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Aug 25, 2017
I don't know if this is the right thread for this. I installed LOS on my Poco f1 and it works flawlessly. It's just that I forgot to install magisk on the phone so can I boot into twrp and install it without having to reset and lose my data?
What is the official release date of Lineageos 16?
ETA's are never provided by the Lineage Team for a good reason.

They learned from past experience that if they provided ETA's and, for any reason, they're unable to meet the date of the ETA, then this gets received in a negative light in one way or another.

Once the Lineage Team feels confident enough in their Unofficial builds (provided by one or more of the the Official Lineage Team Maintainers) and that it's stable enough to make them Official, then they will then make a determination for those stable builds to be released/introduced.

Once the Official LineageOS 16.x are released, the predecessor (like the LineageOS 15.x) will then cease to be released from then on.

I hope this was explained okay via text... :)

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Aug 1, 2009
I have the latest SU addon, and it is clearly working as Titanium Backup started working. But there's no "Device Administrator" listed in settings and the "Manage Root Access" button is greyed-out. How can I control root access without flashing another package?

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    Root addon packages are available now :D
    I'm a i9300 owner with the same problem. Could you please supply me with the working su-addon-arm. I couldn't manage to exchange the file in the zip-archive.
    I appreciate your help!!!

    Here is my modified package, which I succeeded to flash :

    UPDATE :

    Sorry, but my virus scanner doesn't like that link....
    I also uploaded it here.
    @farside268 Dude! Hi! I'm also have z00a and have the same problem, could you please upload your older version of this addon? Really, really thank you in advance!
    If anyone is in search of the first/original releases, of the LineageOS Addon-SU files, I still have them all archived on my File Host Account here:

    Since the time that CyanogenMod had disbanded and, LineageOS was established, i decided to archive certain items from LineageOS.

    PLEASE NOTE: I found out that when LineageOS released the updated Addon-SU files, it was not intended as an update for the first releases that worked for individuals but, for those who had experienced issues with the first release.

    As, purely, a Personal opinion... I think that individuals who wanted to flash the new Addon-SU, should have flashed the Addon-SU Uninstaller first, then reboot and flash the updated one.

    In addition, always keep the copy of BOTH the Addon-SU Installer AND uninstaller. This should actually go for any file that you use in order to prevent having to find them again.

    Like the saying goes (in a way)... If the first release worked, then why try to fix it with the second release.

    Just a friendly FYI for those who may not be aware of this... :)

    ***Please Note: As always, I welcome any member to help with further valuable information/clarification for any of my posts.

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    7 can't flash via recovery can't flash via recovery. Gives an error : Updater process ended with signal: 4
    Phone : Samsung Galaxy S3 Int (i9300)
    OS : lineage-14.1-20170125-nightly-i9300-signed
    Recovery : TWRP 3.0.2-2

    PS : When I got update-binary (META-INF/com/google/android/update-binary) from and replaced in, I was able to flash it!
    What's the diference between suaddon from lineage and supersu? do I need to flash both? or do I need to pick one?
    SuperSU is a closed-source, proprietary superuser solution, and the other is LineageOS provided solution. There are other options as well, such as PHH Superuser. Choose one, they all essentially do the same thing.