Root access on Alcatel idealXCITE 5044R(help needed)

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Jun 5, 2019
Fort Smith, Arkansas, US
Dude, you could've gotten a cheap motorola...
I own 3 moto g7's. I gave one to my mom and one to my sister, but originally purchased all 3. And I got the G8 Stylus last week. I was just buying this Alcatel phone for my brother, who usually gives phones a good amount of wear and tear and has broken a couple, too. I wasn't looking to spend much but if I could've found an E6 model or something for the same price where I live, I would have ;)
Good advice, indeed!

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    Hello XDA, I have a Alcatel idealXCITE 5044R from AT&T and I am having a hard time trying to root this phone. It comes with Android 7.0, if you found a way to root it please let me know.
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    Where could i get root? Where do I get your website?:confused:

    A fellow 5044R user was nice enough to send me his device from Canada to the US. It should be here in the next 2 days according to the tracking. I will release the root, twrp and custom stock package as soon as i get the device and get recovery flashable stock rom. So stay tuned for release and relevant information.
    Either the life saver of this phone or we prove its just not possible to do true root

    hey guys I have a Alcaltel 5044R android version 7.0 true stock has never had first 0TA security patch because it has never and i can verify never had a Sim in it though AT&T was supposed to have been the network carrier it has seen WiFi though so it will need a true wipe if your interested we can basically do a cloned attempt first with my firmaware and ill agree to keep it stock and not use it for anything other than to send true stock copies if you'll agree to once we achieve it if it's possible at all we try a second from bare bones stock option on phone other than this so that we can try to at the end of this thread leave a true user friendly and nothing left out Root for someone else because this is why we have these to in the end leave a true solved root not a almost there with a Easter egg still out there kind of thing if you will agree to that then I'll make sure you get the same thing you would have gotten out the box. Deal? If not I may not be on the forums much but I'm not new I just like to work alone and see before I start where others have gotten and try to save myself some time because the shorter I'm getting to it"s potential the more time I have to see how it holds up to doing what we root for in the first place developing and modifying the apps that it's meant to run.

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    also i have a zte Z3001S same condition I will be getting ready to start on as well as two IPhone 6 16 gigs and a Samsung S3 Frontier that though never been with a carrier it does have an E-Sim so will have seen and OTA update but still as close as we can hope for and a I Watch Series 3 with the WatchOS 4.1 that was a demo so it doesnt have the E-Sim but was updated over wifi and stuck in demo mode because of the firmaware that they were delivered on so if any of you know anybody that has any of these currently in a project that need the files and all to guarentee that we get a second chance at em so we can figure out how get these done for the Community then lets work together and do what we love make the most out of our toys and see just which one of these little old guys is going to surprize us
    here is the buildprop: if this phone is exploitable by dirtycow we can create a scrip to get to the bootloader or root it.
    It's not well not on the Google Play Store app Android Explots but Linux to Dos does make my device reboot Everytime....if that is any help.

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    I am willing to mail my Alcatel 5044r to any senior developer of XDA to work there magic on the device. If it bricks and can't be fixed then that's the cost of progress. I will not talk trash or name call or disrespect anyone who said mail it and will not hold anyone in replacement of device. I Skrappy187 is of clear mind and I fully understand what I am saying and hold this post binding me to uphold it as said .
    Now if this is not possible, at least I tried.
    Thank you everyone.
    Root/port rooms and or recovery. Hoping it is Ported TWRP
    are best bet to get root access is to call or email alcatel. plus that is what they sayed about the zte zinger but it got root access.
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