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Jun 16, 2019

Rooting samsung A7 2018.
My build number is A750FXXU1BSD5.
Is there any possibility of getting succeeded in rooting by using the provided img file ?:confused:


Jun 16, 2019
SM-A750 Rooting

What do the img file contain ? What is actually happening during the process of odin flash? ;)Do I make my own img file for rooting since the provided img is different build ?:)

thanks in advance:)

Vishwaraj jr

New member
Sep 8, 2020
I can't understand but I rooted my old device using only one app called kingroot I think
I only need to play pubg soomther on my device
(Samsung A750F 4gb/64gb) please kindly help me krazzieboy
And I don't have a laptop too : ( my bad
So please give me solutions

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    Fully tested and working fine with my A7 Without any issues still i am not responsible for any bricked devices

    Make sure OEM unlock is enabled in developer options
    1. Boot into download mode
    2. Use latest odin and flash provided img.tar file in AP slot
    3. Device will reboot and will say verfication fail bla bla!! tap on reset device will reboot after reset setup device
    4. You will find magisk manager in app drawer open it and install full version it will ask for additional setup allow it
    5. Voila! you are rooted with latest magisk 17.3

    Note - do not use img file with any other build strictly for A750FNXXU1ARIC
    how to install magisk from magisk manager?

    open magisk manager after flashing boot img then open magisk manager it will ask to install full magisk manager allow it and install apk then open it will ask for additional setup allow it.
    Solved with fix SecurityLogAgent Disable on Play Store
    Solved with fix SecurityLogAgent Disable on Play Store

    You can use cmd to disable packages
    adb shell
    pm disable
    Hi i just bought the galaxy A7 2018 and i can't enter download mode..
    i can enter recovery mode without a problem but when i try to enter download mode, it just keeps restarting to the first screen saying 'SAMSUNG GALAXY A7 secured by knox' , can someone help please?

    Power down the phone. Hold Vol Up + Vol Down and plug it into the computer. It will boot to DL mode. Cheeky Samsung... ;)
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