARIES/libsepol_intermediates/import_includes
echo '#ifndef 'policy_parse_h > /home/mauricio/SlimSaber5.1/out/host/linux-x86/obj32/EXECUTABLES/checkpolicy_intermediates/policy_parse.h
Lex: checkpolicy <= external/checkpolicy/policy_scan.l
flex-2.5.39: loadlocale.c:131: _nl_intern_locale_data: Assertion `cnt < (sizeof (_nl_value_type_LC_COLLATE) / sizeof (_nl_value_type_LC_COLLATE[0]))' failed.
echo '#define 'policy_parse_h >> /home/mauricio/SlimSaber5.1/out/host/linux-x86/obj32/EXECUTABLES/checkpolicy_intermediates/policy_parse.h
build/core/binary.mk:575: recipe for target '/home/mauricio/SlimSaber5.1/out/host/linux-x86/obj32/EXECUTABLES/checkpolicy_intermediates/policy_scan.cpp' failed
make: *** [/home/mauricio/SlimSaber5.1/out/host/linux-x86/obj32/EXECUTABLES/checkpolicy_intermediates/policy_scan.cpp] Aborted (core dumped)
make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
cat /home/mauricio/SlimSaber5.1/out/host/linux-x86/obj32/EXECUTABLES/checkpolicy_intermediates/policy_parse.hpp >> /home/mauricio/SlimSaber5.1/out/host/linux-x86/obj32/EXECUTABLES/checkpolicy_intermediates/policy_parse.h
echo '#endif' >> /home/mauricio/SlimSaber5.1/out/host/linux-x86/obj32/EXECUTABLES/checkpolicy_intermediates/policy_parse.h

#### make failed to build some targets (02:34 (mm:ss)) ####

I searched Google and it said something about setting locales, but they are already with en_US

Running Arch Linux x64

Have a same problem on Arch Linux x64


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Sep 12, 2010
Question for caf build users, do you really notice an improvement compared to the stock build ? I'm not doubting anything, just a genuine interest.

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Performance is almost same but battery is way better according to my usage and my opinion.

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    Custom SlimSaber ROMs and mods

    First and foremost we would like to send out a huge
    THANK YOU to @fusionjack for providing the great SlimSaber source

    Because more and more users started to enjoy building their own custom SlimSaber versions and SlimSaber compatible kernels, it was time to start a separate thread.

    In this thread users/developers can publish their custom builds and we can discuss them while keeping the official SlimSaber thread clean.
    I would like to ask all to keep discussions about any custom build here in this thread and only discuss the official build in the official SlimSaber thread.

    This version of Xposed is reported to be working with SlimSaber credit to @patrickph

    SlimSaber CAF Build with Sultanxda's trees

    YoshiShaPow said:
    What's the difference? Check out this thread
    Kernel Source

    My builds are based on the SlimSaber source with some caf dependencies used instead to make it compatible.

    This version includes Snapdragon Camera as well as Viper4Android.

    Dirty flashing from a different version of SlimSaber is not recommended because it has many changes. You've been warned.

    Boeffla Kernel - Slim Version

    This is a moded version of the Boeffla Kernel with a changed Ramdisk to make it bootable in Slimsaber and built with Uber 5.2.1 toolchain.

    Latest Version: 4.2 beta 10
    Link: AndroidFileHost
    Source: Github

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Custom SlimSaber builds and mods, ROM for the OnePlus One

    kantjer, Mrwargod, kwoktopus, fusionjack
    ROM OS Version: 5.1.x Lollipop
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Latest CyanogenMod Firmware
    Based On: SlimSaber

    Version Information
    Status: Nightly

    Created 2015-08-10
    Last Updated 2016-08-17
    Daily SlimSaber builds

    You can find my Daily builds (or whenever I think a new build is relevant) here:

    Rom builds

    My builds are based on the stock SlimSaber source. I build more frequently than the official SlimSaber release. Also I might add new features to test before they are included in the official build.
    The kernel included is the unmodified SlimSaber stock kernel.

    Difference compared to stock SlimSaber build:
    • Removed AudioFX and replaced it with Viper4Android build from source

    You can dirty flash my build over the official build and visa versa.

    My Github
    SlimSaber Github

    Wanted to let you know that I won't be making any new SlimSaber custom builds.
    ATM I'm using OmniROM 6.0 and it's very stable, I won't go back to 5.1.1.

    I'm working on a new project, I need disk space for that and I have to remove the SlimSaber source code from my machine.
    For now I will keep the Boeffla source so I can provide SlimSaber Boeffla kernels for the time being.
    Because I'm not running SlimSaber I can't test new kernel builds, I will keep monitoring download numbers for the kernel, if they drop I know I can stop building them also.

    I want to thank you all, it was a great fun here and hope to see you back if and when the new project is getting ready to test :fingers-crossed:
    Hey guys,

    This might be the very last ROM I put out in a very long time. It even be the last ROM I put out ever. Drdevs is going to be shut down very soon so someone make a mirror of this quick. Because of that, I won't have access to any build machine and will not be able to make builds of anything anymore. I am out of money so paying for a server isn't an option (thought about it) and my current computer does not have to space or hardware to build anymore. It has been a great ride building for you guys and helping this community grow. See you guys on the flip side!



    Project name: android_system_extras_su
    *Daniel Micay - replace insecure uid spoofing code
    *Ricardo Cerqueira - daemon: Validate the socket caller's requested FDs
    *Ricardo Cerqueira - su: Remove dead code

    Project name: android_system_vold
    *Ricardo Cerqueira - cryptfs: Unbreak hardware-backed pattern lock + encryption
    *Scott Mertz - vold: add opt-out for exFAT

    Project name: x86_64-linux-glibc2.15-4.8
    *Dan Albert - Add NOTICE and MODULE_LICENSE files.

    Project name: proprietary_vendor_oneplus
    *Sultanxda - bacon: Update camera HAL
    *Sultanxda - Revert "bacon: Ship WCNSS firmware from LG G3"

    Project name: vendor_slim
    *Scott Mertz - cm: add opt-out for exFAT

    Project name: android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974
    *Sultanxda - Revert "ARM: dts: 14001: Add support for JDI video-mode panel"
    *Mahesh A Saptasagar - wlan: Address buffer overflow due to invalid length
    *Sultanxda - msm: mdss: Reduce unblank bl fallback delay to 15ms
    *Sultanxda - Revert "ARM: dts: 14001: Increase panel reset-sequence delays"

    Project name: packages_services_Telephony
    *Michael Bestas - Automatic translation import
    *Michael Bestas - Automatic translation import
    *cretin45 - TeleService: Ensure the right phone object is used for MSIM

    Project name: android_packages_apps_Camera2
    *Michael Bestas - Automatic translation import

    Project name: android_packages_apps_LockClock
    *Michael Bestas - Automatic translation import

    Project name: android_packages_apps_Eleven
    *Michael Bestas - Automatic translation import

    Project name: android_packages_apps_Gallery2
    *Michael Bestas - Automatic translation import

    Project name: packages_apps_DeskClock
    *Jorge Ruesga - deskclock: support ogg music files

    Project name: android_packages_apps_Mms-caf
    *Michael Bestas - Automatic translation import

    Project name: android_packages_apps_SnapdragonCamera
    *Sultanxda - SnapdragonCamera: Clean up
    *Sultanxda - SnapdragonCamera: Unlock AE/AWB after taking a photo with ZSL
    *Sultanxda - SnapdragonCamera: Only set default video quality for rear camera
    *Sultanxda - SnapdragonCamera: Remove 'off' option for antibanding
    *Sultanxda - SnapdragonCamera: Set default video quality to 4k UHD
    *Sultanxda - SnapdragonCamera: Rename app to 'Camera'

    Project name: android_device_oppo_msm8974-common
    *Adam Farden - msm8974: Stop the QC-QMI message spam
    *Sultanxda - bacon: Update GPS configuration
    *Sultanxda - bacon: Update WiFi configuration
    *Sultanxda - bacon: Update WCNSS configuration

    Project name: android_external_wpa_supplicant_8
    *Jouni Malinen - NFC: Fix payload length validation in NDEF record parser
    *Jouni Malinen - WNM: Ignore Key Data in WNM Sleep Mode Response frame if no PMF in use
    *Jouni Malinen - EAP-pwd peer: Fix last fragment length validation
    *Jouni Malinen - EAP-pwd server: Fix last fragment length validation
    *Jouni Malinen - EAP-pwd peer: Fix error path for unexpected Confirm message

    Project name: frameworks_base
    *Jorge Ruesga - base: get rid of android time class

    Project name: frameworks_opt_net_wifi
    *Roman Birg - wifi: don't disable AP on sub change if it's the same sub

    Project name: frameworks_opt_telephony
    *Brett Girton - [DO NOT MERGE] Harmlessly (?) fixes LOD on Sprint and Verizon (?) via Fallback

    Project name: frameworks_av
    *Arne Coucheron - audiopolicy: Fix A family a2dp mismerge
    On a different note, do anybody know where's @YoshiShaPow ? Haven't seen a post from him from a while.

    Sent from OnePlus One

    Looks like Yoshi is not around commenting here but a new CAF build is out. :)

    Boom shackalacka, ** big changelog ** shackalacka boomb boom; school is taking over.



    Project name: android_system_vold
    *Danesh M - Vold : Send VolumeBadRemoval prior to attempting to unmount asec

    Project name: android_system_core
    *Sergio Giro - libutils: fix overflow in String8::allocFromUTF8
    *Sergio Giro - libutils: fix overflow in SharedBuffer [DO NOT MERGE]
    *Abhishek Arya - Fix compile failure after rIfe1dc0791040150132bea6884f1e6c8d31972d1b
    *Keith Mok - fastboot: format f2fs partition instead of just erase
    *Keith Mok - fs_mgr: When formating f2fs volumes, respect the length parameter
    *Scott Mertz - init.rc: drop world writable on cgroups to pass cts
    *Steve Kondik - sysutils: Hush logging
    *sanketk - Don't use global variable in libnetutils.
    *Nilesh Poddar - IPA tether: support for netlink event from ipa

    Project name: git-repo
    *Dan Willemsen - Fix gitc-init behavior
    *David Pursehouse - Sync: Add HTTP Cookie File header on temporary cookie file
    *David Pursehouse - Sync: Don't fail when git cookies can't be loaded
    *Simran Basi - GITC: Add repo gitc-delete command.
    *Dan Willemsen - Add GitcClientCommand class for GITC-specific commands

    Project name: platform_manifest
    *fusionjack - Update manifest for android-5.1.1_r20

    Project name: proprietary_vendor_oneplus
    *Sultanxda - bacon: Update camera HAL
    *Sultanxda - Revert "Revert "Revert "bacon: Ship WCNSS firmware from LG G3"""

    Project name: vendor_slim
    *Ed Falk - sepolicy: allow vold to trim persist

    Project name: android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974
    *Sultanxda - power: qpnp-charger: Relax thermal mitigation
    *Sultanxda - ASoC: wcd9xxx-mbhc: Fix discrepancy for PLUG_TYPE_GND_MIC_SWAP
    *Sultanxda - ASoC: wcd9xxx-mbhc: Elongate safety checks for very good headsets
    *Sultanxda - ASoC: wcd9xxx-mbhc: Fix buttons on headsets that use fast detection
    *Steve Kondik - asoc: wcd9xxx: Sweet MBHC lovins
    *Sultanxda - ASoC: wcd9xxx-mbhc: Add PLUG_TYPE_HIGH_HPH to fast-detection path
    *Sultanxda - ASoC: wcd9xxx-mbhc: Introduce fast detection for audio jack
    *Sultanxda - ASoC: wcd9xxx-mbhc: Ignore button interrupts during plug detection
    *Sultanxda - ASoC: wcd9xxx-mbhc: Reduce detection time for PLUG_TYPE_HEADSET
    *Sultanxda - power: qpnp-charger: Restore charge current to max after thermal throttle
    *Sultanxda - power: qpnp-charger: Update thermal thresholds

    Project name: packages_services_Telephony
    *Adnan Begovic - Telephony: Create work around on modem vt change during emergency redial.
    *Roman Birg - Network settings: don't send preferred network changes
    *Michael Bestas - Move & improve Wi-Fi call settings strings
    *Suchand Ghosh - IMS: Allow dial with empty URI List.
    *Muhammed Siju - IMS: Fix crash during midcall disabled multicall SRVCC.
    *Suchand Ghosh - IMS: Allow add participant with normal IMS call.
    *Anju Mathapati - IMS: Turn on radio during wifi scenario
    *Garik Badalyan - IMS: Update conferenceHostConnection state for a conference call
    *Ravi Paluri - Revert "Ims: Update conferenceHostConnection state for a conference call"
    *Etan Cohen - MSIM IMS: convert to phone ID based selection.
    *Omkar Kolangade - IMS Conference notifyConferenceStarted API
    *Suresh Koleti - Add support for Wifi calling settings UI
    *Ravi Paluri - Ims: UI changes for Packet Count and Packet Error Count

    Project name: packages_apps_Contacts
    *cretin45 - Contacts: Use common contacts uri extra
    *cretin45 - Contacts: Save contact image from lookup
    *cretin45 - Contacts: Remove contact shortcut for lookup contact
    *Matt Garnes - Contacts: Add contact lookup with attribution to quick contacts

    Project name: android_packages_apps_Email
    *Jorge Ruesga - email: fix empty body update

    Project name: android_packages_apps_LockClock
    *Michael Bestas - Automatic translation import

    Project name: packages_apps_InCallUI
    *chengzhi.hou - Add call state check for answering or decline an incomingCall.
    *chengzhi.hou - Fix: Have no incomingCall notification.

    Project name: android_packages_apps_Eleven
    *Michael Bestas - Automatic translation import
    *Mikalacki Sava - Eleven: check app settings when starting service

    Project name: android_packages_apps_Gallery2
    *Michael Bestas - Automatic translation import

    Project name: packages_apps_SlimLauncher
    *Griffin Millender - Fix force close with some icon packs

    Project name: packages_apps_Settings
    *BadDaemon - Settings: Fix RuntimeException in InputMethod Settings
    *Danesh M - Settings : Fix blacklist delete number crash

    Project name: android_packages_apps_Mms-caf
    *gkipnis - added enabledNotifyWapMMSC flag to mms_config.xml
    *gkipnis - added default sms validity period
    *Michael Bestas - Automatic translation import
    *Vineet Patil - Fixed layout issues in Messaging quick reply popup

    Project name: android_packages_apps_SnapdragonCamera
    *Sultanxda - SnapdragonCamera: Add option to configure tap-to-focus duration
    *Sultanxda - SnapdragonCamera: Lock AE and AWB for tap-to-focus in camcorder
    *Sultanxda - SnapdragonCamera: Always lock AE and AWB when auto-focus is used

    Project name: packages_apps_ContactsCommon
    *cretin45 - ContactsCommon: Move contact uri extra to common location
    *cretin45 - ContactsCommon: Don't pass contact id in ContactBuilder
    *Matt Garnes - ContactsCommon: Add ability to show looked up contacts for quick contacts

    Project name: android_packages_apps_UnifiedEmail
    *Michael Bestas - Automatic translation import

    Project name: android_packages_apps_Calculator
    *Michael Bestas - Automatic translation import

    Project name: android_packages_apps_Calendar
    *Michael Bestas - Automatic translation import

    Project name: packages_apps_Browser
    *Josue Rivera - Browser: Modify default page address

    Project name: android_device_oneplus_bacon
    *Sultanxda - audio: Reduce ADC volume for dmic-endfire path
    *Sultanxda - audio: Fix inverted microphone channels for camcorder

    Project name: android_device_qcom_sepolicy
    *Ravinder Konka - sepolicy : Add policy for ipa dev access
    *Ravinder Konka - sepolicy: Add selinux policy for ipa file read
    *Skylar Chang - Sepolicy: allow ipacm to be in net group
    *Alexander Martinz - Revert "SEPolicy : Added policy for oma drm"
    *Paramananda Pradhan - SEPolicy : Added policy for oma drm
    *Avijit Kanti Das - seandroid: imscm needs to communicate with apps
    *Venkatraman Nerellapalli - Sepoilcy : add new file for CSVT specific policies
    *Avijit Kanti Das - Seandroid: Allow dumpsys to work from adb shell
    *Avijit Kanti Das - sepolicy: policy for imscm to app binder call

    Project name: android_device_qcom_common
    *savoca - dtbtool: Clear misc build warnings

    Project name: android_device_oppo_msm8974-common
    *Sultanxda - Revert "msm8974: Enable WCNSS host NS offload"
    *Steve Kondik - msm8974: Update WiFi configuration
    *Sultanxda - Revert "msm8974: Update full WCNSS configuration from LG G3"
    *Sultanxda - Revert "msm8974: Update WCNSS config"
    *Steve Kondik - msm8974: Fix BACON-64 once and for all
    *Sultanxda - msm8974: Disable offloaded audio encoding
    *YoshiShaPow - msm8974: remove unused resources
    *Steve Kondik - msm8974: Remove display policy items

    Project name: hardware_libhardware
    *Edward Wang - remote_submix: Fix resampler and channel conversion

    Project name: android_external_skia
    *zoran.jovanovic - SkScaledBitmapSampler: fix memory overwritten

    Project name: android_external_f2fs-tools
    *Keith Mok - mkfs.f2fs: trim using BLKSECDISCARD

    Project name: android_external_ffmpeg
    *Andreas Cadhalpun - Changelog update
    *Andreas Cadhalpun - imc: use correct position for flcoeffs2 calculation
    *Andreas Cadhalpun - hevc: check slice address length
    *Andreas Cadhalpun - snow: remove an obsolete av_assert2
    *Andreas Cadhalpun - webp: fix infinite loop in webp_decode_frame
    *Andreas Cadhalpun - wavpack: limit extra_bits to 32 and use get_bits_long
    *Andreas Cadhalpun - ffmpeg: only count got_output/errors in decode_error_stat
    *Andreas Cadhalpun - ffmpeg: exit_on_error if decoding a packet failed
    *Andreas Cadhalpun - pthread_frame: forward error codes when flushing
    *Andreas Cadhalpun - huffyuvdec: validate image size
    *Andreas Cadhalpun - wavpack: use get_bits_long to read up to 32 bits
    *Andreas Cadhalpun - nutdec: check maxpos in read_sm_data before returning success
    *Andreas Cadhalpun - s302m: fix arithmetic exception
    *Andreas Cadhalpun - vc1dec: use get_bits_long and limit the read bits to 32
    *Andreas Cadhalpun - mpegaudiodec: copy AVFloatDSPContext from first context to all contexts
    *Michael Niedermayer - Update for FFmpeg 2.7.2
    *Michael Niedermayer - avcodec/vp8: Check buffer size in vp8_decode_frame_header()
    *Michael Niedermayer - avcodec/vp8: Fix null pointer dereference in ff_vp8_decode_free()
    *Michael Niedermayer - avcodec/diracdec: Check for hpel_base allocation failure
    *Michael Niedermayer - avcodec/rv34: Clear pointers in ff_rv34_decode_init_thread_copy()
    *Michael Niedermayer - avfilter/af_aresample: Check ff_all_* for allocation failures
    *Michael Niedermayer - avcodec/pthread_frame: clear priv_data, avoid stale pointer in error case
    *Michael Niedermayer - swscale/utils: Clear pix buffers
    *Zhang Rui - avutil/fifo: Fix the case where func() returns less bytes than requested in av_fifo_generic_write()
    *Michael Niedermayer - ffmpeg: Fix cleanup after failed allocation of output_files
    *Michael Niedermayer - avformat/mov: Fix deallocation when MOVStreamContext failed to allocate
    *Michael Niedermayer - ffmpeg: Fix crash with ost->last_frame allocation failure
    *Michael Niedermayer - ffmpeg: Fix cleanup with ost = NULL
    *Michael Niedermayer - avcodec/pthread_frame: check avctx on deallocation
    *Michael Niedermayer - avcodec/sanm: Reset sizes in destroy_buffers()
    *Michael Niedermayer - avcodec/alac: Clear pointers in allocate_buffers()
    *Anton Khirnov - bytestream2: set the reader to the end when reading more than available
    *Michael Niedermayer - avcodec/utils: use a minimum 32pixel width in avcodec_align_dimensions2() for H.264
    *Michael Niedermayer - avcodec/mpegvideo: Clear pointers in ff_mpv_common_init()
    *Chris Watkins - oggparsedirac: check return value of init_get_bits
    *Andreas Cadhalpun - wmalosslessdec: reset frame->nb_samples on packet loss
    *Andreas Cadhalpun - wmalosslessdec: avoid reading 0 bits with get_bits
    *Chris Watkins - Put a space between string literals and macros.
    *Michael Niedermayer - avcodec/rawenc: Use ff_alloc_packet() instead of ff_alloc_packet2()
    *Michael Niedermayer - avcodec/aacsbr: Assert that bs_num_env is positive
    *Michael Niedermayer - avcodec/aacsbr: check that the element type matches before applying SBR
    *Michael Niedermayer - avcodec/h264_slice: Use w/h from the AVFrame instead of mb_w/h
    *James Zern - vp9/update_prob: prevent out of bounds table read
    *Michael Niedermayer - avfilter/vf_transpose: Fix rounding error
    *Michael Niedermayer - avcodec/h264_refs: discard mismatching references
    *Michael Niedermayer - avcodec/mjpegdec: Fix small picture upscale
    *Michael Niedermayer - avcodec/pngdec: Check values before updating context in decode_fctl_chunk()
    *Michael Niedermayer - avcodec/pngdec: Copy IHDR & plte state from last thread
    *Michael Niedermayer - avcodec/pngdec: Require a IHDR chunk before fctl
    *Michael Niedermayer - avcodec/pngdec: Only allow one IHDR chunk
    *Andreas Cadhalpun - wmavoice: limit wmavoice_decode_packet return value to packet size
    *Michael Niedermayer - swscale/swscale_unscaled: Fix rounding difference with RGBA output between little and big endian
    *Michael Niedermayer - ffmpeg: Do not use the data/size of a bitstream filter after failure
    *James Almer - swscale/x86/rgb2rgb_template: fix signedness of v in shuffle_bytes_2103_{mmx,mmxext}
    *Sebastien Zwickert - vda: unlock the pixel buffer base address.
    *Michael Niedermayer - swscale/rgb2rgb_template: Fix signedness of v in shuffle_bytes_2103_c()
    *Michael Niedermayer - swscale/rgb2rgb_template: Implement shuffle_bytes_0321_c and fix shuffle_bytes_2103_c on BE
    *Michael Niedermayer - swscale/rgb2rgb_template: Disable shuffle_bytes_2103_c on big endian
    *Michael Niedermayer - swr: Remember previously set int_sample_format from user
    *Rob Sykes - swresample: soxr implementation for swr_get_out_samples()
    *Michael Niedermayer - avformat/swfdec: Do not error out on pixel format changes
    *Michael Niedermayer - ffmpeg_opt: Fix forcing fourccs
    *Derek Buitenhuis - configure: Check for x265_api_get
    *James Almer - swscale/x86/rgb2rgb_template: don't call emms on sse2/avx functions
    *James Almer - swscale/x86/rgb2rgb_template: add missing xmm clobbers
    *James Almer - library.mak: Workaround SDL redefining main and breaking fate tests on mingw
    *Gwenole Beauchesne - vaapi_h264: fix RefPicList[] field flags.
    *Andreas Cadhalpun - doc: avoid incorrect phrase 'allows to'
    *Andreas Cadhalpun - configure: make makeinfo_html check more robust
    *Andreas Cadhalpun - matroskadec: validate audio channels and bitdepth
    *Andreas Cadhalpun - matroskadec: check audio sample rate
    *Michael Niedermayer - Update for 2.7.1
    *Michael Niedermayer - avutil/avstring: Do not print NULL
    *Andreas Cadhalpun - postproc: fix unaligned access
    *Andreas Cadhalpun - vp9: don't retain NULL as segmentation_map
    *wm4 - avformat: clarify what package needs to be compiled with SSL support
    *Michael Niedermayer - avcodec/libx264: Avoid reconfig on equivalent aspect ratios
    *George Boyle - avcodec/flacenc: Fix Invalid Rice order
    *wm4 - tls_gnutls: fix hang on disconnection
    *Michael Niedermayer - avcodec/hevc_ps: Only discard overread VPS if a previous is available
    *Michael Niedermayer - ffmpeg: Free last_frame instead of just unref
    *Michael Niedermayer - avcodec/ffv1enc: fix bps for >8bit yuv when not explicitly set
    *wm4 - avio: fix potential crashes when combining ffio_ensure_seekback + crc
    *Andreas Cadhalpun - examples/demuxing_decoding: use properties from frame instead of video_dec_ctx
    *Andreas Cadhalpun - h264: er: Copy from the previous reference only if compatible
    *Andreas Cadhalpun - doc: fix spelling errors
    *Andreas Cadhalpun - configure: only disable VSX for !ppc64el
    *James Almer - avformat/singlejpeg: fix standalone compilation
    *Michael Niedermayer - ffmpeg_opt: Check for localtime() failure

    Project name: android_external_stagefright-plugins
    *Keith Mok - ffmpeg: Fix crash when avio_check is called

    Project name: platform_manifest
    *fusionjack - Update manifest for android-5.1.1_r20

    Project name: android_art
    *Christopher R. Palmer - art: Fix whitespace errors added by caf

    Project name: android_build
    *The Android Automerger - "LMY48U"
    *The Android Automerger - "LMY48T"
    *The Android Automerger - LMY48S
    *The Android Automerger - LMY48R
    *The Android Automerger - LMY48Q

    Project name: frameworks_base
    *Ricardo Cerqueira - BatteryService: Prevent UUC scenarios at 0%
    *Griffin Millender - Fix action checking
    *Tao Bao - [DO NOT MERGE] Bump up the timeout for uncrypt to 900s.
    *Michael Wright - DO NOT MERGE. Truncate and ellipsize app name if too long for dialog.
    *Sebastien Hertz - Allow debugging only for apps forked from zygote
    *Roman Birg - PowerManager: change performance profile when disabling battery saver
    *herriojr - Add System Property for Resolver
    *Jorge Ruesga - base: cache power profiles support
    *Jorge Ruesga - base: fix dialog neutral button
    *Nilesh Poddar - Tether: add ipa tether stats to the existing design
    *Roman Birg - framework: add "Turn wifi off" string
    *Roman Birg - SystemUI: don't recreate zen controller, handler thread
    *Deepak Kundra - IMS: revert: ims: More backwards-compatibility stuff
    *Tyler Gunn - Fixing conference merge where only one party is added to conference.
    *cdu - Add call log types definition for Ims call.
    *Rekha Kumar - IMS-VT: Add additional error codes for upgrade downgrade
    *Ravi Paluri - Ims: Add support to query Packet Count and Packet Error Count
    *Suresh Koleti - Add support for wifi calling settings
    *Suresh Kumar Sugguna - IMS: During CS retry, propagate reason code to UI
    *[email protected] - IMS: add ImsConfig api to get volte provisioned value.
    *[email protected] - IMS: change getMasterValue to getProvisionedValue.
    *Muhammed Siju - IMS: Add interface to query call forward for specific service class.
    *Deepak Kundra - Revert "ims: Bring in line with current release"

    Project name: frameworks_opt_net_wifi
    *Roman Birg - Wifi: add "turn wifi off" action to open network notification

    Project name: frameworks_av
    *Baligh Uddin - Revert "DO NOT MERGE: Lock drm plugin API calls globally, not per MediaDrm instance"
    *Marco Nelissen - DO NOT MERGE - Fix software video decoder buffer size calculation
    *Wei Jia - libstagefright: fix overflow in pvdec_api.cpp.
    *Abhishek Arya - Revert "Fix compile after rI431aa2b7d30a942350ab6d105451c6b77e2f99d4"
    *Wei Jia - libstagefright: check memory size for overflow before allocation.
    *Wei Jia - DO NOT MERGE - SoftwareRenderer: sanity check buffer size before copying data.
    *Wei Jia - libstagefright: check overflow before memory allocation in OMXCodec.cpp
    *Joshua J. Drake - Prevent integer issues in ID3::Iterator::findFrame
    *Jeff Tinker - DO NOT MERGE Part of fix for libmedia OOB write anywhere
    *Wei Jia - libstagefright: fix overflow in MPEG4Source::parseSampleAuxiliaryInformationOffsets.
    *Marco Nelissen - Check RTSP payload length
    *Wei Jia - libstagefright: fix handling of mSampleTimeEntries and mNumSampleSizes in SampleTable.
    *Eric Laurent - DO NOT MERGE - audio flinger: fix fuzz test crash
    *Marco Nelissen - Sanity check padding/delay values for gapless playback
    *Wei Jia - SoftAVCEncoder: fix auto merge error, member names have changed.
    *Robert Shih - MatroskaExtractor: detect infinite loop when parsing NALs
    *Neel Mehta - Fix for memory corruption in ID3::removeUnsynchronizationV2_4(). Bug: 23227354
    *Abhishek Arya - Fix compile failure after rI431aa2b7d30a942350ab6d105451c6b77e2f99d4
    *Robert Shih - MPEG4Source::fragmentedRead: check range before writing into buffers
    *Abhishek Arya - Fix compile after rI431aa2b7d30a942350ab6d105451c6b77e2f99d4
    *Chong Zhang - do not dequeue from native window after we hit fatal error -- DO NOT MERGE
    *Wei Jia - SoftAVCEnc: check requested memory size before allocation.
    *Jeff Tinker - Check integer overflow to prevent memory corruption
    *Vignesh Venkatasubramanian - SoftOpus: Fix output buffer capacity.
    *Marco Nelissen - Check buffer size before using it
    *Dan Albert - Fix comparison sign warnings.
    *Wei Jia - ABuffer: reset members when memory allocation fails.
    *Marco Nelissen - Check vector size before accessing
    *Wei Jia - libstagefright: fix possible overflow in amrwbenc.
    *Wei Jia - libstagefright: fix possible overflow in ID3.
    *Marco Nelissen - Fix Ogg album art
    *Marco Nelissen - Extra sanity checks on sample size and resolution
    *Marco Nelissen - Fix crash on malformed id3
    *Eric Laurent - DO NOT MERGE - IAudioFlinger: add checks on binder calls
    *Ricardo Cerqueira - Revert "camera: Fix inclusion of CameraParametersExtra.h"
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