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Mar 19, 2016
i've bricked my htc desire 630

I've bricked my htc desire 630.
the stock rom or firmware link you provided is'nt working.I need this badly.plz upload it again. :(

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    I need custom rom (CyanogenMod 14, Nougat 7.0 ROM) for my htc desire 630 dual sim. :)
    Thread sharing...so easy to find another user:D
    Credit bala

    Your complete guide for recovering from bricked HTC desire 630

    I. Downloading Stock Rom

    1. Download HTC Desire 630 Stock boot image from
    Download link

    2. Download HTC Desire 630 Stock Recovery image from
    Download link

    3. Download HTC Desire 630 original signed firmware from
    [url]http://www.mediafire.com/file/5ifvwx...d_signed_2.zip"]Download link[/URL]

    4. Download adb and fastboot files from [url]https://forum.xda-developers.com/sho....php?t=2317790[/URL] and install it.

    II. Preparing to start

    1. Rename the 2PSTIMG_A16_DWGL_M60_DESIRE_SENSE70GP_HTC_India_SE A_1.02.400.1_Radio_0.57.62.0506_CNV_1.47_09B_relea se_485282_combined_signed_2.zip file to just 2PSTIMG.zip (Important)

    2. Remove and connect your Memory card with a Card reader (Important) in computer and copy the above file to the root of memory card. Don't insert your memory card to your device now (Important)

    3. Press and hold volume down button and power on the device.

    4. Select FastBoot from the boot menu in device and connect to the computer with usb cable.

    5. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Minimal ADB and Fastboot in computer

    6. press and hold shift button and right click inside the folder and select 'open command window here'

    III. Flashing
    1. Flash stock recovery of HTC desire 630 using the following command in the command window (example : Fastboot flash recovery
    "C:\Users\admin\Downloads\recovery_signed.img" )
    Fastboot flash recovery "your location " recovery_signed.img file

    2. Flash stock boot using Fastboot flash boot "your location " boot_signed.img file

    3. OEM Lock the device using Fastboot oem lock (Important)

    4. Now Insert the memory card in your device.

    5. Select Power Down in Fastboot menu in Phone

    6. Press and hold Volume Down Button and Power on the device.

    7. Now wait. It will flash the system to its original state. Don't reboot in middle. It will take minimum 10 mins to complete.

    8. After flashing, device will ask you to reboot.

    First boot after flash will take around 5mins to complete. Don't reboot in middle. :)
    System image is too large to flash... My device is Europe variant..
    My device is stuck at HTC boot logo... I think that system image is empty or the boot image is different than mine.. PLS help me. I'm not noob in android devices but this phone is hard to fix..
    I've got stock signed firmware for Desire 630. (Europe)
    Please Email me or send a message for link, cuz i'm new user. Thank you.