[ROOT ANDROID][2.x-6.0] KINGROOT: The One-Click Root Tool for Almost All Devices


Sep 5, 2020
This may have been useful for a time, but the sheer amount of single post fake accounts posting short reviews that lack any form of intelligence reflect badly on the developer of a dead app, and even worse on XDA as a whole for allowing this.


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Feb 21, 2021

Q: Why KingRoot can not be removed ?!
A: This situation always happened on some devices with system protection mechanism such as SONY, HUAWEI and so on. Sometimes, root strategy only can close these system protection mechanism temporarily during root process. That's why KingRoot can be installed. However, after root finished or device reboot, system protection mechanism will enable again. After that, system can not be mounted. That's why KingRoot can not be removed.

Q: What can I do if KingRoot can not be removed ?!
A: If you can not remove KingRoot , please try to force stop KingRoot, clear data of it and root device with KingRoot again. Then unroot it immediately.

Q: All questions about SuperSu !
A: Please click here for answer.

Q: How to improve root success rate (Especially for ZTE Zmax)?
A: Click here for answer please

Q: Why the desktop version can be better?? And which CUSTOM RECOVERY does it install?? Will it trig KNOX??
A: Because of desktop version not depends on system exploit but to flash a Rom with Su binary, it's more easily and violent. CUSTOM RECOVERY includes CWN and some self made recovery which developed by ourselves or our partner teams. And we have a reason to believe that desktop version will trig KNOX

Q: Does KingRoot on Samsung trig Knox flag to 0x1?
A: Click here for answer please

Q: Can KingRoot root the phone with wi-fi and mobile data turned off?
A: No, it downloads the best exploit for the device, on the fly

Q: Which permissions does this app exactly ask ?
A: Permissions of KingRoot required all can be seen when you install it. We need so many permissions because some root solution need to be run on them.

Q: What is the benefit of paying coders for support if the app is free?
A: We sponsored by one of the biggest IT company of China, lots app of them need to get root access through us.

Q: How to replace KingRoot with SuperSu?
A: Click here for answer please(I'm not sure it can work perfectly and may be cause some unknown errors.

Q: How to remove KingRoot ?
A: Click here for answer please
hey can you do root for oneplus 6 android 10 pls if u can need it cuz i cant instal twrp. Thanks
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