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tropical cactus

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Jan 18, 2009
Hi all, I read in play store how huge the soft key icons are on the 6p and I'm getting the same, even with the downloadable ones. Really like this app though. Worked well with my last phone, the Find 7. Anyone facing the same and has found a solution? Thanks.


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Jan 31, 2011
OnePlus 8
can someone help i have installed softkey z and successfully changed the nav icons to a set i downloded from the online gallery but it is stuck and i cannot change it again. I would like to add pixel keys which is not on the online gallery but i downloaded it from the net and tried to add it within import buttons section but whenever i reboot the keys do not change at all and i am stuck with the same keys i initially dloaded.

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    This is my new app called "SoftKeyZ" what it does is simple: Change and combine different Navigation Buttons on your rooted device.

    Please make sure you have the BusyBox installed.

    If you like my work, please rate it 5 stars in the PlayStore and consider to support me by buying SoftKeyZ from the PlayStore.

    Free apk is available for XDA below


    Video Review by oode (yt) and pocketnow.com :

    Download Here (PlayStore) | Free apk & Changelog
    Any work on Lollipop support yet?

    Work: yes. Results: not yet. I am trying to arrange everything for a release this month.

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    AW: [ROOT][APP][BETA TEST]SoftKeyZ - Change and combine Softkeys/Navigation Buttons

    Does this app hold any wake locks or have a noticeable impact on battery? Sorry I hate to ask but I'm paranoid about my battery life but I would love to install new softkeys

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    No, it doesn't. But it needs Root and BusyBox.

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    Bootloop on xylon. Oh man, what a noob developer.

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    According to your nickname, you are 14/15 years old and have never programmed anything yourself and well... You are the noob.

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    SoftKeyZ Beta

    Beta tests will be available here:

    SoftKeyZ - BETA tests

    First one will start in a few hours.

    If you have a stretched back button, join this group :p