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Jun 18, 2022
Samsung Galaxy A30
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Sep 17, 2022


May 16, 2018
On old Android 4.4.2 phone I could easily root with Kingoroot thereafter I could easily install Magisk 22.1 on it. After rebooting, pressing Magisk give the message 'Abnormal State. An "su" command that does not belong to Magisk is detected. Please remove the other unsupported su'. But to remove the other su I need root. The Kingoroot doesn't work anymore. After pressing /system/xbin/su or /system/bin/su I am still shell. Pressing on SuperUser give the message "SuperUser isn't responding. Do you want to close it?" or just shows a white and later black screen. Pressing "Kingo ROOT" begins with a increasing percentage, but stops at 54%.
Also the su of Magisk doesn't work. /sbin/su blocks. Nothing is shown on the smartphone display.

Even though I didn't have root, I could still restore the system images by Magisk. After a reboot Kingoroot's su worked again. Thereafter I patched with Magisk and before rebooting I removed /system/sbin/su, system/bin/su and /system/xbin/su and daemonsu. I had first to

mount -o remount,rw /[email protected] /system


chattr -i su;chattr -a su

for all the su's and daemonsu. Thereafter I could remove them all.
Then I rebooted.
Still the su of magisk blocked without showing anything on the screen.
So, this is more of a Magisk problem.
Restoring system images again seemed to be the only solution. Kingoroot did gave me root again.
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    1. Rooting carries a risk and may void your device's warranty.
    2. Google Security may block the installation of Kingroot. Either choose to "Install Anyway" or disable your internet connection to continue.
    3. There is both an Android version and a PC version available. Please be aware that the PC version may flash a third party recovery onto your device.
    4. In case Purify isn't something you need, it can be easily removed.
    5. If you uninstall KingRoot, you will lose root access. Reinstalling and re-rooting should be a simple process, however.
    6. While you certainly can replace KingRoot with SuperSU, we can't guarantee success.

    More information can be found below.


    KingRoot is an amazing tool for anyone wants to obtain root. Whether you don't have enough experience for more advanced methods (or there are no other methods available), or you prefer a one-click solution, KingRoot is here for you. It's also completely FREE to use!
    While rooting with Kingroot, the most suitable root strategy will be deployed from cloud. This method ensures your device will be rooted, if a strategy is available. Most of our supported devices boast a success rate higher than 60%!



    Download KingRoot 5.3.7

    MD5 Hash:

    Get KingRoot PC in English

    Visit Purify

    If installed, Purify will help your device run faster, cooler and longer by killing resource-hogging background apps and preventing them from auto-starting. There is also a feature to help you organize and archive your notifications. Go try it out.

    Many of Purify's features require root. However, there are still plenty of things it can do if root is not available.

    Download Purify on Google Play



    What's Installed

    • SU Binary -- This is required to obtain superuser (root) access. It's generally installed to /system/xbin.
    • Purify -- You can find more information about this in the downloads section. It will be installed to /data/app/.

    PC Version >>> Direct Download
    The PC version of KingRoot is more powerful than the Android version. If the mobile app isn't able to root your device, you may have more luck with this, especially if you own a Samsung device.

    If there is no available root strategy for your device
    Be patient! We are working to ensure as many devices as possible can enjoy root. If our app fails on your device, please use the in-app request system (which is automatic in later releases). Posting here won't speed the process up or give you special treatment. Success/failure reports are also automatic, so there's no need to post here about those, either.


    Information Collection
    There is some discomfort about KingRoot's data collection, but there's nothing to worry about.

    If you are afraid we're taking your IMEI to use it to make a counterfeit phone, don't be. We have no interest or knowledge in that matter.

    Data collection is for more accurate deployment of available root strategies. We need to get some information about your device and the software running on it in order to provide you with the most successful root strategy we have for you.

    While we do collect your IMEI, it is encrypted in transit, and only used to accurately calculate the success rate of our root strategies.

    This information is not saved on our servers; it just isn't worth the trouble. We have a lot of users downloading and using our app. To host all that information, we'd need to spend large sums of money for server space, and that just isn't practical for a free service.


    Videos & Tutorials

    KingRoot PC English Version Preview

    How to bypass the warnings from Google and install KingRoot successfully
    Video Maker: Andrea Cioccarelli & Lina Chen

    How to root Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Verizon) with KingRoot
    Video Maker: DroidModderX ROOT Master

    How to ROOT Samsung Galaxy S6
    Video Maker: Kingroot team


    Stay Tunned
    >>>>>>King Studio Facebook
    >>>>>>Purify Homepage
    >>>>>>Statement: Why KingUser needs internet connection and upload device information
    >>>>>>Global ROOT report
    >>>>>>Details of support list -Android Version: 2.2 , 2.3 , 4.0, 4.3, 4.4, 5.0

    >>>>>>Top Models with Android 6.0 that KingRoot Supports

    >>>>>>The very first one to ROOT Android 7.0http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/general/root-t3453428


    #1 We really appreciate the hard work of @idler1984 [KEEN team]. He helped us solve quite a lot of tech problems.
    #2 We would like to extend us sincere gratitude to maksnogin, he helped us translate KingRoot into Russian.
    #3 Thank you to Zachary for this new version of Kingroot Intro.
    We are deeply grateful of all of our volunteers and partners! Thank you!


    An independent developer developed a new app in India, welcome to try
    Download My WiFi on Google Play
    Visit My WiFi Thread on XDA

    Last update: 14 Dec, 2016

    XDA:DevDB Information
    KINGROOT: Tool/Utility for all devices (see above for details)


    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 5.0
    Stable Release Date:

    Created 2015-05-13
    Last Updated 2017-02-08

    XDA:DevDB Information
    KINGROOT, Tool/Utility for all devices (see above for details)


    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 4.6
    Stable Release Date: 2015-11-12

    Created 2015-05-13
    Last Updated 2018-06-20

    Q: Why KingRoot can not be removed ?!
    A: This situation always happened on some devices with system protection mechanism such as SONY, HUAWEI and so on. Sometimes, root strategy only can close these system protection mechanism temporarily during root process. That's why KingRoot can be installed. However, after root finished or device reboot, system protection mechanism will enable again. After that, system can not be mounted. That's why KingRoot can not be removed.

    Q: What can I do if KingRoot can not be removed ?!
    A: If you can not remove KingRoot , please try to force stop KingRoot, clear data of it and root device with KingRoot again. Then unroot it immediately.

    Q: All questions about SuperSu !
    A: Please click here for answer.

    Q: How to improve root success rate (Especially for ZTE Zmax)?
    A: Click here for answer please

    Q: Why the desktop version can be better?? And which CUSTOM RECOVERY does it install?? Will it trig KNOX??
    A: Because of desktop version not depends on system exploit but to flash a Rom with Su binary, it's more easily and violent. CUSTOM RECOVERY includes CWN and some self made recovery which developed by ourselves or our partner teams. And we have a reason to believe that desktop version will trig KNOX

    Q: Does KingRoot on Samsung trig Knox flag to 0x1?
    A: Click here for answer please

    Q: Can KingRoot root the phone with wi-fi and mobile data turned off?
    A: No, it downloads the best exploit for the device, on the fly

    Q: Which permissions does this app exactly ask ?
    A: Permissions of KingRoot required all can be seen when you install it. We need so many permissions because some root solution need to be run on them.

    Q: What is the benefit of paying coders for support if the app is free?
    A: We sponsored by one of the biggest IT company of China, lots app of them need to get root access through us.

    Q: How to replace KingRoot with SuperSu?
    A: Click here for answer please(I'm not sure it can work perfectly and may be cause some unknown errors)

    Q: How to remove KingRoot ?
    A: Click here for answer please

    4.6 What's new:
    We would like to extend us sincere gratitude to maksnogin, he help us translate KingRoot into Russian. We are deeply grateful of his help
    We are the first one can root Android 5.1 - 6.0(Especially for 5.1), enjoy it !
    Add Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi and Indonesian five languages
    New software architecture, decrease RAM consuming
    Enhance Root core, active protecting apps
    Upgrade Auto-start and Uninstall tool
    Statement: Why KingUser need internet connection and upload device information

    Lots users don’t know what information KingUser upload what they are used for. Hence, we want to have an official statement here to tell users what happened in the end. Everyone can find what information we upload in INFORMATION COLLECTION section on our home page of XDA thread. We hope everyone can see it first. This statement will explain how we use these information.

    Specifically, we use these information to enhance user experience of KingRoot and help us improve ability, algorithm and technical of KingRoot. What’s more, information we collected will help people who have no idea with root but harassed by pre-installed and auto start apps as well, especially in Asia and Africa.

    We will explain more details below.

    Firstly, we collect information for calculating root strategy success rate and device adaption rate, in order to rank what device we should research priority. Because of limited recourse and people, we can’t research all device at same time. We will try to root device which have the most failed count or most submit count of adaption request. We want to help most people priority. The form below is a result of calculation which based on information we collected.


    Secondly, we dedicate to build the users vote system for all apps, in order to fulfil system security demand of users. For example, many users don’t what apps should be granted root access when they first use it. We want to help them through our users vote system.

    Specifically, you will vote for an app when you choose agree or deny to grant it root access. Through big data analysis, we will find out which app is reliable and which one is not even dangerous. That’s why you can find “X% users allowed” during authorization process. You help us build this system and this system will help you and other users in the end.


    Finally, King Studio solemnly declare here, we will never give these information to any third party, never use these information for political usage, never sell them to any other business organizations and never harm rights of users.

    We appreciate your support and understanding and we will never have progress if without you. Thank you very much!