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Feb 6, 2013
I wanted to start a thread to collect all the information that I've found so far on this unit.

I bought this headunit off of Amazon for my E46 BMW:

Also available here:

  • System Information
    • Model: GA9450B System: Android 10
    • CPU: MTK 8227L 1.2GHz ARM A7 Quad Core
    • RAM: 2GB
    • ROM: 32GB
    • Language: English/Spanish/French/German/Portuguese/Italian/Russian/Turkish/Norwegian/Japanese and other 85 languages
  • Function
    • Built-in Apple CarAuto Play Support Android Auto with Eonon USB dongle A0585(not included)
    • Supports EasyConnection
    • Supports most of the steering wheel control functions (switch songs, channels and adjust volume)
    • Support variable-color button illumination: seven colors
    • Supports Wi-Fi(2.4G), 4Gdongle (NOT INCLUDED)
  • IPS 1024x600
  • DAC TDA7851L 4x45W

From what I've read elsewhere Eonon sources from multiple manufacturers. I believe this specific model is made by XTRONS, but I haven't confirmed that yet.

Compatible with (at least):
- BMW 3 Series 1999-2004 E46 323ci 325ci 330ci 318i 328i 318 338 323 325 328 335 330 M3 3 Series.

Supported Input/Output
  • Radio Antenna Input *1
  • GPS Antenna Input *1
  • Wi-Fi Antenna Input *1
  • USB Input *2
  • Micro SD card *1
  • External Microphone *1
  • RCA Video Output *2
  • RCA Audio FR/FL/RR/RL Output
  • CAM IN Video Input *1
  • VIDEO IN Video Input *1
  • AUX Audio R/L Input
  • Subwoofer Output *1

Firmware shipped on my unit:
HMI: XRCH.D.Q.F.3.04_1.2019.
MCU: TS907.190518(H)
MEDIA: HC_v.2.0.0_191113_1430(v1.71)

Kernel Version
Kernel 3.18.79 (gcc version 6.3.1 20170404 (Linaro GCC 6.3-2017.05))
[email protected] #28
Mon Oct 28 14:39:22 CST 2019

Build Number
full_8227L_demo-userdebug 10 O11019 1571038753 userdebug

Custom build version

- Change boot Logo: 5678
- Advanced configurations: 8888

Here is the method I used to get root:
1) Enable developer mode.
2) Turn on USB debugging.
3) Follow the rest of the instructions here:
Thank you @dougdude10 !
Optionally instead of using google drive to transfer the supersu apk you can just sideload it through the abd connection which for me was easier and faster.

Warning: never let SuperSu update the su binary or it will not boot anymore and need to fix via TWRP or flash recovery / update.

Once root was verified I was able to install Viper4Android using this version:

USB OTA update:
- Plug in a FAT32 formated USB pen with the firmware files "8227L-8.bin" and "8227L-8.upd" saved to the root folder (email: support at eonon dot com for the updated firmware files and share with us).
- Unit should detect in 30s and update automatically.

Enter Upgrade Mode :
- Plug in a FAT32 formated USB pen with the firmware files "8227L-8.bin" and "8227L-8.upd" saved to the root folder (ask your seller for the updated firmware files).
- Press reset.
- Keep touching the screen with one finger quickly until "detected" appears in green, recovery now starts.

Recovery / Factory Reset:
- Press reset.
- Keep touching the screen quickly with 5 fingers at the same time until "detected, entering recovery" appears.
- Will enter TWRP or do a factory reset if using the stock recovery and reboot after.

I'm currently working on getting TWRP setup. Without a solid backup or having TWRP setup yet I have been hesitant on trying out other upgrade files. In the meantime I have setup Car Launcher FREE which is a great alternative to the existing launcher. I have not figured out how to access the radio using Car Launcher yet, but I haven't played with it a ton either.

I plan on updating this thread once I have both official and unofficial working updates.

Feel free to share your experiences with this headunit here.

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  • Jan 23, 2013
    So I'm encountering an issue with the linked instructions...

    I get "/system/bin/sh: su command not found" when I try to run SU. I've fiddled a little bit with setprop and though the command works, setting the various properties does not have any affect...

    kernel: 3.18.79
    Build number: full_8227L_demo-userdebug 10 O11019 1571038753 userdebug

    I have not figured out how to access the radio using Car Launcher yet, but I haven't played with it a ton either.

    For this, if you go to the Apps page in Car Launcher, in the bottom left click the + and then Show All Apps. on my unit this showed all the built in apps and I was able to create shortcuts to Radio and Bluetooth apps respectively.

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