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[ROOT](almost)Universal Root For Android

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I have came up with a way that can root ALMOST ANY S-Off or unlocked device. Devices like LG, and Samsung come factory shipped S-Off.

How it works:
I flash a recovery for access to everything. From there I modify the default.prop to unsecure, allowing you to do a remount. After the default.prop mod, I simply reboot, remount, push the files.

What you need:
A few minutes
An Unlocked device

Warning: Any harm to your phone is not the fault of me nor XDA, or anyone but your own. Following directions will not harm the phone, and is mostly safe.

How To Use It:
  1. Extract the downloaded .zip
  2. Place a recovery.img for YOUR phone inside the extracted folder
  3. Install YOUR phones drivers
  4. Plug in the phone
  5. Open the .bat
  6. Follow instructions on screen

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Working on v2 which will solve more problems. Also going to include documentations. For instances of devices with no custom recovery available this still won't work

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