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Jan 20, 2020

Can i use this Instruction to root my Honor 10 (COL-L29) with Emui
I´m new to Rooting.


Feb 1, 2020
If your bootloader is unlocked, yes. Be sure to check the hole instructions. Im lazy atm to clean the Guide up for latest Emui, sorry for that.

So basically if I do not want to pay for it, I won't be able to root my Honor 10 ?
Because mine is bootloader locked and I cannot seem to find a way to lift the lock, - at least for free - and even those which are not for free, look like a freaking scam.
I am desperate and almost gave up.


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Mar 28, 2020
I've got the Honor 10 and can't seem to get the bootloader unlock code anywhere! Paid or free. I don't care to a point what the price is I need access to deleted photos/files!


Feb 28, 2016
The instructions for EMUI 9.1 is not much clear.
Please i am new to root, do we need TWRP for 9.1?
I dont understand that part.

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    Thx to topjohnwu you can use magisk on EMUI9.

    What you need:
    1. Unlocked Bootloader
    2. be able to use twrp 3.2.3-1 (important! 3.2.3-1). In this case, im using latest offical twrp for the Huawei P20 Pro (charlotte). Only use ADB function, other features (backup/restore) are untested by me, it can harm your device eventually if you use other functions then ADB.
    3. adb installed on PC
    4. all-full-release.apk from
    5. from

    OK, so how we root the Honor 10 with EMUI9.0?

    1. Download offical twrp from here:
    Be careful, this release was made for another device, but i had no issue with it on my Honor 10.

    2. Download Magisk Manager (all-full-release.apk) from and install it.
    3. Download magisk root (
    4. Enable OEM Unlock (so you can flash recovery in fastboot) , Power Off the device, push and hold VOL DOWN and plug in the usb cable. The device will start into fastboot.
    5. Flash Twrp withon the PC: fastboot flash recovery_ramdisk twrp-3.2.3-1-charlotte.img
    6. This one is a bit tricky! Type fastboot reboot, push and hold VOL UP and after sending fastboot reboot immediately remove cable and wait for twrp to boot. If you not remove the cable you will end up in eRecovery and have to redo the steps above.
    7. In twrp, go to advanced and start ADB. Than plug in the USB cable.
    8. PC: flash with: adb sideload
    9. IMPORTANT: Remove cable, select reboot, but keep VOL UP pressed during reboot, otherwise you are not able to use magisk. You have to press VOL UP everytime you reboot the device otherwise you have to do Step 5-9 again.
    10. Done, your device is rooted.

    UPDATE to .162:

    To Update succsessfully to .162 you have to do the following things:

    1. flash emui stock recovery_ramdisk.img in fastboot (extract it from using Huawei Update Extractor) use "fastboot flash recovery_ramdisk RECOVERY_RAMDIS.IMG" You dont have to use recovery_ramdisk.img from .162. Just use the latest to extract the recovery_ramdisk.img you can find in Firmware Finder.
    2. Disable OEM Unlock and reboot the device
    3. Go to Settings\System\Software Updates and Hit the 3 Dots on the top right. Select the Full Package Download.
    4. Wait until download is complete and hit update. Now the device will boot into EMUI recovery and install the update the phone.
    5. The device is now rootless, if you want root again, follow the instructions above.

    Caution: Just in case: After the update and installation of magisk, adaway becomes unstable on my phone. It seems the "allow root" popup dont show up after adaway started. I have fixed this by autoallow root in magisk, start adaway, enable adblocking and set magisk to "ask permissions" again. After this, the popup shows correctly again. For now i have no clue why this was happen, another Honor 10 dont have this issue at all.

    Just disable battery optimization for magisk manager and the "allow root" popup will appear

    Notice for UPDATE .179:

    You can use the guide above but you have to update (Systemupdate) twice, since the update comes with 2 separate packages. After the first run, emui recovery shows "update failed". Just reboot to system, go to settings, and start the updateprocess again. The second package is about ~220MB in size. After this follow the guide above to get magisk running again.

    Notice for UPDATE .203:

    Just do the usual way. Flash STOCK recovery_ramdis.img with fastboot, reboot the phone, do the update. After this flash twrp in fastboot again and adb sideload

    Notice for UPDATE .207:

    Works! Flash STOCK recovery_ramdis.img with fastboot, reboot the phone, do the update. After this flash twrp in fastboot again and adb sideload

    Notice for UPDATE .216:


    Notice for UPDATE .223:

    Works, but you have to use latest Magisk release (19.3) from topjohnwu:

    At step 8. PC: flash with: adb sideload

    Notice for UPDATE EMUI 9.1:
    9.1 Change a lot, you will have the latest stock RECOVERY_RAMDISK.IMG patched via Magiskmanager and install that with fastboot. After this, reboot and PRess VOL+. You will end up in eRecovery, hit Wipe/Factory Reset(Make BACKUP!) and reboot. This install magisk permanently. For Adaway: You need Systemless Mode activated in Magisk and Adaway.

    Maybe i will write another Guide for 9.1, but for now im testing stability.
    Here it is, latest recovery_ramdisk. Stock + Magisk Patched. (Version

    Which version (325, 327, 330)?
    Any problems with flashing Magisk? I read that the method is a little bit different than with EMUI 9.0, and requires doing a factory reset and restoring data later.

    Yes its different. Im still have problems with twrp, so be patient. I guess i will write another Guide with the new instructions.

    I have Magisk installed but Adaway is not able to write a hosts file directly, you have to activate systemless mode and it works.
    Hmm after flashing Magisk patched ramdisk image i had to Factory/Reset but this install magisk. I had no dataloss, and calls and massage work like a charm. Maybe a regional issue?
    After this, you have to root the device again just like post 1 describes it.

    Since you have already updated and are rooted again, I have new hope that rooting will succeed for me this time as well with the update. I’ll give it a try tonight!

    Could you upload a stock recovery file? I'm at work and won't wait till the evening :D

    Here you have the stock recovery_ramdisk for COL-L29C432E4R1P9B159:

    For some reason, the Firmware Finder does not list the new OTA yet though, so I cannot get a backup of the new stock recovery :/ I hope they will publish the link there soon.